This week on Gun For Hire Radio… Scott Bach joins us for mag ban lawsuit status update and discusses the other laws that were signed and what we are doing to fight! #radio donate now!

Transcript of GFHR Episode 368

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Anthony: [00:00:52] Before I introduce our somber guest and I want to I want to just wanted to laugh for a second a few shows back. I talked about if I was walking through the streets like when I go to California or I go to any dilapidated city in Europe or in New Jersey when the panhandlers come up to me and ask for money I said I want one of those good humor changed things. Well I got one. Al Alonzo Al Alonzo one of our listeners listen look guys, you remember that sound Scott? good humor guy? You had one?

Scott: [00:01:28] I had one of those.

Anthony: [00:01:29] So This is.

Sandy: [00:01:29] I did too.

Anthony: [00:01:29] One of those change makers he bought it and he wrote it in for me which I thought was hysterical. So next time I travel I’m wearing this panhandler comes up to me. If it’s if it’s an able bodied male they’re going to get one. If they got dogs with them, they’re gonna get seven or eight.

Sandy: [00:01:45] Is that permanently blocked so it accepts no more than 10 coins.

Anthony: [00:01:49] All right well you probably put it together are somber guest today is Scott Bach here to report on all things that are stupid in the state of New Jersey.

Sandy: [00:01:58] All thing though a lot longer.

Anthony: [00:02:00] He’s he’s going. He’s going to help us out a little bit with Nappen’s analysis of the mag ban. But first I want to thank Scott and Dan Schmitter for filing a lawsuit. How many minutes after Murphy signed the bill into law.

Scott: [00:02:12] Like 10 or 15 minutes.

Anthony: [00:02:13] Why what took so long?

Scott: [00:02:15] Ask Dan, slow fingers.

Anthony: [00:02:18] Dan was here this morning actually. Well they filed the lawsuit and they were hoping to get a I guess what they call it a stay or something or the execution of.

Scott: [00:02:27] An injunction.

Anthony: [00:02:28] An injunction.

Scott: [00:02:29] Well the goal of the lawsuit is to overturn the law. However between now and the time we get a decision in the case we we will be asking for a preliminary injunction which basically means staying the law so it’s suspended until we figure out whether it’s constitutional.

Sandy: [00:02:50] So does that mean that we don’t have to abide by the law while it’s being stayed.

Scott: [00:02:54] It would depend on what the state says. But that would certainly be the goal. Listen our lawsuit basically says that the law is unconstitutional. It takes away property. And you know and turn you into criminals.

Sandy: [00:03:13] yeah.

Scott: [00:03:13] And so in theory if we get an injunction the whole thing would be held off until there’s a decision on that. The idea that whenever there’s a preliminary injunction or restraining order is there’s some imminent harm or there’s some harm that if the court doesn’t act to stay it that can’t be undone. For example if you have a thousand dollars worth of magazines.

Sandy: [00:03:36] Right.

Scott: [00:03:37] That you might have bought during the federal assault weapons ban at a hundred dollars a magazine like some people have done if you’re now going to permanently block it destroy it essentially change its market value outside of the state of New Jersey. That’s a damage that you know that’s a reason to hold off on the law. Another reason to hold off on the law is if it does something really stupid like not addressing the fact that transport of prohibited magazines in an entirely unrelated section of the law is prohibited technically.

Sandy: [00:04:10] So if I have a 15 round magazine and I’m traveling from oh I don’t know a free state like Pennsylvania to another free state like New Hampshire and I happened to go up the New Jersey Turnpike. I am a felon?

Scott: [00:04:22] Well you’re a criminal. And but it gets worse than that.

Sandy: [00:04:26] Oh great.

Scott: [00:04:26] If you live across the street from gunfire from Woodland Park Range and you transport your 15 round magazines.

Sandy: [00:04:35] accross the street?

Scott: [00:04:35] across the street in order to have them permanently block it for you.

Sandy: [00:04:40] You Really can’t make this stuff up.

Scott: [00:04:42] technically you’re a criminal because they know what they’re doing when they craft these carefully thought out laws.

Sandy: [00:04:49] Absolutely. Sure. Well thought out well executed piece of garbage.

Scott: [00:04:56] Can we just start from 30000 feet and look ahead. Murphy did this past.

Anthony: [00:05:01] Please.

Scott: [00:05:01] this past week. OK because what he did is he signed the package of six anti gun bills that we’ve been battling since February. That includes the magazine ban. It includes two mental health bills. It includes a bill to kill right to carry. It includes a bill that ends private sales and it includes an utterly redundant armor piercing ammunition ban.

Sandy: [00:05:23] Because there’s so much armor piercing ammunition.

Scott: [00:05:25] Well.

Sandy: [00:05:26] Everywhere.

Scott: [00:05:26] Here’s what they did. They copied and pasted the federal ban.

Sandy: [00:05:30] oh great.

Scott: [00:05:32] Literally.

Sandy: [00:05:33] yeah great.

Scott: [00:05:33] Into New Jersey law. So what exactly happens on there. But let’s talk about. We’ll get to the magazines deep here in a second but the two mental health. The first thing to say about this is nobody will be made safer by any of these.

Sandy: [00:05:46] No of course not.

Scott: [00:05:47] These Bills are targeted only at law abiding citizens. I can prove that I can back up that statement and I will as we go through the show or anybody who wants to challenge you legislators who want to challenge me.

Sandy: [00:05:59] When Have you ever really been I mean it’s a guise right. When have they ever really been about reducing crime because you cannot reduce crime. It’s been proven time and time and time.

Scott: [00:06:08] According to Murphy they are gun safety measures there are gun safety safety. But look here’s what’s not here. Here’s what they didn’t do they didn’t do anything to make our schools safer. Did They do.

Anthony: [00:06:20] it’s Not about making the schools safer.

Scott: [00:06:21] No it’s not. But I just want to point that out to folks in this what I’ve been saying to the press OK. They squandered an important opportunity to make our schools safer and to prevent people with mental health issues from getting access to firearms in the first place.

Sandy: [00:06:35] Right.

Scott: [00:06:35] Instead of focusing on harassing creating these measures that can harass people who already have guns without advanced due process they should be focusing on things that keep people with serious mental health issues from getting guns in the first place. They have squandered an important opportunity and it’s all about going after us the law abiding gun owners. That is their intention. We all know it.

Sandy: [00:06:59] yes it’s Always been their intention.

Scott: [00:07:00] They in the past they’ve always had more what’s the word plausible deniability on that. But they no longer do.

Sandy: [00:07:08] The cloaks are off now.

Scott: [00:07:10] yes.

Sandy: [00:07:10] I mean we said this How many years ago where this is going to come a time where the Socialists are going to take their masks off and they’re going to say yeah I’m a socialist. The gun banners are going to take their masks off and say yeah I want to confiscate. I want to ban all firearms.

Scott: [00:07:23] And they’re going to repeal the Second Amendment.

