Michelle S. 10/22/17:

Super long review coming up, brace ya selves.

Where to begin? There is so much I have to say about this gun range so I’ll split it up into small sections to make it easier to read.

Location: Gun For Hire is located in New Jersey, in a small suburban area. It wasn’t hard finding it since they’re affiliated with the Woodland Park Range. They have tons of parking spaces near the front and in the back, with some reserved especially for GFH customers.

Customer Service/Ease of Transaction: Since I was a newbie, I had to fill out a short application in a waiting room with a instructional video playing. After returning the application, they took my driver’s ID and took my photo to register me. Everything was fast and painless. After registering me into the database, we went to pick up our ammo and guns.

Pricing: Here’s where the fun comes in, since this is a gun range; don’t be surprised if your bill racks up. Everything costs money, adding a person to port? $$ , want more targets? $$, renting more than one gun? need more ammo? Keep in mind that you get exactly what you pay for. In addition to renting two guns, we bought 3 boxes of ammo (2 for rifle, 1 for pistol), 15 minute brief lesson, 3 targets, 2 pairs of eye and ear protection, and 2 noise cancellation head sets. We paid about $180 for two people which was pretty worth it in my opinion.

Gun Range Education: The gun’s we decided to rent were the camo colored AR15 and a pistol. Our instructor was super attentive and although the range was super LOUD he made every effort to ensure we understood what to do before continuing on. I was left at ease because I knew exactly how to load bullets, reload when the gun was empty, put the gun into safety, how to hold gun properly, and the proper stance to minimize recoil.

Actual Range: Please be aware, even with all the protective ear/eyewear they give you, it will still be very loud. So if you’re someone who gets spooked easily, this may not be the place for you. I’m not used to loud noises but after awhile, I got use to it. They have multiple ports in the 25M range, and they have another 50M range towards the front of the store. There were always multiple workers in uniform patrolling the area making sure patrons were following proper gun etiquette as well as ensuring safety of all the people in the range.

Overall rating/final comments: I’m super satisfied of my first gun range experience, even though I was afraid at first to shoot because of the recoil; several of the workers hyped me up and got me to overcome my fear. That’s the kind of spirit and attitude of people who love their job. Thank you GFH for giving me such a memorable experience and I can’t wait to come back to try different guns.