This week on Gun For Hire Radio… Senator Loretta Weinberg joins the show and we have a civil discussion regarding the current and impending new gun laws in NJ. Sometimes you have to reach across the aisle and discuss the issues without shouting!

Gun For Hire Radio Episode 364

Announcer: [00:00:00] The world’s becoming a dangerous place for us women. Lipstick bodyguard looks just like an innocent little lipstick. But it will instantly drop any attacker to his knees so you can get away unharmed. Lipstick bodyguard fear no evil. Get yours today only at Broadcasting from behind the Second Amendment Iron Curtain. In the shadows of the New York City skyline. This is Gun For Hire Radio. The voice of one million New Jersey gun owners. With your hosts Sandy Berardi and master firearms trainer Anthony Colandro.

Sandy: [00:00:45] Deep within the Second Amendment wasteland that is New Jersey, The most listened to second amendment broadcast in the nation to it. Welcome welcome.

Anthony: [00:00:52] We’ve been talking about having a special guest on for about three months and our schedules finally coordinated. And I would like to welcome Senator Loretta Weinberg to our studio Senator.

Senator Weinberg: [00:01:04]Thank you Anthony. So far it’s a pleasure being here.

Anthony: [00:01:07] Well she says it’s a pleasure because I gave the senator a tour of the facility. Watch let her see the employees and the people coming in and I could tell by the look on your face it wasn’t what you expected. Was it?

Senator Weinberg: [00:01:18]It was not. First of all it is much bigger than I expected. And secondly a lot more put together for a better term.

Anthony: [00:01:32] The trend has been happening this way for the past few years. Now ranges are stepping up and becoming more like country clubs because 30 years ago it was mostly men that shot who were hunters. And now it’s gone mainstream. So you have families and you have women coming into the range. You have women coming in with unattended, which you didn’t see 30 years ago at a range. Only…

Senator Weinberg: [00:01:53]Women who are traveling unattended?

Anthony: [00:01:54] Correct.

Senator Weinberg: [00:01:56]Wow!

Anthony: [00:01:56] You can see that 30 years ago. And I would I use I use as example all the time I’d be in other gun ranges and I would see a woman coming in to arrange with her brother to buy her husband a gift certificate and I’d be like oh I get it she’s afraid to come in because she thinks it’s a boys club you know and so I wanted to change that narrative. So we created a place like this where we have concierge’s with female employees and everybody wears uniforms and it’s clean and well lit and you know after safety,. My business is hospitality and that’s what’s made us so successful.

Senator Weinberg: [00:02:29]Well I could see that too Anthony way. You greeted me when I got out of the car: “welcome to the family”.

Anthony: [00:02:35] Correct.

Senator Weinberg: [00:02:35]And then I saw you greet some obviously new customers.

Anthony: [00:02:41] Correct.One from Belgium one from India.I was standing outside. Yes. I asked people where the from I travel a lot I like to create that connection. And you see how many red shirts we have in the range for safety all the time which the majority are prior military because Uncle Sam, us taxpayers, we trained them well. They wear uniforms Well. They tend to show up to work on time. So it’s a nice thing to have and it’s a nice. I’d like to welcome everybody to the family. You know we’re a classic juxtaposition here. Our name is horrible but we’re a family friendly gun range so people come in and they’re quite surprised. And again most people coming in especially in the New York metropolitan area they’ll say it’s not what I quite expected. They expect that like a dungeon looking hole would that you guys you know chewing tobacco.

Sandy: [00:03:29] Used to be like that.

Anthony: [00:03:29] It was like that 30 years ago. And there are still places that exist like that. There’s not many anymore because to compete you have to, you know, the bar rises.

Senator Weinberg: [00:03:38]You also ushered me for a few moments into the VIP lounge.

Anthony: [00:03:43] Yes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:03:44]Where you seem well stack, Well stacked on snacks and

Anthony: [00:03:50] Yes.

Sandy: [00:03:51] Food is Very important.

Senator Weinberg: [00:03:52]Food seems to be important across the spectrum.

Anthony: [00:03:56] Yes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:03:56]Wherever you might stand.

Anthony: [00:03:58] Correct.

Senator Weinberg: [00:03:58]Philosophically, It is a way to bring people together.

Anthony: [00:04:02] Correct. And I can’t, I can’t commend you enough for coming in. I wanted you to come in. It’s almost like saying crossing over the aisle because I wanted you to see how how things run and the typical type customers we have here. The first time Mayor Kazmir came in the range, when we opened up, he was amazed because there was doctors and dentists and lawyers walking around because he also had this perception that it was going to be like thugs and hillbillies in the range. You know that might exist you know in Alabama, Arkansas but it doesn’t exist in.

Sandy: [00:04:32] Here we go.

Anthony: [00:04:32] The metropolitan Area. I Know.

Sandy: [00:04:33] You’ve pissed off the people in Arkansas and Alabama.

Anthony: [00:04:35] But where I live…

Sandy: [00:04:37] I’m going to get the hate mail.

Anthony: [00:04:38] I live in New Jersey born in 61 Columbus hospital in Newark and I’m never leaving New jersey because I love it. So I’m staying here so I don’t care. I like malls and 24 hour diners. That’s a big thing for me.

Senator Weinberg: [00:04:51]And you’re not going to find those in very many other places. 24 hour dining.

Anthony: [00:04:56] Yes.

Sandy: [00:04:58] No Tick Tock Diner.

Anthony: [00:04:58] So I have. Are you. I’m not leaving.

Senator Weinberg: [00:05:00]I have a cousin who lives in Malibu, in California. And one time when I was spending an evening there I said something to her. “Can we order a pizza?” and she looked at me.

Sandy: [00:05:12] (Laughing).