Sandy: [00:07:25] Yeah I’m going to repeal the Second Amendment which is fine. Okay then.

Scott: [00:07:29] No it’s not.

Sandy: [00:07:30] Then show well at least show me that’s what your intent is.

Scott: [00:07:34] Right at least be honest about it.

Sandy: [00:07:36] And be honest.

Scott: [00:07:36] Don’t call it gun safety legislation.

Sandy: [00:07:38] Exactly.

Scott: [00:07:39] Gun Ban legislation because that’s what it is or gun owner harassment isolation because that’s what it is.

Anthony: [00:07:43] It’s just going to make us all felons. I’m getting a million questions from a from thousands of people. Go ahead Scott. I’m sorry. I need you to speak.

[00:07:52] A million questions from thousands of people. Lets do the math here that’s how many questions?

Anthony: [00:07:55] Shut up.

Sandy: [00:07:56] Almost as bad as the national debt. Well not quite.

Anthony: [00:07:58] God I hate yous all.

Scott: [00:07:58] All right. So the other bills that are there the two mental health bills. One is the extreme risk protection orders. We’ve talked about this on the show I think.

Anthony: [00:08:10] Yes.

Scott: [00:08:11] OK. The tell the reason you know they’re targeted at us is because there’s no advance due process number one and number two they refuse to put in a penalty a severe penalty in the event somebody fabricates allegations that results in suspension of your gun rights and confiscation of your firearms. We testified about this since February. There is only one conclusion about why they haven’t fixed those things. It’s because this is exactly the way they did it.

Sandy: [00:08:38] Yeah.

Scott: [00:08:38] And think about this for a second. In a true emergency you think your neighbors are going to do something terrible do you A) run into court I file an affidavit. OK. Talk to the judge. Hope he goes your way or do you B) dial 911 and let the police handle it right now. And I say if you have enough time to run into court and file affidavits you have enough time to give due process to the person whose fundamental constitutional rights are on the chopping block. And.

Sandy: [00:09:04] And you also have you also have proven that it’s probably not an immediate problem.

Scott: [00:09:09] Exactly. Exactly. And you know their theory is well it’s an immediate problem so we have to go in there right now. We’ll give you due process later. You get it ten days after we take your rights and suspend your take your guns and suspend your rights. You’ll get it later. I’m sorry due process.

Sandy: [00:09:23] Confiscate your property and cost you thousands of dollars.

Scott: [00:09:28] And take years to get it back. OK. Due process delayed is due process is denied. OK. And you’re talking about a fundamental constitutional right here. We’re not talking about a thief who might have stolen a car. OK.

Sandy: [00:09:43] Right.

Scott: [00:09:43] We’re talking about your right to defend yourself to defend self family and country. OK. The right to own a firearm for personal protection. And you better have a damn good reason to take that away. And you better not do it without due process. OK it listen this just shows that these people view the Second Amendment as a second class right.

Sandy: [00:10:05] Yes.

Anthony: [00:10:05] They want to take our guns. Let’s face it.

Scott: [00:10:08] yes.

Anthony: [00:10:09] it’s All about taking our guns. So then they can have the ultimate control over us surfs.

Sandy: [00:10:14] Yes exactly because Marxism is on the rise and This is step one. Hello 1930.

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Anthony: [00:14:05] So Scott I’m totally disgusted. And let’s talk more about the lawsuits and such in general and the mag ban and everything just keep. You just keep flowing because people are begging for information so I want to show for somebody that they can spread around okay if you don’t mind I want to finish my survey. Go ahead. Everything that passed and talked about why other lawsuits haven’t been filed yet. Okay so we covered the first mental health bill before the break. The second mental health bill is the one that allows marriage counselors, social workers, nurses and other unqualified health professionals to push over the first domino to do the same thing to have your rights suspended and and to have your firearms taken away. This bill’s been around since 2013 due to prior gun owner efforts it’s been amended so there actually is advance due process on this bill. There wasn’t in its original form a few years ago but there is now. There are still two glaring errors in it. One is if for some reason your guns are taken and not returned. Okay lawfully not return. In other words you do have a mental health issue that is legally a bar. The value of those guns is forfeited to the state.

Sandy: [00:15:17] Oh

Anthony: [00:15:17] No Shhhhh

[00:15:17] New Jersey New Jersey has to forfeiture provisions.

Sandy: [00:15:21] Yeah.

Scott: [00:15:21] One is the hateful one for really heinous crime like the OJ thing you can’t profit from your own misdeeds where the state takes the benefit of your property.

Anthony: [00:15:31] love it.

Scott: [00:15:32] The Other is the normal one that if the state legally deprives you of property it’s in other words it’s lawful it’s constitutional. You’ve had your day in court and the property parted from your property but the property sold you get the benefit of that property. Now once again we’ve been testifying about that since February pointing out you couldn’t possibly intend that somebody with a mental health issue forfeits their property because of a medical problem.

Anthony: [00:15:58] Gotcha.

Sandy: [00:15:59] Right.

Scott: [00:15:59] But have they fixed it. No. So you have to conclude that’s what they intend.

Anthony: [00:16:04] Exactly.

Scott: [00:16:05] Same thing is.

Sandy: [00:16:05] And it goes with what’s going on nationally with this whole Civil Asset Forfeiture trend.

Anthony: [00:16:11] Yep.

[00:16:11] Where departments cities are trying to make up for their budget by just kicking doors and stealing money from citizens.

Sandy: [00:16:20] It’s not really your stuff it’s the government stuff. We just have to find or fabricate a basis to take it.

Sandy: [00:16:25] Do you have the receipt to the cash you have in your sock drawer.

Scott: [00:16:29] Right. Right. It’s unlawful until you prove it lawful.

Sandy: [00:16:32] Right.

Scott: [00:16:32] The other thing that’s glaringly absent on the mental health bill is again a penalty for somebody fabric. The second mental health bill is a penalty for fabricating allegations. Again you have to conclude that’s exactly what they intended.

Anthony: [00:16:46] Correct. Exactly.

Scott: [00:16:46] Then there’s the bill that tries to permanently kill right to carry. And how can I say this without getting into a very technical explanation. The whole skirmish between Governor Christie and the legislature when Christie tried to improve the carry laws using executive powers exposed a vulnerability in justifiable need because the legislature never explained what they meant by justifiable need. It was defined by a court and then mistakenly erroneously codified by the state police and regulations to be the current standard. So rather than leave that vulnerability they’ve taken the improperly codified standard by the state police and now cemented it into state law so they can never so we can’t exploit that vulnerability ever again. I will tell you that ANJRPC is pending right to carry lawsuit federal right to carry lawsuit. We’ll address that eventually in other words you don’t need a separate lawsuit on that one because our right to carry challenge assuming we’re successful in it we’ll address the whole thing. New Jersey standard unconstitutional and them amending the statute to… Our lawsuits about the standard that they plastered into into state statute is really what I’m trying to say.

Scott: [00:17:58] Can that, can that that action on their part actually enhance our case?

