I would love to spend the time giving this range a long worded review, but the Guns for Hire experience can easily be compiled into one word: AWESOME!!!

The staff have always treated my father, or myself with the utmost respect every time we’ve wanted to put a few bullets down range. The range officers are always helpful with anything you need, even if you run into a few problems with your own personal firearms. The front registration desk will answer any questions you may have about the range and are great at easing your way in for first timers.

Mr. Colandro has shown time and time again that he is an asset not only to the average citizen who enjoys shooting as a hobby, but also on the front line in defending our Second Amendment right here in New Jersey. Mr. Colandro (whenever present – which is often) has greeted my father and I every time we’ve entered the range. It’s obvious his professionalism and courtesy has extended onto the staff at GFH.

I would highly recommend not only experienced shooters to give this range a visit but also any new shooter who is looking for a comfortable environment to start enjoying this great hobby.

Paul D – 5 Stars