Senator Weinberg: [00:05:12]We can’t order food here.

Sandy: [00:05:12] That’s great. Why not?

Senator Weinberg: [00:05:15]To be delivered.

Anthony: [00:05:17] I had a friend from Minnesota, visit from Minnesota and on a Friday night 11:00 at night I said I feel like hotdogs. And he’s like Where are we going to go for those 11:00 at night and we drove to Bloomfield Ave in Newark. There’s a hotdog truck there until 4:00 in the morning. First he was amazed that it was open. Second, he was mesmerised that there was a line. There was a line. It was 1:00 o’clock in the morning by the time we got there. There was like 10 people waiting in line for it. He’s like this “We eat gas station food after 9:00 o’clock at night”.

Sandy: [00:05:44] So used to that a pastrami sandwich at 3am and we had five places to go.

Anthony: [00:05:48] So let me ask you a question. Have you ever shot a gun.

Senator Weinberg: [00:05:51]No.

Anthony: [00:05:52] OK. But your grandchildren are in the scouts.

Senator Weinberg: [00:05:54]My grandson is in Scouts. Yes. And has and I remember one particular day when we had had some big debate about gun safety in the Florida Legislature and on my way home was his birthday. So I called him to wish him a happy birthday. To find out that I said How is your birthday party and had something to do with shooting something.

Anthony: [00:06:20] (Laughter). I would love to see your face.

Senator Weinberg: [00:06:25]Did you have to share that with me at the moment. You know I don’t remember exactly what it was but it had come to the shooting thing.

Anthony: [00:06:33] You know what happens though. So now 10 11 12 years old shooting those 22 rifles from competent scoutmasters who by the way the scoutmaster’s I know you don’t want to hear this to scoutmaster’s are trained by the NRA. I’m an NRA training counseling.

Senator Weinberg: [00:06:47]don’t preface things with “You don’t want to hear this”.

Anthony: [00:06:49] OK. All right. I stand corrected.

Senator Weinberg: [00:06:51]Yes.

Anthony: [00:06:51] I said I was going to treat you like my mom so I have to. Well the NRA, uh, We fund the Scouts and we train the scouts. I’m a master training counsellor with the NRA so we make NRA instructors for shotgun and for rifle.

Senator Weinberg: [00:07:06]Do all scoutmasters have to go through..

Anthony: [00:07:07] Whoever they are if they run the training for the for the rifles or the shotgun merit badges. And they also have to take NRA certified range safety officer class. I teach that here too. I’m a chief ranger safety officer so we do that and the NRA subsidizes the cost so it’s one tenth of the price. Materials are free. And this your grandson’s book on his merit badge a rifle on the back it says you know donate it graciously by the NRA blah blah blah whatever so we do that but what I what I like is so now your grandson knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Your grandson learned proper and that’s what we need to do and I tell people this all the time like 50 percent of the homes have firearms so you might not want firearms or have them, But there’s a good chance your kid or grandchildren could go into someone’s house that doesn’t. And they need to learn that this is serious and it’s a real

Sandy: [00:08:00] It’s not a toy.

Anthony: [00:08:02] Correct. That’s what I feel is important that we teach. I don’t know how many countless tragedies we’ve might have prevented because we exist here to teach people safety. And I was talking to this to you before we went on the air., But you know you can’t legislate stupidity out of existence. We have people that spent thousands of dollars in firearms and they won’t spend 300 dollars to buy a metal cabinet to store their guns safely regardless of how cheap it is, when a tragedy happens, My heart sinks and I’m like Are you kidding me? How could you be responsible and leave a firearm accessible to your kids in a house for a tragedy. And we see it happen over and over and over again. And I don’t care how many laws are passed, it’s going to happen again. I don’t know what we can do. Are we running out of time? Sandy give me a mark. Are we going to let her finish the show she’s been behaving right? OK.

Sandy: [00:08:53] I Think.

Anthony: [00:08:53] We’re good.

Sandy: [00:08:53] I think it all depends on whether she wants to continue sitting next to you or not.

Senator Weinberg: [00:08:58]I’m Just letting him talk.

Anthony: [00:08:58] I I just I just I just made one mistake so far.

Sandy: [00:09:02] Senator. That’s why you’re a politician that I’m not.

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Anthony: [00:11:54] And this segment is brought to you by Dr. Henry Madalian. Doctor madalian as an 573 Valley Road in Wayne New Jersey. His website is madalianchiropractic . com. He was on last week and he talked about the Armenian genocide, being of Armenian descent. And tonight at 9:00 p.m. on CNN is the Anthony Bourdain will be visiting Armenia. So I’ll be tuning in to watch it too. But we have to support those who support us so please check out madalian chiropractic. Go on his Facebook pages on all the forms of social media and just show your support. Also being nice I would love everyone to visit Senator Weinberg’s page and thank her for coming on the show because this is what it’s all about. Reaching across the aisle and discussing the issues and showing each other what’s good and what’s bad about everything that goes on in this world. Senator we’re back again again I want to thank you for coming on on the show.

Anthony: [00:12:55] I think one of the things that gets under the skin of law abiding citizens is a lot of the laws that are passed hit us as law abiding citizens like administrative codes. Harder to buy a gun. Longer to buy a gun or whatever. Where We would feel better and be less angry if we saw more laws of locking people up and throwing away the key. The people who really committed the crimes like with criminal intent. And I think that’s one of the emotional arguments that allow both sides to dig in and not move. And how do you feel. How do you feel that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:13:29]Well certainly there should be agreement that the bad guys get picked up and get go through the judicial system and hopefully get locked up if they’re guilty of something and in fact I think the governor Murphy administration has started on that somewhat. I participated in a press conference with the governor, several days ago, in which they announced they’re starting to track where guns that were used illegally in the state of New Jersey where they come from.