Scott: [00:18:05] Yes. Yes it could. And it certainly could have enhanced the case with the lawsuit between the legislature and the governor’s office which has since been rolled back by Murphy. Mr. ED. Did I say that?

Sandy: [00:18:20] We’re going to Go with that now.

Anthony: [00:18:21] Because I said he can eat an apple through a chain link fence. And I don’t give a shit. Scott can I ask you a question.

Scott: [00:18:30] No.

Scott: [00:18:30] What if 10 15 20 hundred thousand new jersey Patriots went to the state house with 15 round magazines on 180 a day and 100 180 first day and held them up you’d think they would lock us all up in mass.

Scott: [00:18:45] I think they’d try, yeah I do.

Sandy: [00:18:47] Yeah I think they would too.

Scott: [00:18:48] I mean. I mean the answer is yes. Of course they wouldn’t and.

Anthony: [00:18:52] They’d lock all hundred thousand.

Scott: [00:18:54] They would try.

Anthony: [00:18:54] I mean I know only they think the 150 would show up and this is just wishful thinking. Because the majority of the gun people. You can’t believe how many people are coming here they don’t even know that that it passed.

Sandy: [00:19:04] Right exactly.

Anthony: [00:19:05] They don’t even know where are you.

Sandy: [00:19:07] Yes right.

Anthony: [00:19:08] Get your head of the rest. Watch the the Kardashians or whatever other shit they watch.

Sandy: [00:19:13] You’re absolutely right.

Anthony: [00:19:14] And wake up.

Sandy: [00:19:15] Yes exactly. It’s gone because you sat on your ass because you had your head buried square up with the sun doesn’t shine. This has happened. We’ve been warning about this over and over and over when the same 250 people show up on a bus and complain that there is not enough free refreshments on the damn bus to go protest.

Scott: [00:19:33] Decaf latte.

Sandy: [00:19:34] Decaf lattes. Yes.

Anthony: [00:19:36] So you don’t think it will be effective.

Scott: [00:19:39] Um, Listen.

Sandy: [00:19:40] They might not arrest as many people as they possibly can just to prove.

Scott: [00:19:42] Yes.

Anthony: [00:19:44] You think they’d put us in internment camps?

Sandy: [00:19:46] Well this is New Jersey so the possibility does exist.

Scott: [00:19:50] New Jersey itself has an internment camp. Okay. Just for the benefit og everyone outside of New Jersey.

Sandy: [00:19:56] Very ture. you hit that one right on the.

Scott: [00:19:56] You Know that the only thing is the fences here are psychological.

Sandy: [00:20:00] Yes exactly.

Anthony: [00:20:01] This Mag ban, Isn’t it illegal to take my property.

Scott: [00:20:05] It is. It’s called a taking. That’s why I talked and talked about that before. The government can’t take property without due process. Okay. And that’s one of the grounds of our lawsuit. Just to complete my survey of everything I have remaining the remaining two bills are the bill that ends lawful private sales OK or as I like to say. Background adding background checks onto sales that already require background checks. OK but essentially it inserts dealers into the middle of every transaction so there’s more fees potential for delay. We know the NICS system is always it’s not open in New Jersey on Sundays so you can’t transact that on a Sunday and then the final bill I guess which I talked about before is this redundant ammunition ban where they copy and paste federal law into into New Jersey law which really doesn’t accomplish a thing.

Sandy: [00:20:57] Make something already illegal illegal again.

Scott: [00:20:59] All right so magazines and magazine bans. Here is the scoop on what the law does. Number one it turns a million people into criminals with the stroke of a pen. Number two it takes away property without due process. OK. Number three it makes nobody safer because guess what criminals and madmen are not going to go oh there’s a 10 round ban. There’s a ban in New Jersey. I better follow that ban.

Sandy: [00:21:24] Right.

Scott: [00:21:24] Okay when they kick in your door at three in the morning. No gang or a home invasion. They’re going to have 30 round magazines with them and guess who we’re going to have to fumble around in the dark. We’re trying to defend themselves and their families. OK.

Sandy: [00:21:38] Which is the way they want it.

Scott: [00:21:39] They say what you always say people can change magazines really quickly why can’t they just change magazines quickly. Excuse me last time I checked most people don’t sleep with spare magazines strapped to their bodies.

Sandy: [00:21:50] Correct.

Scott: [00:21:50] OK.

Sandy: [00:21:52] And what about the people who are physically challenged in some way.

Scott: [00:21:56] Absolutely.

Anthony: [00:21:57] what like Me?

Sandy: [00:21:58] Well we’re talking physically.

Scott: [00:21:59] Physically.

Sandy: [00:22:00] Physically challenged.

Anthony: [00:22:01] I’m not talking too much I just had major dental work and I know just so you know going on. So go ahead Scott continue.

Scott: [00:22:07] OK.

Anthony: [00:22:07] This is all you.

Scott: [00:22:09] This is it does what it does and what it doesn’t do. OK. And by the way just so we’re clear you know this big thing they talk about OK if we have the smaller magazines then homicidal maniacs will be forced to reload more creating opportunities to tackle the madman or escape. OK. Excuse me. Those who are prepared and creating a violent incident can change magazines in under a second. News flash. OK and by the way 10 round magazines were used in Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Parkland.

Anthony: [00:22:41] Yep.

Scott: [00:22:42] So excuse me what are we saying here it’s OK for a criminal or a madman to have a magazine of 10 rounds but not 11.

Anthony: [00:22:48] But you heard what Loretta said, if it saves one life.

Scott: [00:22:51] How about we severely punish anyone who misuses any round of ammunition.

Sandy: [00:22:58] Oh there’s something.

Anthony: [00:22:59] But they never go after the intent.

Scott: [00:23:02] Because it’s About us.

Anthony: [00:23:04] That’s right because it’s going to take our guns.

Scott: [00:23:05] They know the only people who are going to follow this are law abiding citizens and they don’t care. Oh by the way what else does this do it makes law abiding citizens less safe.

Sandy: [00:23:13] Well I think that’s their argument that was Murphy’s argument for the Enhancing making it harder to carry a gun in public. Is that it puts less guns on the street as if the gang bangers and Ms 13 are all getting permits.

Scott: [00:23:28] Listen just so you understand their mindset. They think anybody with a firearm is a danger to everyone else.

Sandy: [00:23:36] Exactly.

Scott: [00:23:36] OK. That’s how they think. That’s why they’re opposed to right to carry because oh my gosh. Even though the police have no duty to protect you. We’re going to block your ability to protect yourself because you’re able to protect yourself. You might be able to harm somebody.

Anthony: [00:23:49] Correct.

Sandy: [00:23:51] We didn’t get into it with Loretta Weinberg because again.

Anthony: [00:23:55] Well it was an ice breaker.

Scott: [00:23:56] You guys were being very polite.

Anthony: [00:23:59] I had to.

Scott: [00:24:00] I Never heard you so polite in my life.

