I decided to take my 11 year old son to the shooting range for the first time. We searched the web and found a local place called guforhire(catchie). From, the moment I walk through the door we were greeted with big smiles by two really nice young ladies.

They were very friendly and explained the process. We filled out our forms and took our pictures, then proceeded over to choose a weapon. There, we were greeted by a very nice associate that explain to us ..what would be an appropriate weapon to use for first timers. He made his recommendation we chose to weapons and paid.

As we entered the shooting range we were met by the 3rd employee by the name of Joe. He was the gun Ranger and instructor. He’s been 15 minutes teaching my son and I how to handle it loaded and recommendations for shooting it. This gentleman was friendly very informative and a professional.

The overall experience was great my objective was to teach my son to respect weapons. The biggest problem today are not that these guns exist in society and are part of our genetic composition. Humans are naturally designed on instincts to defend themselves. We fail the youth because of lack of education and knowledge. Places like these show you how to respect weapons and get a better understanding for how they work.

Thanks to the Gunforhire range for making it seemless and impressionable….

Chris Z – 5 Stars