I was a little wary taking my 8-year-old daughter, Miriam, to your range today. I wanted to do an outdoor range for the first time, because indoor ranges are loud and fast paced.

Initially, we got in to the 25-yard range, and my daughter was overwhelmed. The RSO’s were super helpful and did everything they could, but it was just a loud environment, and it was too much for her, and she asked to go. So I obliged.

Then Jimmy saw us leaving the range, gave us a couple new targets, sent us to the 50-yard range which was empty. He told the RSO to give Miriam special instruction with her new 22 bolt-action rifle. And after 2 or 3 shots where she had a hard time getting a good site picture, we had her shooting a 5-shot, 1.5″ group. She was manipulating the bolt and the safety confidently, and had a great time.

I just put her to bed, and she asked when we’d go back to the range.

Thank you for training your staff so well and being so generous and understanding. It’s clear to me that you really care about spreading gun culture and not just making a quick buck.

P.S., she also got a kick out of meeting you and getting the challenge coin. She occasionally hears me listening to GFH Radio in the car (which I don’t leave on for long because she’s a little young) but she knew who you were from the show.