Dear Kenny, and Friends at Gun for Hire,

We are pleased to report that the New Jersey 99s, Inc. 2016 Poker Run on May 14th was a great
success, wit over 50 airplanes flying to the five participating airports, and more than 100 poker
hands being played.

The success of our Poker Run greatly depends on the cooperation, time, effort, and donations of
many people and organizations.  We especially thank you for your generous donation of a Mega
Starter Kit.  It was a prize everyone was vying for.

Our annual Poker Run has traditionally been our greatest source of revenue, which we channel into
sponsoring aviation scholarships, safety and educational seminars, and air markings.  Since 196,
when we first started our scholarship program we have distributed over $70,000 to 40 recipients.  A
number of these individuals have gone on to become certified flight instructors, commercial airline
pilots, and corporate/charter pilots.

We hope you will continue to support our fund raising events in the future so that we can steadily
grow our scholarship fund, as well as sponsor other worthwhile aviation activities i the
communities we serve.

Thank you again for your help in making the Poker Run a success.


Cathy Vajtay
Poker Run Committee