Anthony: [00:14:07] 77 percent of the state.

Senator Weinberg: [00:14:09]Right Pennsylvania. I guess North Carolina Indiana. And I think that that is aimed at the people who are using firearms illegally. It’s a beginning to at least understand where they’re coming from. The governor is now meeting hopefully with governors of those states I saw how we cut off that pipeline. So I think there has been a recognition of this new administration. That that’s something we would like to get into. I’ve been involved in the piece of legislation still evolving a little bit what we call extreme protective orders.

Anthony: [00:14:54] Yes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:14:56]Which allows family members to make sure that if somebody is suffering from mental illness and has a gun that they have a way of going to law enforcement and removing that firearm again along the lines of I hear from the I I’m always trying to find the right words to sum up your side of the issue. The second amendment people the NRA people. However one wants to describe it to for us to be together on issues like this. Because I always hear from that side. Yes we want guns for law abiding citizens and we do want them taken out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

Anthony: [00:15:44] But now the argument with the shrink protection order is that it violates due process which is a problem.

Senator Weinberg: [00:15:49]Well you can’t.. You know… I’m not sure of that. And as I said we’re still evolving.

Anthony: [00:15:54] Gotcha.

Senator Weinberg: [00:15:54]Some amendments around it particularly when it comes  to police personnel. Who might be in that category.

Anthony: [00:16:06] One thing I’d love to have you look at is the way we address mental health. We had mental health first aid training here. All the staff on the range. And I sponsored it. The entire town of woodland park administrators, the mayor, council. We all took this training. It’s to help people you know that maybe because people have a stigma for mental health you know somebody you’re diabetic. Oh you take a pill you’re good. But if somebody says they’re have anxiety are battling depression. The quandary we have in New Jersey is because of the way that it’s worded people are afraid to serve to get mental health treatment because they’re afraid they’re going to lose their guns. And when people come to me and say you know I’m going to divorce. I’m a little depressed but I don’t want to lose my guns. I’m like go to the doctor. Your health is more important than your firearms. But the problem is then when they fill out the form “Have you ever been treated with a doctor”? It rings this bell where they risk losing their guns and it costing ten thousands tens of thousands of dollars to get them back.

Senator Weinberg: [00:17:04]Well I don’t think that’s true. In this new leg.. This new bill on the extreme protective order. Nobody should be afraid of seeking treatment. I think under current law there is a lot of due process built in and in the new bill is aimed particularly at people with a family member notes that they are dealing with somebody who is going undergoing really bad mental illness and should not have access to firearms at that particular time in their collective lives.

Sandy: [00:17:44] I see most recently an example in Broward County where that was definitely the case. Everybody there in the family knew the stepmother the stepparents. They knew that this kid, call them a kid, he was an adult. Who had a series of mental issues. The school knew it. The police knew it. 57 visits to the home. And yet it’s almost like: See something say nothing. And I think that that’s something that we have to address too because we can make all the laws and make all the regulations. But if if people were too afraid to say anything or the law enforcement is somehow, you know hamstrung, or or whatever the reason was, we still don’t know what the reason was, that no arrests were made. The school, he had so many infractions and more and more keep coming out. That these things are preventable. That they don’t come out of the blue. It’s an insidious assent to the issue.

Anthony: [00:18:47] But wait. So here’s the deal that the cops were at this kid’s House 22 times Senator.

Senator Weinberg: [00:18:52]You’re talking about Parkland.

Anthony: [00:18:54] In New Jersey. If I threatened you right now and you call the police I will lose my FID card. I will lose my guns. They will issue a temporary restraining order within seven days I have to go before a judge for a final restraining order. If the judge doesn’t grant it then a prosecutor holds my guns in 30 days to do an investigation. What I don’t understand is how could it be 22 times and nothing was followed up? This angers me.

Sandy: [00:19:18] Jersey’s lot better at doing what they do than Florida.

Anthony: [00:19:21] Correct.

Senator Weinberg: [00:19:21]I think in Florida, very quickly pass something.

Anthony: [00:19:26] Right after.

Senator Weinberg: [00:19:26]As a result of this.

Sandy: [00:19:28] Yeah.

Senator Weinberg: [00:19:28]Where they realized there was a

Sandy: [00:19:30] The loophole.

Senator Weinberg: [00:19:30]a Very big loophole.

Sandy: [00:19:30] The FBI even dropped the ball.

Anthony: [00:19:34] Yes, 22 times. I mean.

Senator Weinberg: [00:19:37]Well that’s also what the extreme protective order is designed for.

Announcer: [00:19:47] Many people walking into a range of first time it’s quite intimidating. So when you walk in through the double doors the first thing you’ll see on your left is a concierge. People walk in. They can take a tour of the range or maybe they’re coming in for an appointment with one of my instructors and me and they’ll be directed to the right classroom. It kind of softens the entire experience. It makes people feel more at home as you walk further into the range you’re going to notice. We have new jerseys only indoor 50 yard range which is he didn’t airconditioned the dividers at each port or bulletproof. There are extra white courts so two people can stand side by side to choose there’s lights in the port so you welded. We also have three times as much like down range that the average range would have because I believe it’s important that the targets are well lit. Our target retrieval system is all digital. You program how many feet you want to send it out and it stays there. Both of our ranges are tactically baffled which means when we run our higher level courses you can move forward to the fire line and shoot in any direction and bullets can escape when you come out of the Rings to your left the see or large classroom and go back up to the concierge and make a right. We have two smaller classrooms and those classrooms are for a small one on one classes are Build-A-Bear building an A or as you enter through there you see that we have a portal with a key to go into our platinum lounge. They can sit around and watch TV and leather chairs or couches and they can maybe work deals with their clients and you normally don’t see a cafe in an indoor range in New Jersey. We have this archaic law where you don’t go from your house to the rain drains in a house with no unnecessary deviation.

