Mrs. Peel said:
As I’m exploring firearms this summer, I’m also having fun checking out ranges. I enjoyed my first visit to the Woodland Park Range this week – treating myself to a rare day of hooky from work! First of all, a big “thank you” to @Gunsrlegal – a super-nice lady and Woodland Park range member who graciously invited me to try out her full-size M&P (not the Shield, which I tried at TTC). She did that to make a point – that people with small hands don’t need to limit themselves to small guns. Her hands are very small (even a squeak smaller than mine) and yet, with a small back strap, she has found that gun to be VERY comfortable despite the double-stack… and thought I would too. I was surprised! Yeah, it was easy to shoot, very comfortable. (Eegads… why are my choices expanding rather than narrowing as I had hoped? LOL) Anyway, while there, I also saw @Sandywho runs the Second Amendment Women (SAW) group out of that range. Only met her once before… so that was a pleasant surprise too!

General Observations:

Facilities – clean, contemporary design and bold black-white-red color scheme throughout the facility – a sharp-looking interior IMO! The range we were on was nice, too. The air felt good – not smoky at all. They have a tall counter behind the ports with lots of well-sized cubbies underneath to stash range bags (sheesh, why doesn’t every range have that? I’ve been to some where you’re just stashing them on the dirty floor or balancing them on too-narrow benches, etc.)… so, good interior design. The ladies’ room was nice and clean. And YIKES, the size of that new construction is intriguing… I’ll want to go back once that’s open! I didn’t have time to review the rental list – but I understand it’s very large.

General Vibe – bustling! Keep in mind, I was there on a Tuesday morning – you’d think that was an off-hour, right? Well, LOTS of people were on the range, and more were coming in as I was leaving the parking lot. Goodness, they even have their little radio studio there! The whole operation lent the impression: “business is good”.
Staff – first of all, the staff reflects the more diverse urban area – black/white/brown/male/female – this is definitely the place to bring someone who believes “only old white guys shoot”. Poof!… it would dispel that notion in a heartbeat. From the front desk to the range officers, a good mix of people, and all friendly, professional and efficient. And I’m still pretty much a beginner, so maybe I’m wrong…but the range seemed particularly well-staffed compared to others I’ve seen…? Several ROs were standing facing the range – each a few feet apart so that between them I’m guessing they could survey all ports. They looked relaxed, yet alert (“lifeguard” vibe). Like, for instance, at one point our pistol was laid down and was pointed not quite DIRECTLY down range, maybe 20 degrees off-kilter — RO appeared out of nowhere, quietly adjusted it with a gentle reminder. So, they’re obviously taking in every little detail… which I think is good! Maybe some people resent that, but as a novice, I appreciate it. Oh, and speaking of efficiency, by that afternoon (just a few hours after I left the place) I already had an email in my inbox outlining some of their courses. Smart!
Unfortunately, it’s a little too far to be a “regular” range from me – I have closer options – but it’s one I’ll probably go to once in awhile just for a fun change of pace and maybe to enjoy a rental or 2. And I can’t wait to check out their new expansion when it opens! So, for anyone who hasn’t been there, I give it a hearty “thumbs up”… it’s well worth checking out!