This was my first experience shooting. Me and my boyfriend went last night since we hear weekends are crazy and for a Thursday night this place was pumping at 6:30pm. We were greeted as soon as we came in, filled out the appropriate paper work then were on our way to our rentals. We selected the Glock Compact 9mm and the AR 15 and one box of ammo for each. We opted for the 15 min intro class since I have never shot before, my boyfriend has a few times but we were both unfamiliar with loading them and safetly rules so this was a must.

Our first instructor, didn’t get his name, a gentleman with Blonde hair showed us how to safely use the Glock. It was extremely loud and he took the time to show us how to safely load and shoot the gun repeatedly because I was so nervous! That little gun had some power which I wasn’t expecting. I did not do so well with aim on this one, much practice needed lol Then we moved onto our next weapon the AR 15, although the size of this gun intimidated me, I did much better with this one and Joel was wonderful to keep helping us as we had some issues loading it several times!! Everyone was great and made us feel very comfortable, we didn’t feel ashamed to be newbies.

We paid $160, we didn’t want to get too crazy being it was our first time. Unfortunately we did not meet the owner Anthony, but I am sure we will one day as we are planning on becoming members. So if you are curious or a first time shooter, or even a pro, you will not be disappointed here, I mean I was trembling holding that Glock but after a few shots I was much more comfortable!! Anthony has put together an incredible team and now I know why everyone loves this place.

Sonia P – 5 Stars