[00:21:33] I’m seeing a lot more families coming in now where they have multiple kids and the wife will stay in the cafe with one or two kids and they’ll do a handoff to me it’s very important that people treat it like family so the bathrooms are very high end. We used marble in Laurieann and really nice tile and full length dividers so that people are comfortable when they come in when you exit the bathroom you’ll see the gunfire radius know where Sandy and I take our show. After you pass that and you make a left you’ll notice our retail area. Over 120 firearm rent as you turn 180 degrees you see the large sections of bulletproof glass. That’s our 25 yard range and inside our 25 yard range with 13 ports those ports are even wider than a 50 yard range both ranges have full time range safety officers. In case you have any questions or concerns are there to help you within these events and political shenanigans embracing your freedom.

Announcer: [00:22:32] You’re listening to gun fo hire radio. The most listened to the second amendment broadcast in the nation.

Anthony: [00:22:39] And this segment is brought to you by Liberty office suites Liberty office suites has two locations one on new road in Parsippany and one on Change Bridge Road in Montville. Check out A message John Petruleno The third, not junior. I gave your letter to Senator Weinberg for you and also John was gracious enough to send me a United States flag. This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over the United States Capitol on April 30th 2018 at the request of the Honorable Robert Menendez United States senator. This flag was flown for Anthony P Colandro for fighting for the freedom loving citizens of New Jersey. Thank you for that John. There’s a little twist there and it’s kind of fun and amusing that he had Menendez do that because we’re both on different sides of the aisle on the gun issue but you’re the man John. Thank you so much for that.

Anthony: [00:23:29] So Senator we’re back and you were talking about the extreme protection orders. What about… We get aggravated because you guys in the House and Senate, the Assemply and Senate, passed gun laws and we know that criminals don’t follow gun laws. And so we feel as law abiding citizens it just makes it harder and harder for us to exercise our constitutional right. You see the frustration. You see when

Senator Weinberg: [00:23:52]Yeah.

Anthony: [00:23:52] We come out and testify and none of us are criminals.

Senator Weinberg: [00:23:55]I see the anger and frustration more times than only when you come down to testify.

Anthony: [00:24:02] Gotcha.

Senator Weinberg: [00:24:02]I see it on my social media.

Anthony: [00:24:05] And I hate that by the way. I don’t I don’t do that. I hate that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:24:08]Well I don’t mind getting into any kind of philosophic discussion on social media. Given time restraints that I might have. But I do mind the vitriolic

Sandy: [00:24:21] Yeah when it gets Personal things shouldn’t be personal.

Senator Weinberg: [00:24:23]how personal it gets and it is one of the few subjects and I’ll say this to your audience that I sometimes hesitate posting anything

Anthony: [00:24:35] Mmm Hmm. Mmm hmm.

Senator Weinberg: [00:24:35]about because I know the kind of backlash I’m going to get.And it’s a very unpleasant. What I do is they end up, well it gives me five more people to block from my.

Anthony: [00:24:47] Sure.

Senator Weinberg: [00:24:47]Facebook and people know that when they’re just discussing the issue that I don’t block them. I don’t tell them that they can’t be on there because I think that is the basis of our democracy. But I find it very difficult to get to the common ground. Where there should be. And I will bring up the issue of the childproof handgun. I assume most of your audience is familiar with that I’ll give a short background. We passed that in New Jersey around 1995 or 6 and it was designed to spur the development, research and development, of a personalized firearm that could only be fired by the authorized owner. When we passed the bill back in the 90s we said once that technology was developed and it was deemed appropriate under the guidelines for any other gun in the state of New Jersey, within three years that would be the only kind of gun you could purchase. Now that we were in the only state to pass a law like that. That became kind of the rallying point for “oh we better not do any kind of research and development because if we do find this technology then it will be the only kind of gun you can buy. They’ll be expensive. They won’t work etc”.. So because of this backlash and because of the fact that there are people in the R&D aspect of this and there are investors who want to get into it even more, I said publicly on television and TV. Well let me backtrack for a minute. Tell the story which I assume many of you are familiar with. The store owner in Maryland who wanted to offer for sale, in his retail store. By the way a card carrying member of the NRA, wanted to offer the firearm that you needed your bracelet or ring to operate. That would not have qualified under our law.

[00:27:13] Under our law it has to be built into the firearm so would not have to coin a phrase “triggered” The New Jersey law that is the only kind of gun you could buy. Forget the rationale, the logic. He was so harassed for putting the firearm in his store for sale that he made a YouTube. He was sitting in his store all night, drinking a little too much Jim Beam, sitting opposite right next to him as this bottle of water is here. And he went. He was sitting in a store because he was afraid they were going to come and burn down his store. And he finished his youtube with “I’m taking it off the shelf. And I will never offer such a gun for sale again.” I appeared, not with him, but in a segment on 60 Minutes on this very subject and he said it very clearly at that point and he wasn’t drinking Jim Beam, tThen. I will never get involved in this issue. To me that was really you talk about free enterprise, about not regulating. It wouldn’t even have anything to do with our law. But they hounded this man.

Anthony: [00:28:39] If you like.I’m sorry. Go ahead.

