This is my first time ever shooting a gun. Ever! And boy, was it so fun. We came in around 4:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. Probably not the best time, as it was about a two hour wait. We signed the proper paperwork, waited in the non-members line (which took forever…they have three lines – a member line, a non-members line, and rental returns/switching out/ammo purchasing and only one person working per line but many behind the counter) and purchased all the rental equipment and ammo. It was a little over $200 for two people – including one hour of shooting, three targets, adding an extra person to the port, eye and ear protection, one rifle, one pistol, and two boxes of ammo per gun. Then, we were given a buzzer and told to come back in an hour and a half.

There’s a lot of restaurants and a car wash in the area, so if you need to run errands for two hours, it’s a good idea. When we came back, we were given our rental equipment, and headed into the range. We had our own port and tried out our first gun. We had no idea how to load or even use it, so we had someone help us out. They were honestly great and made both of us feel comfortable with the gun. They treated it as any other recreational sport to help us feel like we’d been doing it forever. It’s really simple, really fun. Plus, it’s really safe, they teach you how to do everything and someone is always on the floor watching, cleaning up casings, and making sure the gun is pointed in the right direction. They’re strict but not mean about it, making sure you have a good time. They count how long you’ve been at the port, but we had a few more bullets left and they let us shoot the rest of it, even though we were over time. They help you unlock, unload, and lock up. Overall, we had a great experience.

The minimum age to shoot without an adult of over 21 is 18. We saw a lot of families there, in addition to professionals who brought their own guns, so this is definitely a safe zone for kids over 8 (which is the minimum age to shoot with an adult).

Janice F – 5 Stars