Shardool Satam- 2 weeks ago-

This was our first gun range experience and boy it was amazing!!! Gun for Hire is extremely professional, clean, and most importantly safe gun range. Everyone, right from the front desk to the Range Safety Officers were friendly, helpful and professional. There is a heavy emphasis on safety and they always keep reminding you to keep your finger off the trigger when not shooting.

The front desk was helpful as well and she answered all the questions (especially pricing ones) patiently. Generally there is an hour long wait, but since we went on Tuesday evening, there was practically no wait time. Weekends are generally bad.

Pricing is a bit high, with lot of additional costs. There were 2 people who were using the gun range and renting a pistol (glock) and a shotgun (remington 870 tactical). The pricing is as follows:
25$ for 25 yard port for 1 hr, 30$ for 50 yard port for 1 hr
15 usd per additional person on the port (max 3 ppl can share the port including the person renting the port)
$25 for 15 min mandatory training exercise.
Every gun rental costs $20. So it was $40 for us (glock and shotgun)
$30 for glock ammo (50 bullets) and $25 for shotgun ammo (25 bullets)
Eye and ear protection $7 each
2 targets for $4.50 which totalled around $183 for 2 people

They have a vast collection of guns! I was dumbfounded by seeing their armoury! You basically tell them which gun you want to rent. I would suggest checking out the list of guns on their website so that you have an idea which options (you have a billion) you get.

The FSO was pretty detail oriented and a really good teacher. He taught us how to handle the glock, how to reload it, how to shoot, finger always off the trigger when not shooting. You are allowed to take only one gun in the range. Once you are done using it, you go out and get another one (if you want).

For first timers, I would suggest get a pistol and a shotgun. Firing a shotgun is a totally different experience and one you should definitely have. You can try squeezing in a third rental in the one hour time slot, but we ran out of time.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I will definitely recommend Guns for Hire for all the first timers! I would also recommend going on a weekday, since it gets crazy busy on weekends. Just shows, how popular
and good it is! I will definitely visit GFH again. I just wish it was closer to my place. A huge thanks to all the GFH staff for making this a really wonderful experience.


Screen Shot 2017 10 23 at 4.48.56 PM - I will definitely visit GFH again!