Aaron Traas
a month ago
I’ve been shooting here since they first opened. I shot the first gun I owned here for the first time shortly after the range’s grand opening. It’s always a great place to shoot and take classes, but where they really shine is new shooters.

I took my 8-year-old daughter to your range for the first time. We got to the 25-yard range, and my daughter was overwhelmed. The RSO’s were super helpful and did everything they could, but it was just a loud environment, and it was too much for her, and she asked to go. So I obliged.

Then Jimmy saw us leaving the range, gave us a couple new targets, sent us to the 50-yard range which was empty. He told the RSO to give my daughter special instruction with her new 22 bolt-action rifle. And after 2 or 3 shots where she had a hard time getting a good sight picture, we had her shooting a 5-shot, 1.5″ group. She was manipulating the bolt and the safety confidently, and had a great time.

GFH’s excellent staff turned a scared little girl to a confident shot that’s already asking to go back.

The only downside to this range is the wait times on weekends can get insane. Hopefully the expansion gets finished soon!

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