Anthony: [00:24:02] Yeah, When I talked to my grandparents.

Sandy: [00:24:05] Right, Exactly.

Anthony: [00:24:05] As I had my brother in a headlock.

Sandy: [00:24:07] Sort of thing.

Anthony: [00:24:08] Yeah gram gram-momma, I have some hot cocoa.. squeeing my brother. Anyway.

Sandy: [00:24:12] But I guarantee you that I mean this is something that is on a visceral level with her. It is something that’s kind of her cause celeb but she knows nothing really about it. Neither do the legislators. I could guarantee you that none of them understand what they even know about.

Scott: [00:24:29] And they don’t care.

Sandy: [00:24:29] warren vs D.C. and they don’t care.

Scott: [00:24:30] They don’t care because it’s not a goal.

Sandy: [00:24:32] it’s an emotional thing. The goal is to further whatever their agenda is.

Scott: [00:24:37] And their agenda is to have a gun free population.

Sandy: [00:24:40] Yes.

Scott: [00:24:40] Period that’s no longer debatable.

Sandy: [00:24:42] How did that Work Out in every place they’ve tried. Well a gun free population like China or Russia. Because that’s what we’re after we’re after the first steps towards Marxism the first steps towards communism. We’re seeing a resurgence of the 1930s in the United States today.

Anthony: [00:24:59] Now Scott what other lawsuits are you fired filing for these other bills.

Scott: [00:25:02] Well OK.

Anthony: [00:25:03] Whatever you can divulge.

Scott: [00:25:05] yeah sure.

Anthony: [00:25:05] whatever you can’t, That’s OK.

Scott: [00:25:07] The mental health bills will be challenged but the case we can’t bring the case until somebody is actually had there rights affected by it. In fact you’ll be seeing a ANJRPC now call for it right now. If you are if you lose your rights or your firearms under these new laws we want to hear from you. OK. In order to start a case you have to have something called standing you have to have somebody who’s actually been affected by as of this moment that hasn’t happened yet so if we brought a case today it would be dismissed tomorrow. So we’re going to. So you’re going to see challenges eventually to those we already have a challenge on right to carry the other two bills are so stupid.

Anthony: [00:25:46] I want to address NRA and ANJRPC involvement next.

Announcer: [00:26:03] Many people walking into arrange the first time. It’s quite intimidating. So when you walk in through the double doors the first thing you’ll see on your left is a concierge. People walk in. They can take a tour of the range or maybe they’re coming in for an appointment with one of my instructors or me and they’ll be directed to the right classroom. It kind of softens the entire experience. It makes people feel more at home as you walk further into the range you’re going to notice. We have New Jersey’s only indoor 50 yard range which is heated and airconditioned. The dividers at each port or bullet proof. There are extra wide ports so two people can stand side by side and shoot. There’s lights in the port so you welded. We also have three times as much light down range that the average range would have because I believe it’s important that the targets are well lit. Our target retrieval system is all digital you program. How many feet you want to send it out and it stays there. Both of our ranges are tactically baffled which means when we run our higher level courses you can move forward to the fire line and shoot in any direction and bullets can escape. When you come out of the 50 yard range to your left. To see our large classroom and go back up to the concierge you make a right. We have two smaller classrooms and those classrooms are a small one on one classes are Build-A-Bear. Building an AR. As you enter through there you’ll see that we have a portal with a key to go into our platinum lounge. They can sit around and watch TV and leather chairs or couches and they can maybe work deals with their clients and you normally don’t see a cafe in an indoor range. New Jersey we have this archaic law where Ghostbuster from your house to the range range and a house with no unnecessary deviation. I’m seeing a lot more families coming in now where they have multiple kids and the wife will stay in the café with one or two kids and they’ll do a handoff. To me it’s very important that people treat it like family so the bathrooms are very high end. We used marble and corian and it really nice tile and full length dividers so that people are comfortable when they come in when you exit the bathroom you’ll see the gun for hire radio yeah Sandy and I tape our show after you pass that and you make a left you’ll notice our retail area. Over 120 firearm for rent. As you turned 180 degrees you see the large sections of bulletproof glass. That’s our 25 yard range and inside our 25 yard range with 13 ports. Those ports are even wider than a 50 yard range both ranges have full time range safety officers in case you have any questions or concerns are there to help you.

Announcer: [00:28:43] Within these events and political shenanigans embracing your freedom. You’re listening to gun for hire radio. The most listened to second amendment broadcast in the nation.

Anthony: [00:28:56] This segment is brought to you by gun sitters. Has a location in Easton PA where you can store your contraband but we don’t know how you can get it there because.

Sandy: [00:29:06] You can’t take it there.

Anthony: [00:29:07] Theoretically it’s illegal to drive it to Pennsylvania to drop it off so maybe you can shoot it from a cannon. From your house.

Sandy: [00:29:15] like a helium balloon? Would that be OK?

Scott: [00:29:18] Perhaps drones. Oh wait a minute. I’m sure there’s some regulation against drones. So, oh that’s a weaponized drone. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

[00:29:26] So gunsitters is located at route 10 East in Whippany. And they also have a another location in easton P.A.. So support those who support us So Scott already you know.

Scott: [00:29:40] you could park your Magazines there in Easton.

Anthony: [00:29:41] Yes but you got to get them there. You’re telling us Nappen’s evaluation says you can’t drive them there. So anywhay.

Scott: [00:29:47] or Anywhere.

Anthony: [00:29:48] That’s a lawyer talking. So here’s the deal. Two weeks before Murphy signed the bills into law people were trashing the NRA and the A NJRPC mostly NRA about why aren’t lawsuits filed. So I was educating people about that. We can’t file a lawsuit against the bill. You can only file a suit against a law. Law suit. Law. So in a lawsuit well the lawsuit was well the bill with the bill was signed into law by Murphy and Scott said. Fifteen minutes later the lawsuit was filed. OK so now Scott for people that aren’t in the know. Explain to them again for the millionth time how much does the NRA help and ANJRPC help financially legally, et cetera et cetera. We need people to know because I want people every post that you’ve been sending every update I put a link for For people to donate. They ask What can I do. Send fifty dollars send the 100 dollars. Please explain to people in English that the lawsuit was filed and what we’re doing the right to carry case and everything. You Know real quick. Mark Cheesman has his own right to carry case and he has a go fund me page it’s a restore carry New Jersey. He’s doing it. He stiselfll funding it. We donated Scott I donate it to that case because we believe in unity and solidarity. OK. But these cases Scott please now the floor is yours.

Scott: [00:31:07] Well first let me just say lawsuits don’t get filed within 15 minutes of a bill being signed by themselves.

Sandy: [00:31:14] Right exactly.

Scott: [00:31:14] The amount of work energy and by the way if you take a look at our complaint it’s really well done.

Anthony: [00:31:19] I read the whole thing twice.

