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In the past 2 weeks, I have taken 2 courses Urban Pistol 1 and NRA PPITH, so I would like to thank you and the team for the excellent training programs that you are providing.

Regarding the Urban Pistol 1, I can comment that I was impressed on the superb quality of the instructors John, Bill and Tony, as well as the type of training provided. The teaching procedures which included sharing experiences and demonstrations were extremely informative and helped me understand better safety/handling procedures. In addition, even though there was a change in location within 1 week of the course date, it was very well communicated. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to take the next course levels. Thanks to the instructors for their time, teaching and patience.

Regarding the PPITH, the course was well organized, well delivered and was good learning experience. The curriculum was heavy on the theory side, but overall good source of information. I believe that the practice time was also very helpful to solidify some of the theory as well as to create muscle memory. Thank you and John for the training.

As a side note, I have been a GFH member for only few months, but during this short timeframe, I have appreciated the high level of professionalism of all the staff members (Instructors, RSOs, store reps, and others), the high quality training provided, and outstanding facilities. Congratulations, outstanding work!


Hi Matt,

I never got back to you on shooting. If you want a “night or day with guys” kind of thing I recommend my range . I’ve been to most of the ranges within 1 1/2 hours, this is the best. No comparison anywhere in the state.

I’m a Platinum member since it opened. Unlike other ranges which are “cliquey” and talk down to new shooters, you’ll get first class treatment here. They don’t sell guns so there is no hidden agenda or pressure like other places.

They have a huge selection of guns (handguns and rifles) to rent and will take the time to make sure you are comfortable with it.

If you want it more personalized, I’m a NRA Certified Instructor – Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol. I don’t teach for money and only certify friends and family. Your cost will be only the ammo.

I can take a guest for free. My goal is to expose non-shooters to the sport in a safe , non-intimating way (unlike how I was taught).

Best time is during the week if you can get away on a weekday. Weekends and evenings are very, very busy. That said, as a Platinum Member , I have unlimited port time. If there are no open ports, I go to the top of the wait list. (If there’s a wait, I get 1 hour, then go back to the top of the list for the next port. Also have use of a private lounge(first class!).


Jeffrey D

Hey, Anthony.

Just finished another great course (Urban Shotgun). Your guys are all fantastic teachers. I wanted to say congratulations on your awesome first year in Woodland Park. You started with a great facility, and since then you’ve gone from strength to strength. Sometimes it’s like you’re a mind-reader:

1. When I bought a revolver off the internet this summer and paid my $75 at another dealer, I thought: “I wish GFH would use their FFL to do transfers”. And sure enough, now you do for only $20!

2. Just when I was starting to get pissed off standing in line behind new shooters doing paperwork at the registers, you put in a members’ only line.

3. And the other day when I thought, “I really need to clean my pistol but I never have time when I get home”…well, you get the picture.

I read a quote the other day. “Good CEOs are always asking what their customers want. Good entrepreneurs already know.” You already know. Congratulations on an outstanding business.

Chris A.


Just visited your range and I must say my hat is off to you for such a great facility. Your staff was friendly and made me feel welcome, your selection of rentals was terrific, and the overall facility is best I’ve seen. Thanks for such a great experience. You’ll be seeing more of me for sure …


Finally got my ass over to Woodland Park Range for the first time this weekend. Great experience! I had the pleasure of introducing an old friend of mine to firearms and the shooting sports there. Wise decision.
I’m sure I’m not saying anything new here, but here’s my experience/review:

There’s no better indoor range that I have been to (and I’ve been to my share around the country). First off, if you haven’t been, this place is not simply a range! It’s a world class training academy, shooting sport shop, radio broadcast studio, political headquarters, and learning center, with a 19 port range and a 100+ gun library to rent. And it feels like it! I did not feel like I was walking into a gun range, and it felt good. I thought I was back down at Rutgers or some shit. There’s the cafe right when you walk in on the right, and then you meet two nice receptionists at the desks through the double doors on the left, who are pleasant and quick to get you going and set up on whatever business you are there to attend to.
It was saturday afternoon, a little after one, so the joint was a bustlin’. People were coming and going. Some were there for the range, some for training, others for the radio broadcast, or to pick up political material. As I waited for my newbie, I was able to observe some of the Atienza Kali Protective Pen class right from the hall of the lobby. The facility’s invitingness for interaction comes from its layout. Large windows, sliding glass doors, ease of accessibility to training rooms and port areas made for a participatory feel. Even though we were just there to shoot, we also had a chance to experience the training, radio, and political side of the academy. There are offices up front with doors open and personnel ready to assist you. An old family friend who works there came over to say hello, and when the owner saw me in the hall later he greeted me and we shook hands. That welcoming familial attitude that Anthony delivers, trickles down through his entire staff. To have a new apprehensive female shooter walk-in and experience all this, helped make what was conceptually for her to be a harrowing experience, that much easier. I feel like a lot of the first time shooter anxiety and nervousness was subdued by the environment here.

