Gun Rental Menu PDF Download

The primary category the Gun Rental Menu is based upon 4 groups.

  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun

Then we break those categories into 4 levels of power.

beginner gun rental - Gun Rental Menu 
A firearm listed under beginner does not mean this gun is less dangerous. A firearm in the beginner category means this firearm is comfortable and easier to handle for a first time shooter.


Intermediate Gun Rental - Gun Rental Menu

A firearm listed under Intermediate should be rented by someone who has shot before and understands the basic mechanics of a firearm.  We recommend taking the First Steps Pistol Course before renting.


Experienced Gun Rental - Gun Rental MenuExperienced
A firearm listed under Experienced should be rented by someone that has the confidence to handle a more powerful firearm.



Expert Gun Rental - Gun Rental Menu

This category is exclusive for our most powerful firearms. Have fun!



Build A beAR - Gun Rental Menu

Build A beAR™
Guns that earn this icon were built in our exclusive Build A beAR™ Course. You will have a great time experiencing these custom made firearms.  We are always running the Build A beAR™ course.  If you are a beginner or expert and want to understand what to order and why not to order specific parts, this is the perfect course.  Once your done building your custom AR we break them in and shoot some lead in the 50 yard range.  You will leave understanding every part of your AR and be able to share your knowledge with your buddies like a PRO.  Click here for more course information and to register.
To view a PDF of our printable rental menu please click the image to download.  Be sure to stop in and pick up our new rental menu. It is a great way to keep track of all the firearms you have rented. There is even a place next to each firearm where you can give them a rating. This will help you get an overall visual of what guns you were most comfortable with and what guns we would recommend for you to purchase. Don’t see a firearm you have been wanting to rent? Let us know!

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