Scott: [00:31:21] I’ve got to tell you NRA anybody who thinks the NRA hasn’t stepped up in New Jersey is a little out of touch right now and that may be a bold statement. Maybe I’ll get criticized for it. NRA has been on the frontlines. I cannot thank NRA enough for the for backing these cases you know starting with the Carry case that we launched in February with this case now the amount of support and backing we’ve had from NRA has helped make these cases possible. OK. In fact if you look at the lawyers involved it’s not just the usual suspects in New Jersey. The lawyers in both cases in addition to the usual suspects there’s a major law firm out of Washington D.C. that is involved. There’s a lot of hands on these cases. It’s being looked at in the national context not just the local context in New Jersey and I’ve got to tell you I mean NRA has really stepped up to the plate starting I mean. I mean just look at the rally that we had in March that was ANJRPC and NRA sponsored look at the lawsuits look at everything they’re doing. I think you saw a lot more in the way of alerts and keeping people informed. And so I can’t thank NRA enough.

Sandy: [00:32:36] That also is a given that you’re a member of the NRA and a member of aNJRPC because without that I find 90 percent of the people I speak to are members of neither. And you ask them why. What. What planet are you on when you think that living in a state like New Jersey if you’re not a member of an organized group to protect your rights that you’re somehow safe.

Scott: [00:33:07] Listen here’s my reality about this. OK. That is just a phenomenon that exists. I don’t know. Listen the threat of Murphy as governor last year when we were involved in the campaign for Guadano should have been enough to motivate people. A certain number of people just don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear it.

Scott: [00:33:27] You have the cops and firefighters and teachers and government workers who all voted for Murphy to protect their pensions quote unquote who. Let me tell you something. This guy is going to sell you down the river.

Anthony: [00:33:40] Did you see what he’s doing with the environmental the Superfund cleanup money?

Scott: [00:33:43] No.

Anthony: [00:33:44] There are discussions right now. When he ran his campaign he wasn’t going to touch the Superfund clean up money. A couple billion dollars that Christie secured. Now the talk is he’s take half of it to fund the underfunded teacher and police and fire pensions.

Sandy: [00:33:58] Sure, of Course.

Anthony: [00:33:59] Some environmentalists he is.

Scott: [00:34:01] Hear’s here is just accepting that reality for a second. Here’s the part that I listened to some people with 40 dollars for ANJRPC membership or NRA membership. They don’t want to part with it. Okay I understand that at least I don’t agree with it but at least.

Sandy: [00:34:16] Forty dollars a year.

Scott: [00:34:18] A year. But here’s here’s the part that really is totally irrational. You can subscribe to AJPPC email alerts for free. You go on a website you sign up you’re not on anybody’s list you know you’re not. You haven’t signed up.

Scott: [00:34:31] You’re not getting marketed To.

Sandy: [00:34:32] You don’t have to join the wine of the month.

Scott: [00:34:34] Find out what’s going on it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Sandy: [00:34:37] RIght, Right.

Anthony: [00:34:37] And for you People that are members because we’re preaching to the proverbial choir.

Sandy: [00:34:40] Yes, exactly.

Anthony: [00:34:41] For you people that listen that our members forty dollars to be an associate member of AnjRPC buy one or two for friends or family that own guns get them on the email list. Get them get the newsletter every two months. The newsletter is invaluable. Everything that goes on if you’re not wired it to the Internet or social media is forty dollars.

Scott: [00:35:02] The lawsuits are not free either. These lawsuits are going to cost six figures.

Anthony: [00:35:05] At least six figures.

Scott: [00:35:06] And, Um, people need to know. We don’t have unlimited resources. We do a lot with a little.

Sandy: [00:35:16] Right.

Scott: [00:35:17] We do a lot with a little and thanks to NRA, ANJRPC has not had to drain its coffers as much as it otherwise might have had to. You know so this stuff doesn’t happen magically the you know the lawsuit doesn’t file right after the bill is signed by itself and the lawsuit doesn’t happen by itself.

Sandy: [00:35:35] There’s a lot of legal hours going into making these things happen.

Scott: [00:35:39] You have no idea. You have no idea.

Anthony: [00:35:40] How many people do we have on the ground. We have Darren Goens here. We got Scott Bach full time. All these people going down the Trenton everyday talking to legislators. We have Rob Nixon our lobbyist that’s down in Trenton.

Scott: [00:35:50] I just want to say one thing OK about ANJRPC and something ANJRPC did. OK. And that is because everybody there some people say oh don’t bother going down and testifying it doesn’t make a difference. Okay well let me just tell you a story. After the big hearing in March the first big hearing in March in the assembly there was a follow up hearing in the budget. There was one person there from our side a lot of red shirts from the other side. One person there from our side that was me I testified that we needed the ability to permanently block OK permanent because the early version of the bill didn’t have that in there. All legislators including the Dems sat around. Good that sounds sounds plausible sounds reasonable. They added it right then. If I had just stayed home. Okay. If ANJRPC and NRA weren’t engaged that wouldn’t be in there today and you’d be looking at not having that option an option would be surrender it, sell it, destroy it.

Sandy: [00:36:49] Right.

Scott: [00:36:50] OK. This stuff does make a difference and you know there are naysayers out there for their own reasons. You know maybe because they’re not good at it or they don’t feel like showing up and going down there because it is a pain in the butt to do that all the time.

Anthony: [00:37:05] Well they make it hard for us, it’s on purpose.

Scott: [00:37:07] It is on purpose. It is on purpose.

Anthony: [00:37:09] Yeah.

Scott: [00:37:09] But anyway. So every thing matters are people who say why did you run that eight day blitz and ANJRPC ran an eight day email blitz. We called it the million gun owner blitz and.

Anthony: [00:37:21] We pushed it out every day.

Scott: [00:37:23] OK just telling people we have to bombard these guys like they’ve never been bombarded before asking them to add grandfathering to the magazine Bill. That of course went on deaf ears. I wish Senator Weinberg were here today to discuss because it sounded like she was at least you know telling you.

Anthony: [00:37:40] She might have just said that to be nice.

Scott: [00:37:42] You’re probably right. Yep. So look all to say. I mean we have a long hard road ahead of us. Let me just point out this whole thing from February till now. This was round 1. This Was the first wave of bills. There are more waves coming.

Sandy: [00:37:59] Because you saw what happened when Murphy stood up there with the kid from wherever parkland who was a lone survivor. Who is this is gaining national news. This he he thinks this is buying him political capital.

Scott: [00:38:14] I want to say something else. There is one person in the state Senate who could have called for adding grandfathering and could have held up the bill until grandfathering was added and that was the Senate President Steve Sweeney. OK.

Anthony: [00:38:28] But he’s still mad at us.

Scott: [00:38:30] Steve Sweeney could have done that. Why he didn’t. We can only speculate.

Sandy: [00:38:38] People showing up on his front lawn.

Scott: [00:38:39] When you have people on his front lawn harassing his family he’s got a long memory and he is he is someone who dishes out payback and I’m going to tell you.

Sandy: [00:38:48] He’s a thug.

Scott: [00:38:49] We continue to try to dialogue with him and have productive discussion with him. And part of the reason why we did that blitz is you know we wanted to try to push him over the top on on the grandfathering that didn’t do it. There’s other stuff that he is doing right now. I’m not singing his praises but I want you to understand. Like right now the legislature is having a battle with him over actually the governor is having a battle with him over the governor trying to pass a budget that taxes gun ownership that will raise revenue by taxing gun ownership. Sweeney is refusing to post that right now and Murphy’s mad at him because of that. So you know I saw something like a renewed teaser in this past week about how maybe we should you know do do the same thing with Sweeney again. Let me just tell you something.

Sandy: [00:39:39] piss him off And.

Scott: [00:39:40] Listen he is as sad as it is to say OK. He is the only one in the majority right now that that is doing anything for sportsmen hunters. I’m not going to say he’s doing stuff for gun owners but there’s potential there. If you want to kill the potential Let’s harass him some more right now.

Sandy: [00:40:02] Exactly.

Scott: [00:40:02] OK. You got to wonder about that.

Anthony: [00:40:05] Yes. I agree.

Scott: [00:40:05] You gotta wonder. OK. Now maybe you’re not engaged and behind the scenes maybe someone who thinks let’s go harass him some more doesn’t realize that there is discussion that goes on all the time.

Anthony: [00:40:16] So back off.

Scott: [00:40:18] OK. So you know.

Anthony: [00:40:20] Listen I I continue to have a dialogue with LORETTA WEINBERG I.

Scott: [00:40:25] As you Should.

Anthony: [00:40:25] I.

Scott: [00:40:26] By the way, that was brilliant.

Scott: [00:40:27] Thank you.

Scott: [00:40:27] Only Anthony Calandro could get Senator Weinberg to come into this studio there’s one person.

Anthony: [00:40:32] In the range.

Scott: [00:40:32] There’s one person on the planet who could do that and that is you Anthony. That is the truth.

Anthony: [00:40:37] Well thank you but.

Scott: [00:40:39] I’m speaking The truth.

Anthony: [00:40:39] I sent her a message about my disappointment with the mag ban and she said well sorry but you know we have to worry about the children and the children in jail but still listen there might be something six months from now that maybe I can sway her a little bit. The other thing is again validity I can get other Democrats to come on the show and come to the gun range.

Sandy: [00:40:57] Yes.

Anthony: [00:40:59] Since I’ve had the the most radical.

Sandy: [00:41:00] Yes.

Anthony: [00:41:00] Person.

Sandy: [00:41:01] Right.

Anthony: [00:41:01] In the Senate come in here. So we’ll see what happens though Scott. So NRA ANJRPC the mag ban Nappen has his analysis. Anybody that doesn’t know it and wants the info so you don’t know if that message me and e-mail me and call my place and staff It’s on the home page it’s Nappen’s analysis of the mag ban and continue Scott.

Scott: [00:41:21] Let me let me just throw out here. Here are some big big picture takeaways for everybody. Number one the law has a 180 day period before it goes into effect as far as you have to do something with any high standard capacity magazine that you can ask. OK. So don’t don’t trash magazines don’t leave them on anybody’s doorstep. We are in litigation are going to be seeking a further delay whether we get that or not remains to be seen. You know that there is now the ability to permanently block magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and there is time before you have to do that. So before you run out I mean just the practical side of this if you’re going to the range take your 10 round magazines. OK. Don’t go bring the high caps. Unless they’re already permanently blocked.

Announcer: [00:42:18] Time and memories. The two most precious things you can do some no cell phones no video games no electronic devices no interruptions just your favorite gun a couple boxes of ammo and time spent together. The folks had gun for hire Woodland Park Ranger believe there is no time like the present and no present by time stepped through their doors and you’ll feel time stands still. It may look like a luxury shooting range but what they really sell is the perfect day imperfect memories or made from Perfect Days gun for hire Woodland Park Range where family memories begin.

Announcer: [00:43:16] They said it wouldn’t last. That was wishful thinking. Gun For Hire radio the most listened to Second Amendment Broadcast in the nation seven years running.

Anthony: [00:43:32] What’s wrong with you people. OK. Housekeeping housekeeping.

Sandy: [00:43:36] aMazed.

Anthony: [00:43:36] Is on Route 10 in East Hanover across the street from the Best Buy. Stop and see Carlos and check him out. Remember the Cheesman case was They need your help. That’s another case that’s traveling through the courts. The last thing is September 22nd from 9 a.m. till 5pm will be NJsafecon. John Willet from the bear arms show. This will be our fourth year now. Right we’re heading back once the fourth year you should go you should sponsor you should be a part of that you should buy an ad. It’s And lastly I’m doing it one more time ladies and gentlemen five years later Go onto the Web site If you want us to. You want me to send you petitions flyers or whatever for the gun shows like we discussed with gun for hire radio. Please let me know. Petitions are also at the range if you’re a life member or you’ve been a continuous member for five years or more. Am I right Scott.

Scott: [00:44:45] Yup.

Anthony: [00:44:46] You can vote. So coming to the range the clipboard is up in the front in the reception and sign the petition. I need about 900 petitions now right.

Scott: [00:44:54] Well the number the number varies every year it’s based on membership but people need to support you for this Anthony that you know people don’t realize how complicated it can be to run for the NRA board. As you are and I will tell you that the stars seemed to be. It’s very hard to get on okay and the stars seem to be lining up for you Anthony right now. OK so people need to come out for you big time this year and I’ll

Anthony: [00:45:20] Please.

Scott: [00:45:21] Be happy to head that up for you because we need more people from New Jersey on the NRA board and I think you bring some unique and special talent.

Sandy: [00:45:32] Is That how you’re going to put it. Phrase it? Unique and special talent?

Scott: [00:45:35] Well, Special.

Sandy: [00:45:35] Specially underlined special.

Scott: [00:45:38] Yes.

Sandy: [00:45:38] As in short bus special.

Scott: [00:45:40] And there is a there is a jazzy with an NRA sticker on it waiting.

Anthony: [00:45:47] Yesssssss.

Sandy: [00:45:47] It will be yours, it’s gold.

Anthony: [00:45:49] So the Web site is Again if you want to pass them out get signatures show your support. There’ll be a Facebook page going up as well for your social media hacks but you know I could use your support. So just a couple of things you know Sandy send some stuff as well and you know we talked that we had Dr. Edeen last week about doctors for responsible gun ownership and now the AMA is looking to ban assault rifles.

Sandy: [00:46:17] Yeah.

Anthony: [00:46:18] They took a political stance. The American Medical Association writes Sandy.

[00:46:21] Yes.

Scott: [00:46:21] I think we should ban scalpels.

Sandy: [00:46:23] Scalpels. Actually.

Anthony: [00:46:24] How many people died from doctors giving out infections and talk about that.

Sandy: [00:46:29] Well over 90000 people a year die as a result of well we call it we call the call it a medical mishap is what it’s called. You know it kind of dust it off a little medical mishap.

