My girlfriend and I went today and we had a blast. This was our first time ever at a gun range. The place is very clean and everyone is friendly and helpful. They have a wide variety of guns you can choose to shoot with. We didn’t have to wait long from when we selected our guns to when we stepped inside the shooting range. We shot a 9mm handgun and an AR15. Instructions were given to us by the staff who were extremely knowledgeable. Its very loud in the range so I had to ask the instructor to repeat certain things and never once did he get annoyed.
This was such a fun activity and something the two of us will be doing again in the near future
The only thing I will say is that this place is pricey, but I do not imagine an activity like this to be cheap no matter where we go to shoot. In total, it cost us $234 for an hour of shooting. However, this is something that we will be doing again and we’ll make sure to come back to this place

Vinny W – 5 Stars