Here it goes again, another 5 stars for Guns for Hire. Taking the drive out to this particular range all I could think about was my mainstay of ranges that I always frequent, a quaint place 2 hours away in the Pocono Mountains. A place that garnishes a lot of positive reviews on this website as well, by my GOODNESS does it pale in comparison to GFH! Firstly, GFH allows you, under supervision, to load the weapons entirely on your own. Something that Sunset Hill Shooting Range would never EVER be caught doing. You truly get the entire experience of a firearm top to bottom in these ports. Saying the staff is friendly is an understatement. From the moment you walk in until you walk out with a sore shoulder from the rifles, this staff is second to none when it comes to making you feel comfortable and at ease in their facility. Can we talk a moment about how amazing the prices are too? Sunset Hill: 7.62x39mm **$12 for 7 shots** GUNS FOR HIRE: 7.62x39mm **$20 FOR 20 SHOTS**!!! There is NO competition here!! AND YOU LOAD THE GUNS YOURSELF!! The Sun has definitely set on my shooting range in the Poconos. Never again will I recommend it when you have THIS GEM only 35 minutes away! I’m going to become a PROUD MEMBER of Guns For Hire and you should too. This place IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC FROM START TO FINISH AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN! GO!!!!

Dom R – 5 Stars