Anthony: [00:46:44] Medical mishap.

Sandy: [00:46:44] Oooh wow.

Anthony: [00:46:45] Ninety thousand people.

Sandy: [00:46:47] Yeah.

Scott: [00:46:48] They’re dead, it’s a mishap.

Sandy: [00:46:49] yes.

Anthony: [00:46:49] 30000 people die from at the hands of a gun. But if you take out suicides and you take out gang on gang violence you end up with about 9000 people.

Sandy: [00:46:58] Out of out of how many guns are there in the United States now.

Scott: [00:47:04] Well over 100 million.

Anthony: [00:47:06] More than that.

Sandy: [00:47:07] Yeah.

Anthony: [00:47:07] Yeah.

Sandy: [00:47:08] Let’s Just say there’s 100 million. So a 100 million firearms and let’s say let’s call it the high number 30000 mishaps from those things. I think that’s pretty good.

Scott: [00:47:21] We need to end the scourge of scalpel violence.

Sandy: [00:47:23] Yes cause there’s only 300000 physicians in the United States and 90000 mishaps a year. So.

Scott: [00:47:32] high Capacity scalpel.

Sandy: [00:47:33] High capacity scalpels, you’re good.

Anthony: [00:47:35] So so Sandy how do you feel about this?

Sandy: [00:47:37] Well you know the AMA has been political forever. I mean not everybody is a member of the AMA. I’m not a member of the AMA. You don’t have to be a memberof the AMA. And I don’t I don’t know if Dr. John is or not.

Anthony: [00:47:51] Dr. John got a lot of play people people posted on social media that they put their name in the list as a doctor who’s there and other people are looking at it. You Know Scott doctors for responsible gun ownership. You Can find a network of doctors.

Sandy: [00:48:04] You don’t have to be a physician to do it.

Anthony: [00:48:05] Correct Dentist, Anybody.

Sandy: [00:48:06] Chiropractor.

Anthony: [00:48:07] Yes.

Sandy: [00:48:08] You could even you know a P.A. or a nurse practitioner or an X-ray tech technician.

Anthony: [00:48:15] We’re getting hit from all angles. And I’m going to give Scott the floor again in a minute. But you know again a lot of the social media posts that people “I’m moving” and we’ve talked about this before eventually you’re going to run out of places to go.

Sandy: [00:48:27] Yeah.

Anthony: [00:48:28] Vermont is falling. Pennsylvania is going to be blue soon. It’s purple now.

Sandy: [00:48:32] North Carolina has already fallen.

Anthony: [00:48:34] North Carolina just took California’s handgun ban laws and they’re adopting them. OK. This is North Carolina.

Sandy: [00:48:43] Yes.

Anthony: [00:48:44] So I want to know where you’re going to go? One state at a time Massachusetts does New York State done California done Hawaii’s done Jersey’s done you know Maryland’s done what. Delaware you know again these people move like Nappen said it once before. Northern Massachusetts they create this utopia the Liberals but then they can’t afford to live there so they move to southern New Hampshire and they bring the same liberal policies. We saw the same thing California going the Washington State. It’s the same thing everywhere we go. So we’re not going to be able to get away from it. OK. So you have to stand your ground and fight. Unfortunately we’re a battleground state. We have to stay here and fight.

Sandy: [00:49:21] Right.

Anthony: [00:49:21] On that note.

Sandy: [00:49:22] but, but We have a fight Ant. We have to fight.

Anthony: [00:49:25] I’m fighting.

Sandy: [00:49:25] and the problem is is that I’m going to say that being New Jersey being so dark blue that it is the vast majority of firearms owners in the state of New Jersey are Democrat.

Anthony: [00:49:38] Correct.

Sandy: [00:49:38] You are the ones who can put pressure. I’m not a Republican I’m not a Democrat. I can’t put pressure against my elected representatives because they don’t really represent me and I don’t support them in any way. You do. So they’re going to listen to you when you show up at their office and say look I’m not going to write a check for you anymore. I’m not going to vote for you anymore because you are affecting my life in a very negative way and I want you to know it. I will support whoever other than you you don’t have to change your party affiliation.

Anthony: [00:50:10] So now that was a good rant. Now Scott the mag ban lawsuit. What’s the process. Explain to the people listening so they understand if we could or could not be granted.

Scott: [00:50:22] A restraining order, temporary injunction.

Anthony: [00:50:22] Restraining order . So.

Scott: [00:50:25] Ok.

Anthony: [00:50:25] and then what happens?

Scott: [00:50:26] OK.

Anthony: [00:50:26] What are we hoping for?

Scott: [00:50:28] OK well well we’re hoping to overturn the ban and to do it within 180 days.

Anthony: [00:50:33] OK.

Scott: [00:50:34] OK. That’s I mean that’s the goal.

Anthony: [00:50:35] But what’s the procedure it has to go through legally now.

Scott: [00:50:37] The procedure is the procedure. First of all we’re in federal court. It’s a federal civil rights lawsuit. OK. And.

Anthony: [00:50:45] That’s at the third.

Scott: [00:50:46] Not at all but we’re in the third circuit.

Anthony: [00:50:48] OK.

Scott: [00:50:49] OK. It’s a U.S. district court the lowest level of federal court.

Anthony: [00:50:52] OK.

Scott: [00:50:53] Located in the state of New Jersey depending on what happens at the lower level and we know that the you know the judiciary is infested with Clinton and Obama appointees who are rabidly anti gun.

Anthony: [00:51:06] But Trump has been fixing that. Right?

Scott: [00:51:08] Well he’s been doing what he can as he can but don’t don’t expect that a lower court federal judge in New Jersey is going to suddenly see the light on magazine that could happen but it not likely.

Sandy: [00:51:19] Right.

Scott: [00:51:19] So we will find ourselves in the third circuit and we hope we will find ourselves eventually before the U.S. Supreme Court. But so we’ve started the lawsuit you filed the complaint in the lawsuit. The next move is is the state’s move and they can answer the complaint. They can file a motion to dismiss or other summary proceedings their call to try and knock out the case. I predict that’s what they’re going to do that you know their moves are going to be to try to say that they have the right to do this and it doesn’t violate the Constitution. And you know if depending on if the court says yes then the case is over and we have to appeal which we would if the court says no then we proceed. We have extended proceedings at the lower court level before we move up but because there is a 180 day window that we have in the you know the clock is ticking. That’s why we’ll soon be moving for preliminary injunction basically to put everything on hold until the case is resolved because that 180 days is going to go quickly. And you know if you have a large magazine collection. You know it may take a little while plus if there are people who are afraid to leave their home and transport the magazine to that issue we were talking about earlier today. You know that’s that’s a valid reason.

Sandy: [00:52:36] Well doesn’t the 180 day thing. Does that affect the transportation of the magazine.

