I had a bit of a rocky start at this place, but hear me out. First time I went I brought my Glock and some cheap 9mm ammo I bought online. I did not know the type of bullet was the wrong kind (bi-metal), and was kind of puzzled and a bit upset when they told me I can’t use the ammo at the range. However, everything was uphill from there. Anthony immediately noticed the anomaly because I walked into the port then came out no more than 5 minutes later. He asked about the issue, then instructed the staff to sell me some 9mm ammo at member prices, even though I was not a member. He made sure I didn’t waste my time, and had a pleasant experience at the range, meanwhile there was an ocean of people in line waiting. Ever since then, I’ve paid attention to the ammo I bought, got familiar with the rules of the range, and got to know the staff a bit better. Now I’m back almost every Saturday, since I bought a few more guns at the store next door, I have more guns to practice with. Gun for hire is the perfect range for your practice sessions, you can shoot anything from a 22 plinker all the way up to a 50 BMG! The facility is clean, well staffed, well lit, and well ventilated. The staff are friendly, courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable. I think this is the best indoor range I’ve ever been to. I’ll be bringing more of my friends here, so they can experience the joys that I have, while shooting at this range.