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Company: ALJ Business Services


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About us:

Small businesses sometimes make the mistake of not hiring a professional to do their accounting. Even though it would be econominal to do their own record keeping, a professional can make sure that all of their records are accurate and correct. This is why you should make an appointment with ALJ Business Services for a free consultation. (973-476-6381)

ALJ Business Services will give FREE business consultation sessions.
Please reach out and call us for an appointment and we will avail ourselves at your convenience. (973-476-6381).

ALJ Business Services provides accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and all facets of financial reporting for businesses, entrepreneurs, etc, as well as financial coaching and notary signing services.

We also have a network of other subject matter experts to solve any business issues you may have.

ALJ puts clients at ease through quality and service, resulting in extreme value. This gives businesses a confident feeling, allowing them to focus on the running of their business.

The VALUE that ALJ Business Services imparts to our current and future clients is based on simple basic business principles.
So take your time to develop and grow your business, let ALJ Business Services take the responsibility and care for all of your accounting, bookkeeping, financial and tax needs.
We take pride in our ability to give you “value” in fulfilling your financial concerns.

Call today for an appointment at 973-476-6381.