Been here numerous times. Whether it be with my father, younger brother, wife, friends, or myself, my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal! Freddy and Krystal were great! The range, the parking, the staff, the plethora of weapons are great. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient, alert, and friendly. The owner, Anthony Colandro, is a good dude. While viewing their website i noticed they didnt have a flag that represented where my family comes from and all that, and on the website it stated “if you don’t see your flag, let us know”. Being a muslim Palestinian american i was hesitant but didnt think much of it (in this day and age) and i emailed them. Anthony himself emailed me back took care of it on the spot. Ended up going to the range an hour later with a military friend and Anthony greeted us. That man is the epitome of what the town and country needs. Laid back, professional, humurous, and straight up. Cant say enough about him or his business, thank you!

Screenshot 2018 08 07 13.22.00 - my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal!