This place was great. We are from New York and our shooting ranges are very limited. Here, you can start shooting right away with your choice of weapons, not just pistols or rifles like in New York. We were basically newbies (I never shot, and my two friends had once or twice before) so we needed assistance with every step; and everyone working there was happy to help. It took us some time selecting our weapons but the man helping us didn’t mind and offered us suggestions. All three of us shared a port for the hour, we signed up for the intro which took place in the start of our hour, we rented a glock 19 9mm and a smith and Wesson 357 magnum revolver and a box of bullets for each, along with eye and ear protection and two targets each. This came to $204. I don’t know anything about pricing for a shooting range but since that was divided by three people, we were fine with it.

We had to wait a bit before it was our time, maybe about 45 minutes, but It was a sunday afternoon and it was very crowded. They give you a pager so you know when it’s your time so we were free to roam around.

Mike Jones was our instructor. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the guns and about safety. He took us into the port and showed us how to hold the glock and then how to load the magazine. We each took a shot and then we were off on our own. After we finished our bullets for the glock, we called over one of the other men working in this area and he locked up our gun and we were able to trade it to get the revolver (only one gun at a time in the room). The second man (sorry I don’t know your name!!) showed us how to use the revolver. We were running low on time but they let us finish off our bullets, even though we were a few minutes past our hour. Anytime we had any questions, there were plenty of people to help us.

The only thing I would say we had a problem with, was that that intro course cut into our hour of time. So we really ended up with 45 minutes on our own. If this was included in the price of the port then it would be fine, but it was an extra $25 (total, not per person) so that really should have been before the hour, and the clock start once it was over. But, like I said, they let us finish our bullets anyway. It just would have been nice to not have felt rushed.

Anyway, great place, lots of fun, awesome staff from reception to inside the range. We definitely plan on returning

Jen J. 5 Stars