Scott: [00:52:42] Yeah it does. What I mean is the new law doesn’t treat the prior law it doesn’t effect. They didn’t amend the prior provision which was from 1991.

Anthony: [00:52:55] That would have been smart.

Scott: [00:52:57] Assault firearms thing Which remember we’ve talked about if you’re if you happen to have an assault firearms today the window has closed. No matter what you do with it you’re a criminal. If you keep it you’re a criminal if you destroy you’re a criminal if you transport transport out of the state you’re a criminal. There’s no way out. that Same provision was not amended.

Sandy: [00:53:17] For the magazine.

Scott: [00:53:18] So you formerly applied to magazines over 15 rounds.

Sandy: [00:53:22] Right.

Scott: [00:53:22] But now that the definition.

Sandy: [00:53:24] Has dropped.

Scott: [00:53:26] of large capacity magazine is separate from that has sorry for the technical explanation that dropped it to 10, it now applies to magazines over 10 rounds and they didn’t. They created an exemption for possession of the magazine for 180 days. But you know there they don’t understand New Jersey gun law very few people do actually.

Sandy: [00:53:45] And even the people who made it.

Scott: [00:53:47] Yeah well just because you can make it doesn’t suggest.

Anthony: [00:53:53] Lawmakers is an oxymoron.

Scott: [00:53:53] Come On. Sandy legislators understanding what they are doing? Come on.

Sandy: [00:53:58] Every every other profession it would would follow suit but No.

Scott: [00:54:02] So there is. In any event there are many reasons why people may consume the 180 days OK before they act. And so you know it’s important that you stay in touch with what’s going on and that you follow our alerts and follow NRA’s alerts and listen to what you’re saying on the show about what’s happening because you don’t want to be the one.

Anthony: [00:54:25] The test case.

Scott: [00:54:25] well you might want to be I mean there’s some people who want to specifically not comply and you don’t care if they get arrested. But assuming that you don’t want to make an example of yourself.

Sandy: [00:54:33] Have a job and a house and don’t lose it it’s.

Anthony: [00:54:36] correct.

Scott: [00:54:36] God bless the people who care enough about their principle to risk everything.

Sandy: [00:54:42] Right.

Scott: [00:54:42] God bless those people who we wouldn’t have America.

Sandy: [00:54:45] Exactly right.

[00:54:46] if everybody .

Anthony: [00:54:47] How backwards are we now we have bail reform. Illegals have more rights than us and they just keep writing laws to put more pressure on them.

Scott: [00:54:53] Now that the ultimate test case is if we get if we get an undocumented visitor is arrested with magazine. They have special rules that apply to them.

Anthony: [00:55:06] Don’t walk. What they’ll do is don’t say much.

Scott: [00:55:10] That would be the ultimate dilemma.

Anthony: [00:55:12] You know what will happen? The prosecutors say hand it to him.

Sandy: [00:55:14] Right.

Anthony: [00:55:15] You’re arrested now,.

Scott: [00:55:16] Right.

[00:55:17] You go back to raping and pillaging.

Sandy: [00:55:19] Right.

Scott: [00:55:20] So look, don’t expect an immediate.

Anthony: [00:55:22] And enriching.

Sandy: [00:55:23] And enriching.

Scott: [00:55:23] Just don’t expect this problem to be solved immediately it’s that you know the courts listen. As a recovering lawyer the fact that we’re in court I don’t love that because the courts have been largely corrupted and taken over.

Anthony: [00:55:35] Yes.

Sandy: [00:55:35] Yes.

Scott: [00:55:35] OK. But it’s what we have. We’re playing the hand we dealt. We’re playing it as best we can. That’s what we have. So so we’re pursuing it. OK. You know other people may have other ideas they can pursue them but that’s we’re working within the system to try to end this. You know people want to work outside the system and have their own you know people want to show up with pitchforks.

Anthony: [00:55:56] I will.

Sandy: [00:55:57] This is you know this is why I was always opposed to executive orders. Number one I don’t really think that there are too constitutional to begin with And.

Anthony: [00:56:06] Neither do I.

Sandy: [00:56:07] You know.

Anthony: [00:56:08] The next president undoes them.

Sandy: [00:56:09] Yes exactly. So why bother doing it?

Anthony: [00:56:12] Band Aid, band aid.

Sandy: [00:56:13] That a basically a political you know it’s political kabuki theater.

Anthony: [00:56:17] Yes Scott I’m glad I have a question from Chad Dietrich. He wants to know any input

Scott: [00:56:21] it’s gotta wait.

Anthony: [00:56:22] Why.

Sandy: [00:56:23] Because we’re going to break.

Anthony: [00:56:24] The last one. All right. We’re done. All right.

Sandy: [00:56:29] Well ask it and then we’ll just get through.

Anthony: [00:56:30] Now do we talk about background checks for private sales long guns. Did you discuss that.

Scott: [00:56:35] I just touched on it briefly basically no more private sales if you want to sell a gun. You got to do it through a dealer period.

Anthony: [00:56:40] Sorry Chad. OK. Couple of things. Another thing do not go to New York County the five boroughs with an assisted opener knife.

Sandy: [00:56:48] No.

Anthony: [00:56:48] It’s a switchblade or any knife for If you want more information. Every angle they’re hitting us from a Support those who support us also go on and look at Nappen And Scott will be updating all of the laws that were signed and status multi-state CCW we hold it up at Cherry Ridge we’re having Woodland Park Range go on Check it out. Hoster draw at Woodland Park Range urban pistol 1 and 3 urban carbine 1 or 2. Want to Become an NRA instructor. Our series starts August 4th. BIT. Pistol instructor RSO rifle instructor shotgun instructor and two slots left for urban precision rifle 1 August 18th and 19th. Learn how to shoot out to fifteen hundred yards. God forbid. I’m done.

Sandy: [00:57:38] SCOTT You get the last word. Anything you want to tell them?

Anthony: [00:57:41] Please.

Scott: [00:57:41] Listen just keep the faith. Okay those of us that remain in New Jersey.

Anthony: [00:57:46] Fight.

Scott: [00:57:46] Anthony is right. You’ve got to stand and fight and we can lament the people who don’t fight. Bottom line is we have to deal with reality. And the ones who are fighting. We’ve got to just keep up the fight and not worry about how we feel about the outcome.

Sandy: [00:57:59] That’s right. And you’ve got to go out there and enlist other people in this fight too. So if you’re a member of a gun club get everybody involved. It’s a good time to get people to start listening to the show because at least they’ll be able to be connected. If they can’t read apparently ANJRPC newsletter. Well clock on the wall says that all you’ve wasted yet another perfectly good hour listening to g unforhire radio. Gun For Hire radio is a Counterthink media production the music used in this broadcast is managed by Cosmo Music L.L.C. New York and licensed to broadcast music incorporated. I’m Sandy Berardi , on behalf of my cohost master trainer Anthony Colandro and the rest of the crew here at Gun For Hire Radio. Be safe. Don’t Go to New York with your knives.. Winston take it away. We love you buddy.