Senator Weinberg: [00:28:40]Yeah. I just want to finish this story. So I went on television and I was on an MSNBC show the Chris Hayes show. And I said if the NRA and the second amendment people publicly state that they will not stand in the way of the research, development, manufacture or retail sale of such a firearm I will work to repeal the entire law. I said that publicly. I followed it up with a letter to the NRA. I have never ever gotten a response. Now I hear from other media and when I’ve been interviewed on this subject, oh they say, they’re not against the development of a child proof handgun. But I’ve never gotten any kind of a formal response to stand up and say OK Senator Weinberg, repeal the law and we will say and I am I know the caveat, I can’t be responsible for all your members but at least if the leadership stood up. No response ever. So this is. Then, we did pass a bill that rolled back the mandate to purchase, to make it a mandate for a retailer to offer one such firearm for sale along with all the other requirements, if in fact the attorney general’s office etc. ascertained that it was working correctly. Well Governor Christie vetoed that. So we’ve still got the current law and I am working on a new bill. But again I get no nothing from the second amendment to the NRA types to encourage to say we think there should be the development of this technology. If you’re buying or buying a firearm to keep in your home and there’s such technology is available, why wouldn’t you want it?

Anthony: [00:30:51] I’m gonna, I’ll comment on it when we come back from the break. I ‘ll tell you my feelings.

Senator Weinberg: [00:30:55]And again only if it works according to the standards for the purchase of any firearm in New Jersey.

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Anthony: [00:33:00] So with smart guns. If.. here’s the problem is most people will not trust a smart gun until the police or military widely accepted. So if we had a smart gun for sale without that 3 year provision, I would put one on the wall for all of our members to torture test it. OK. The concern people have is anything electronic with batteries, or can it be hacked or can it be overridden or if if if I needed to handed it to my girlfriend in the middle of the night because I got injured and she won’t be able to fire it. So both sides dug their heels in. The smart gun issue. Unfortunately Senator is about the same as the abortion issue in this country. There’s not many people in-between. So there definitely if a new bill does not launch the sale of it, like mandatory where that’s the only gun that can be sold, You will see more development of smart guns. You will see more entrepreneurs working on a gun in the iPhone generation will grasp that smart gun technology. The old school people like me we still want metal and we want to trust mechanical stuff like that. But I would like to see the development of it without a mandatory provision in it. Well in 10 years you might see something that the police or military would accept and then you would see civilians embrace it for home defense.

Senator Weinberg: [00:34:20]The mandatory provision of the bill which Governor Christie vetoed was only a mandate to offer one for sale.

Anthony: [00:34:31] Okay.

Senator Weinberg: [00:34:31]And that was put into it because of the experience

Anthony: [00:34:35] gotcha.

Senator Weinberg: [00:34:35]Of people like the store owner in Maryland. And I think there was a similar experience with a store owner in California to overcome

Anthony: [00:34:46] gotcha.

Senator Weinberg: [00:34:46]What was happening because of the the fact that he was afraid to put For Sale a firearm that had nothing to do with our laws.

Anthony: [00:34:56] Now I don’t sell guns but I will offer one for for testing by my members if they become available. I would like to torture test it. We could put a couple hundred thousand rounds through and see where it goes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:35:09]As a matter of fact in the new bill we’re putting together an Advisory committee made up of law enforcement and a variety of people to actually do that. Maybe we will suggest that you’d be on the advisory committee.

Sandy: [00:35:26] That would be a bad suggestion.

Anthony: [00:35:26] See? You see how he treats me. OK. S o .

Senator Weinberg: [00:35:29]Or You’ll both be on it.

Anthony: [00:35:31] Gotcha.

Sandy: [00:35:31] No, No. (laughter) No, No.

Anthony: [00:35:31] Sandy, Is there anything you want to talk the senator about. You were trash talking her last week on the show

Senator Weinberg: [00:35:39](Laughter).

Sandy: [00:35:39] Was I?

Anthony: [00:35:39] So maybe, No? You could listen to the show. He didn’t even mention you.

Senator Weinberg: [00:35:41]Face to face, we’re here.

Sandy: [00:35:43] There is is.

Anthony: [00:35:44] She wants to tangle with you.

Sandy: [00:35:46] nothing really that I can think of. I think one of the things that bothered me first about, you know you know my stand, we spoke off air and I think one of the things that bothered me most about anything else in New Jersey specifically is one of the very few states in the union that has this limitation. And you’re legal at the firearms range which you say here coming to Gun for Hire. But in-between, if I have a heart attack, get into a car accident, stop to get a Slurpee, or get rid of that Slurpee right away I’m Instantly a felon in the states eyes. Because I deviated from that path. That frightens me a lot. Just for fear I don’t want to spend a mandatory, under the graves act, the mandatory seven years in state penitentiary and lose my liberties forever. But the criminal doesn’t seem to care about that because criminals don’t by nature respect any laws that we do. It’s just that’s why they are criminals. That’s about the only thing that bothers me in Jersey and I don’t know how to get around that because.

Senator Weinberg: [00:37:01]Well I happen to agree that that is an area that needs a closer look because we’ve seen cases, not too many, but we’ve seen a few cases in New Jersey where obviously.

Sandy: [00:37:16] Even police officers have been charged .

Senator Weinberg: [00:37:18]Citizens were picked up for what seemed to be kind of irrational.

Anthony: [00:37:26] I’m going to save the last segment for magazines, because that’s a contentious point, but

Senator Weinberg: [00:37:32]Okay.

Anthony: [00:37:32] Like we have in New Jersey we have gun a month. We call that, us gun owners, we ticked off about that because we consider that gun rationing. The the way we feel as we go through a whole background check, firearms I.D. card, NICS check. Have you ever gone through the process?

Senator Weinberg: [00:37:45]No. I mean personnaly I haven’t.

Anthony: [00:37:45] The process is very tedious, very tedious.

Senator Weinberg: [00:37:48]but I’m familiar with it.

