Designed for both the iPhone, iPad and android this app has already been featured on itunes and written up on several websites. The Gun For Hire App has made a hit. The app appropriately called Group Therapy is designed to help you improve your shots and tighten up your group.

Expert marksmen did not become experts by rapidly shooting rounds at paper. It’s about learning what your doing wrong before you embed bad habits. Do you continue to shoot and hope it hits the bullseye and when it does your happily surprised?

This interactive app was developed by Master Firearms Instructor Anthony P. Colandro. Gun For Hire CEO and Host of Nationally Acclaimed Gun For Hire Radio, Anthony P. Colandro has developed The Gun For Hire Immersion System™. A training system developed from over 25 years of firearms experience. Information carefully chosen to work regardless if you are a beginner or expert, left handed or right handed.

As you shoot your target in the range, keep the app open and tap the screen where your shot hits the target. As you touch the screen the holes remain in the target and the hit counter keeps track of the number of shots. Master Trainer Anthony’s instructions will pop up telling you what your doing wrong. Even after one session you will see your groups of shots getting tighter and tighter closing in on the bullseye. Once your bad habits start to disappear and your proud of your tight group simply click the facebook icon to post it to your wall. Opt for the in-app PRO version and see photos and additional comments on how to correct your bad habits. Imagine having a Master Firearms Trainer with over 25 years experience at your side every time you visit the range. This is now possible with The Group Therapy App.

Download the App for Apple Devices: Click here

Download the App for Android Devices: Click here

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