I just wanted to let you know how pleased my father and I were with yesterday’s reloading class.  Charlie and Kevin were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, willing to help and answer any and all questions.  It was a very rewarding class and I’m glad I took it.  It really took the mystery of reloading away and showed us the basic steps to begin a new hobby.  I look forward to getting setup and making my own rounds.  And I really must commend Charlie on his willingness to help.  Throughout the day he repeatedly told the class to reach out to him at any point in the future if we had questions regarding reloading, and that he would be happy to help, and depending on location he even offered to come to us to help with setup or other issues.  You could tell that he was sincere in this offer because he is so passionate about his reloading.
Also, this was my first trip back to Gun For Hire since you started construction on the expansion, HOLY SHIT!!!  The addition is humongous!  As I turned off Rt 46 I remembered that the range is quite close to the exit and I wanted to make sure I didn’t pass it as I drove by….well there is no longer a chance of that happening!  I saw the huge curved roof and said, Well that’s gotta be it!
Congrats on the expansion, I look forward to the completion and seeing the new range!
Oh, and one minor complaint…I’ve attached a picture of a sign in the men’s room…I think you’ll need to discuss with Nappen because as you must know, slingshots are illegal in NJ…  LOL!
Take care and keep up the good work!