Project Description

Gun Rental1 - Gun Rental #0095 Magnum Research Desert Eagle 44mag

One look and you realize it is not your typical handgun. Its reputation precedes it. It has earned the “ Uh –Oh “ designation in the Library menu. The Magnum Research Desert Eagle chambered in .44 magnum. A favorite for hunters, and “the” firearm to show up with to impress at the range. The history of the Desert Eagle sees it switch manufacturing locales between Israel and the USA quite a few times since its introduction some 25 years ago. Making the Desert Eagle unique is the lack of a recoil or blowback design like most handguns. The Desert Eagle instead has a gas operated action like a rifle. This allows it to fire very hefty rounds, but also results in the Desert Eagle’s most notable feature – its size.

. This particular model is a snazzy in chrome like finish. The grips are a nice rubber texture which makes it easy to establish a firm grip and deal with the push of the recoil. The Desert Eagle is a DA gun. I won’t tell a lie, I was apprehensive test firing this one. In the end I was glad I did. It has wow factor! To be honest, if you are experienced with firearms the recoil is not that bad. With proper grip and stance, and good recoil management skills, this firearm is flat out fun to shoot. This is not a novice level firearm, though. I let fly quite a few more rounds than I intended because it was just that cool of a firearm.