Project Description

“Let’s start you off with a .22”. The mantra most often heard by first time shooters, particularly women and younger people. The ease of use and the fun of shooting the Sig Sauer Mosquito validate the sentiment. Incredibly light and comfortable , very accurate , no recoil , and a capacity of 15 relatively low cost .22LR rounds make this an excellent choice for learning or practicing the fundamentals of grip , sight picture , breathing , and follow through. A smaller version of the Sig P226, the Mosquito does not disappoint those accustomed to Sig Sauer solid quality.

This particular version is in the Flat Dark Earth finish. It is a DA/SA firearm. After decocking , the first trigger squeeze is a hefty one at just over 12 pounds . Follow up single action shots are at a comfortable 4.4 pounds. This firearm was fun and accurate! I shot it strong hand, weak hand, both hands. It was my first time firing a .22 handgun and I was impressed with the accuracy and ease of follow up shot placement due to the absence of recoil. The Sig Sauer Mosquito is a great choice to rent if you are introducing a friend or family member to the world of handguns, or if you want to work your fundamentals without breaking the bank on ammunition!