Walked in here on a Thursday afternoon after being told that this is hands down the best shooting range around. I live in Manhattan for the record, so we took an Uber over. Took about half an hour to get there from the UWS. Not too bad.

Staff is friendly. We walked in here, saying we would like to play with some guns. Did we have any experience, they asked. “Nope” was our answer. We showed our ID’s, Filled out questionnaire (don’t go here pregnant) and headed to the back to select some things to play around with. We went for a Robinson Armament and a Magnum 375, (the one from the hiphop songs). Got about 110 bullets to go with it, and an hour of playtime for about $220,- for 2 people.

We were handed some ear protection, protective glasses and off we went. After a few minutes of instruction we were ready to shoot at our target. I have to tell you that it is quite an adrenaline thrill to be shooting bullets even if it’s at a target with an already dead zombie on it.

If you want to surprise someone with a cool birthday present, or are just looking to do something else for a change, go to Gun For Hire. You’ll have lots of fun!

Marlene D. – 5 Stars