NJCOPS YOUR TRAINING IS “NEVER” COMPLETE 2013 A true warrior’s training is never complete. Tactics evolve and procedures change; a police officer’s training regiment also has to change and evolve. Never become complacent…complacency will get you killed. The 2013 Police Expo in Atlantic City is always a great place to realize how much you do not know. The world of policing is rapidly changing and the Police Expo is a great place to see what else is out there and learn about the latest and gear, guns, equipment and technologies. I was even amazed that there is an “app” for police work. A company called POPGO supplies critical information to police officers through an app on your phone. The Police Expo is also a great place to network with other police officers. The first thing you realize that is basically we are all the same…same egos, same aggressive nature, same gripes, same sense of right and wrong, same willingness to get involved. As a police officer we all wear a costume…our uniform, and our uniform is earned with blood, sweat and A LOT of hard work! I have heard the comparison of a police officer to a knight of olden days. We wear a uniform, with a shield and we work for the good of others. A “true warrior” respects the other uniforms because he is trained, he is capable and he resolved in his purpose. The more you train the more skill sets you acquire and the more tools you can add to your toolbox. The more training that you have the better your mindset becomes, which leads to better situational awareness which leads to you going home SAFE! The Police Expo is a great start to see not only new ideas and equipment but also rededicate yourself to your craft. Any police officer with over ten years on can long for the “good old days” but I think we know they are long gone. Embrace the future of your occupation, but hold on to the core values that molded you into that “true warrior”.