Anthony: [00:37:49] So I get I get my purchase permit and I buy a handgun. And now I can’t buy another one for 30 days which is just gun rationing because if I own 10 guns, if I’m a collector, and I want to buy two guns I have to wait one a month or I have to apply with the state police for an exemption. That’s not going to, that’s not going to prevent any crimes because if I was going to commit a crime I could have committed those other nine guns I had before. So these are the type of bills that we know that it does nothing for the criminals, but that’s what ticks off the law abiding gun owners. Because if if someone came in and wanted to sell me collection of six guns I either have to wait seven months to buy them, one a month, or I have to apply for an exemption with the state police. That takes about seven months to get approved through the New Jersey State Police. So things like that when we get hit with that. That’s what brings everybody to the boiling point. Because you’re not looked at from the perspective of the law abiding gun owners. So we you know we hate gun a month. To be honest with you and we know it’s done nothing to lower crime

Senator Weinberg: [00:38:50]Mmm hmm.

Anthony: [00:38:50] And as far as straw purchases in New Jersey, you know don’t lie for the other guy. That’s almost impossible because you know our background check is so intense. Again like I said Parkland police 22 times, you call the cops right now and say you threaten me, My life is over with guns and I’m not averse to having, and I’ve said it before publicly, I’m not adverse for the country to have a national system like New Jersey has.

Senator Weinberg: [00:39:13]You mean background checks?

Anthony: [00:39:14] Background checks, Yes. You know with the NICS system and reporting it right away. I’m not I don’t have a problem with that. We do have a lot of departments that make their own rules up. They get extra forms when people go to print stuff up. You know to get their firearms I.D. card. They want more than two letters of references. Some towns have test. Some towns don’t take 30 days. Some towns take you know 60, 90, 120 days. I get a lot of complaints from people and their frustration level gets overboard because the laws say it takes 30 days and it took 180 days. Now you have a ticked off Law Abiding Citizen forever. You know it needs to be addressed. Like these are things that can be addressed.

Senator Weinberg: [00:39:55]I’ve said that publicly. I mean the police departments should be able to comply with their time requirements in the law. But it’s not so unusual just for the gun bureaucracy.

Sandy: [00:40:11] Right. Bureaucracy is bureaucracy.

Senator Weinberg: [00:40:12]I mean that’s we get 20 constituent calls a month about being stuck in the bureaucracy someplace whether it’s where’s my homestead rebate or why am I being charged for this or my hospitalization insurance, whatever. So we haven’t singled out gun owners.

Sandy: [00:40:33] I think one of the biggest problems is is the complexity of the laws. That even a group of lawyers, we get a group of Supreme Court justices together and they would have differing opinions about what the laws present. When you’ve got, in New Jersey, For those of you guys out of state, our gun laws are such, I heard an attorney Evan Nappen, he’s a friend of the show. He once summed it up and probably the best way I could imagine. In New Jersey the law about firearms is this: all guns are illegal, all the time. Now here’s a telephone book size list of exceptions to that original rule. It’s kind of backwards in a sense and it’s evolved that way, way beyond all of our ability to not only comprehend but even remember and he and I are pretty old. So.

Anthony: [00:41:27] Speak for yourself.

Sandy: [00:41:30] But I remember you know I guess I’m going back to the fact that the more complex things get the the more confusing they are for the general public. And then they take the anger out on places where it were even shouldn’t be. And even the cops get confused as to what the laws are. When we come back I’m going to tell a short story about just that subject. Watching police chiefs argue in his other facilities about the law.

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Anthony: [00:43:19] Do not forget the Mark Cheeseman case Restore Carry  N J. Sorry Senator. Restore Carry NJ for Marc Cheeseman. Please remember September 22nd at Cumberland County College in Vineland is New Jersey Safecon. New Jersey safecon September 22nd from 9 to 5. If you need information about sponsoring, attending, speaking, talking: the website is Sandy you had a thought you wanted to continue on with the Senator.

Sandy: [00:43:52] Do you remember back in your old facility where.

Anthony: [00:43:56] Belleville.

Sandy: [00:43:57] Anthony used to basically just give the facility, when he wasn’t running classes, out to the local police departments and they could come in and have seminars and meet whatever. And I guess cops being cops had a bet and an argument outside over a particular point of the law.

Anthony: [00:44:14] Two cops.

Sandy: [00:44:14] Two cops. Two police chiefs. And they came into the office. I happened to be visiting and they asked Anthony if he had a copy of the New Jersey statutes annotated for firearms and

Anthony: [00:44:29] They were arguing.

Sandy: [00:44:29] They were arguing over it. So Anthony said well what’s the point. And they asked him and he clarified out of the statutes. And I sat there and I thought these are chiefs of police and if they don’t know the law and they were, by the way neither one of them was right. If they don’t know the law, what about the rank and file members who are going to pull me over in my car as I’m driving through their town and possibly, because of the misunderstanding of the law, I end up in jail. That scared the hell out of me.

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:06]What I mean police are trained in law. And but that’s what we have lawyers and courts for.

Anthony: [00:45:15] We have.

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:16]Somebody is going to complain that I just said that’s why we have lawyers and courts for. The law is complex. They said even when we draft a bill I can give the Office of Legislative Services a simple idea and by the time it comes back to me and

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:34]You have no idea what you just wrote.

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:36]bureaurcratic Language.

Sandy: [00:45:37] Right.

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:37]It’s hard to make sure that’s exactly what I wanted in that particular bill. So again that is not just about gun owners.

Sandy: [00:45:48] Right, exactly.

Senator Weinberg: [00:45:49]And help people all the time we regulate how far slats can be separated on a crib so a baby can’t catch their head through slats. We regulate whether a pharmacist can put Sudafed on the counter or have to keep it under the counter.

