Hey Anthony,

Hope you are doing well. I just did Urban Precision Rifle out in PA this past weekend & had such a great time. It was amazing being out in the fresh air & shooting that far. Your team did an amazing job putting everything together & teaching us. They took great care of us & it was so appreciated. I learned so much & can’t wait for the next level of Precision Rifle.

I especially want to say how amazing Jimmy G. Is. I know you know it & I have said it before, but that man never stops. He is always there to chat with & help everyone & get us pointed in the right direction. No matter how many questions or how often we all bother him while he is slammed with 1,000 other things on his plate, he always takes the time to help & make everyone feel important. A lot of people may not see or even know what goes on behind the scenes to put all these classes together, but I just wanted to say all of his hard work & dedication to making GFH such an amazing experience for all of us doesn’t go unrecognized & is beyond appreciated. I have no idea how he does it, but you found an amazing person to represent you and your brand.

Thank you for everything & for having such an amazing team. They just seem to get better & better. I feel more & more proud & privileged to be a member every day.

Steve K.