Hey John my name is Jason and I’ve taken Urban Pistol 1 & 2, and Urban Carbine 1 & 2. I’m not sure if you heard about the active shooter in the Bronx, at Bronx Lebanon Hospital earlier today… I just started my tour at the time and I was one of the first few cars on scene with gunshots ringing out and chaos with multiple people shot and one DOA at the time of my arrival. Armed with my S&W 5946 9mm service pistol, along with two extra magazines, a plate carrier and my trauma medical bag slinged across my body, I started to clear floor by floor with my partner and a few other officers. To make a very long story short I cleared every floor from the 1st to 17th looking for wounded, and clearing out civilians while this madman was still on the loose. At the time we had no known location of the perpetrator, one thing that I noticed which I found very weird was the fact that I wasn’t nervous or scared… at all, besides the adrenaline coursing through me I was very focused and ready for anything that came at me. As you heard I’m sure, the perpetrator “neutralized himself” on the 17th floor before we got to him. I’m sending you this email to thank you for your classes and I know for a fact that’s one of the reasons why I was on “operator” mode and I was able to stay cool calm and collected. I came to the realization that I was ready for this because of the training that I have attended and my mindset.

I appreciate the rest of the instructors that also took part in those classes. I’m sure I’ll see you guys soon.