Sandy: [00:46:09] Yeah.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:09]So I have one of my adult children, who used to say to me, So what laws did you pass today to complicate my life.

Anthony: [00:46:17] Oh god.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:18]You know my joking answer please everybody understand I was just joking would be as many as I can. So that was

Anthony: [00:46:28] She’s got a lot of vinegar.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:28]our reparte. But that is the nature of how laws are passed and put on the books right. Should there be changes. That’s why we can go back and undo, change, amend.

Sandy: [00:46:46] Right.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:46]Whatever. To keep them up to date.

Sandy: [00:46:46] The people who developed the system were pretty brilliant.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:52]Considering everything that we’ve survived

Sandy: [00:46:54] Yup.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:54]And that we are sitting together

Sandy: [00:46:56] right.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:56]In the studio

Sandy: [00:46:57] Right.

Anthony: [00:46:58] You know the next

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:58]is a step forward

Anthony: [00:46:59] Yes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:46:59]As far as i’m concerned.

Anthony: [00:47:00] For Sure. All right. But now here’s what we’re going to tangle. We’re totally against a 10 round magazine And you know that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:47:05]I understand.

Anthony: [00:47:05] OK.

Senator Weinberg: [00:47:07]Yes.

Anthony: [00:47:07] There’s a couple of reasons besides infringing on the rights we’re talking about millions of dollars of property that people are going to have that either have to be destroyed or modified or they’re going to have to sell firearms that don’t accept a 10 round magazine. This is going to be a big fight. There’s definitely going to be a lawsuit filed.

Senator Weinberg: [00:47:23]Mmm Hmm.

Anthony: [00:47:23] Afterwards. So it’s going to be a big fight it’s going to cost taxpayers time money and everything. There is. We don’t see any clear cut reason on how that is going to lower crime. That’s that’s our biggest argument here and we want you to hear that side. There’s a million gun owners in New Jersey that are going to become felons overnight and have tons of money in losses and we’re going to be really pissed off about it. So I know you’re going to be prepared for it. But I’m just telling you there’s no common ground there.

Senator Weinberg: [00:47:52]I certainly agree with you. It’s going to be a big backlash.

Anthony: [00:47:58] Yes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:47:59]Yes. I agree with you that a lot of it could be around, OK, I already own a firearm like this and I’ve invested whatever into purchasing it. And why do I have to sell it or how can I modify it. I understand all of that but on the other side don’t tell me that it doesn’t lower crime. It might not lower crime but you know what it might save a life someplace. And I think that is generally an acceptable fact that if somebody can’t shoot off 20 rounds. If they have to stop to reload, that maybe somebody’s life will be saved.

Anthony: [00:48:44] But a magazine can be reloaded in literally three seconds.

Senator Weinberg: [00:48:47]Well and a life saved in literally three seconds.

Anthony: [00:48:50] So, But you’re going to have you’re gonna have a fight on your hands here. Everybody’s going to be fighting against it. And again there’s no compensation it’s like you guys passing

Senator Weinberg: [00:48:59]look

Anthony: [00:48:59] a law tomorrow saying Anybody that owns a car built before 1998 has 180 days to get rid of it because it doesn’t meet with emission standards. You know you wouldn’t do that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:08]Right.

Anthony: [00:49:08] But what the gun owners are going to do that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:09]I that is the latter that you just said about current gun owners is something that has been raised in the discussion of this in our caucus and

Anthony: [00:49:24] Other states have granffathered people in.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:26]That it is separate from the main.

Anthony: [00:49:30] ok.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:30]Issue. Well I shouldn’t say separate from the main issue. It’s part of it but I don’t think we can intermingle that with the safety aspect.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:39]But you realize no criminal before they go rob a bank or a gas station is going to say oh we better get rid of our 15 round magazines.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:46]You know.

Anthony: [00:49:48] Hit me. Hit me.

Senator Weinberg: [00:49:50]I understand criminals are criminals as I say. Thanks. You know it’s not legal to rob a bank and Bank put big safes in their banks and people still rob banks.

Sandy: [00:50:03] right.

Senator Weinberg: [00:50:03]So that is true. There’s a criminal element and I’m not suggesting that the criminals are going to follow or our laws. That’s why they’re criminals. That is a false argument to make.

Senator Weinberg: [00:50:17]Did she just hand me my head?

Senator Weinberg: [00:50:17]The argument, your argument that I own one of those., Not me but somebody, And why should why should I suddenly have to either get rid of it find a way to modify it, That’s going to cost me some great amount of money. That’s an argument That we can talk about or your argument if we change the mission

Anthony: [00:50:41] So put me on the advisory counsel for that too.

Senator Weinberg: [00:50:44]I don’t think there is one but I.

Anthony: [00:50:46] Make one for me. You’ve been around a long time as a senator. You know the other thing is you’re going to create law abiding criminals because people aren’t going to know the law changed their grandfather passed away left them a gun. They’re going to get pulled over on the way to the range cops because if you have any guns in court Yeah I was on my way to a range. Oh, 15 round magazine. now a Life is destroyed.

Senator Weinberg: [00:51:04]As I told you. That issue has been raised within our caucus.

Anthony: [00:51:10] Well I like to see you stand up for that one, for us gun owners.

Senator Weinberg: [00:51:15]I know it’s something I’m going to look at.

Anthony: [00:51:18] I appreciate that.

Senator Weinberg: [00:51:19]Not setting any guarantees here.

Anthony: [00:51:21] See. Always the disclaimer.

Sandy: [00:51:22] You just gave her more things to do, too.

Anthony: [00:51:25] I had to read the fine. I had to read the fine print. What are you going. What are you going to do with national reciprocity is passed.

Senator Weinberg: [00:51:32]I’m Very much against that.

Sandy: [00:51:33] But now 44 states allow carry I can carry it nine states right now I visit other states like Pennsylvania and I carry a gun I go to Florida I was done it for ten days carry a gun every day. It’s not the Wild West. You know we have a constitutional right under the Second Amendment to protect ourselves and carry a firearm. So what are you going to fight it kicking and screaming if it passes.

Senator Weinberg: [00:51:57]If the federal law passes the federal law but Yes we are going to fight it.

Anthony: [00:52:04] It’s not going to be easy 44 states to 6.

Senator Weinberg: [00:52:05]Nothing I’ve ever done has been easy.

Anthony: [00:52:10] What else would you like to

Senator Weinberg: [00:52:10]If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun anymore.

Anthony: [00:52:12] Oh, OK. You know I want to make a comment while the senators here. So we’re spending an hour on the show. I was gracious to her. I had her and I brought all around. For all of you guys out there and girls that listen to the show you heard her comments about the social media attacks. All that does, and I’m going to say this right up front and Senator and I don’t have to hide it is all it does is allow both sides to dig their heels in even further.

Sandy: [00:52:34] Which is stupid.

Anthony: [00:52:34] OK. Which is dumb. Name calling and threats and all that other crap is dumb. Listen nobody jokes around more than I do. Senator you only know me an hour now. I can be quite the Buster. But like when Obama was president, I never posted or reposted a derogatory meme.

Senator Weinberg: [00:52:51]I would hope not, yeah.

Anthony: [00:52:51] OK. And when I see the ones about Trump, it upsets my stomach as well. All right so it’s the same thing we all have to work together here and find some common ground. So you’re preventing the senator from posting stuff because she knows she’s going to get personally attacked where.

Sandy: [00:53:07] or at least

Anthony: [00:53:07] She might want to hear our site today about the magazines. Let’s all let’s all move an inch in, from the ends.

Sandy: [00:53:15] From the dialogue, It’s all about dialogue. You can’t you can’t have a one sided monologue.

Anthony: [00:53:21] F U and hang up.

Sandy: [00:53:22] It’s ridiculous.

Anthony: [00:53:23] Right.

Sandy: [00:53:23] And that’s what bothers me so much about social media and why I don’t really participate too much in it. It’s people act so strangely when they believe that they are somehow shielded from you. They see things that are horrible that they would never say to that person face to face.

Senator Weinberg: [00:53:43]Well I have to say this to both of you, who are not guilty of what I’m about to say, but perhaps to some members of your audience out there. I have been involved in every kind of tough issue. The kinds of things whether you talk about a woman’s right to choose, in marriage equality, or pay equity or you know all of these kind of things that it can evoke emotional.

Anthony: [00:54:16] correct.

Senator Weinberg: [00:54:16]Responses from people. There is nothing I have ever been involved in that that results in the kind of vitriolic statements that come back at me than gun safety.

Sandy: [00:54:34] Well

Senator Weinberg: [00:54:35]nothing.

Sandy: [00:54:35] I think it’s interesting too Senator, because when we first started this show we got more hate mail and death threats.

Sandy: [00:54:44] Yep. I got death threats.

Anthony: [00:54:47] yeah.

Sandy: [00:54:47] Because.

Anthony: [00:54:47] I had him start my car for like three months.

Senator Weinberg: [00:54:49](laughter).

Sandy: [00:54:49] And i had to taste his food too.I mean I don’t understand. I had no problem with the tasting of the food but. All right. We’ve got to we’ve got to wind up.

Anthony: [00:54:58] We’re done?

Anthony: [00:54:59] I want to thank

Senator Weinberg: [00:55:00]That was a fast hour.

Anthony: [00:55:01] I want to thank Senator Weinberg for being on the show. I want to invite you on the show anytime you want. I gave you my card. If you want my advice and input on stuff I’m always available to you. OK. Anything you’d like to say to close it out.

Senator Weinberg: [00:55:14]Yeah I appreciate this. I appreciate the opportunity

Sandy: [00:55:18] And we love you coming in.

Anthony: [00:55:20] Yes.

Sandy: [00:55:20] We had a good time.

Anthony: [00:55:21] More of this.

Senator Weinberg: [00:55:21]I have been at gun ranges before but never anything Quite as

Sandy: [00:55:25] as snazzy as this.

Senator Weinberg: [00:55:25]High class as this.

Anthony: [00:55:28] Thank you so much Senator. Remember we have a full line of safety classes coming up. Everything for the whole month of May, June and July. Get your kids in here for the summer for our gun safety programs. Our Free Eddie Eagle gun safety program. Jimmy is running his urban class out at the shooter’s gauntlet in Pennsylvania where you can learn how to shoot Fifteen hundred yards. That’s going to be taught by our military instructors and Tier one. Thank you all. And again I want to thank the Senator for coming on, on the show. I think it’s a breakthrough and I want you on more.

Senator Weinberg: [00:56:01]Thank you.

Sandy: [00:56:02] Well with all this talk about democracy we tend to forget this is not a democracy. It’s a republic. The people don’t make the decisions. The people choose the people who will make those decisions for them. Can we choose better? Perhaps, but choose we have. And now it’s up to the people who we have chosen to decide what’s best for us all as a society. While at the same time still protecting our individual rights and freedom. Getting that right all the time, I can think of no more impossible task. And Senator I don’t envy you for a moment, not even just a little. But you know you can are thinking about the problems that plague our society today, We dare to focus our days just outside the box of traditional thought, We just might see the answers we so desperately seek and realize those answers have nothing to do with guns and everything to do with people and the choices they make. And with that the end of the final episode of season 7 of gun for hire radio. We do Thank you so much for listening. This one’s for you Andy Pinelli. Rest in peace my brother.