After we filled out our paperwork for first-time visitors up front, we headed back to the 25 yard ports and the rental counter. I brought several guns of my own and rented a 22. The place was busy so they told me there was going to be a wait, which was fine by me, because I could use a snack. We went to the Rifle Camp Cafe up front, grabbed a couple of drinks, and before I even had the chance to order food, one of the ROs in the cafe called my name and said my port was ready. See, the entire staff is wired like secret service and communicating from the front to the back, addressing customer needs. It was an impressive operation, especially for being in business for such a short time.

When we got into the ports I was pleased to see an RO working there that I have participated in shooting competitions with, giving me that, “for us, by us” kind of feeling about the place Another RO introduced us to the operation of the digital port interface, which was extremely nice and simple to use. We had a couple shooters to our left who were shooting a high powered rifle that my guest was not ready for, so I asked the RO if we could move to another port, and he graciously obliged. Again, the radio earpiece communication was used to relay this change to the range desk and make the whole process seamless. The facility provides shooters with their own area for supplies behind the port which is clearly numbered and defined, so no confusion with other guests. I was easily able to fit my large range bag on a shelf, and there was plenty of other shelf space and cubbies to spare for jackets and other gear. The quality and size of the ports was impressive. I was able to stand in the port and assist my new shooter with ease. I didn’t have any worries about the shooters next to me, as I have had at other establishments. Besides the sound, you wouldn’t have known they were there when you are in the port shooting, that’s how large the thick steel dividers are.

We had an excellent hour of range time. My new shooter had a quality experience, is interested in the sport, wants to get her FIDC and get trained. Shit, after her experience there, and telling her about all the oppressive gun laws in NJ, we may have even convinced this social worker to vote for Lonegan next week! And at the end of the day, introducing folks to our world is what this is all about, right? And, there’s no better place to do it than Woodland Park Range. If you haven’t been, just go! Wishes for much success here. NJ needs this place!

I brought my son Thomas for a session at the range in Woodland Park last week. This was his first indoor shooting experience and he was excited about firing the rifle I built for him for his 14th birthday. We were met with a friendly welcome at the front desk and again at the counter next to the pistol range. It would be very easy to just stop in and talk for an hour or two as the culture at GFH Woodland Park is so relaxed and there is so much room to spread out. Our range session was great, my son was spot on with the new rifle and with the Colt Huntsman .22, and he even put a few downrange with my 9mm Beretta Nano. Matt and Range Master Bill were super nice too. Thomas has been telling all his friends, and I have been talking with the parents and sharing with them what we already know: in the right environment, and with proper instruction, shooting is perfectly safe, and can be something the family enjoys together as quality time.

– Member Tom M.

I would like to say thank you to all of you guys and ladys it was a fun experience everybody was very nice and the b-day cake was delicious I liked your place so much that today at work I was telling everyone about your place I liked it so much that I am thinking of becoming a member very soon once again thank all of you there
Tom gray

I took my Utah CCW today at your range. I was amazed on how beautiful it was. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to shoot there. The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The food was even good, trust me I’m Italian. im just so thrilled to find a beautiful range that is clean and has a great staff. My future wife and I plan on becoming members as soon as are wedding is over in August. My mom always told me to give credit where credit is do. So thank you guys.

A life time customer,
Paul Wramage and Stephanie Sanders

I was part of the Team Lyle rally today. I just wanted to send a quick thanks. I appreciate your support of the rally. I also appreciate how friendly everyone was when we stopped by. Now that I know you’re there, I look forward to stopping by when I have a bit more time.


Dear Mr. Colandro:

I visited the Woodland Park Range this past Thursday afternoon with a friend. Unfortunately, we had an awesome time! What am I going to do when everyone in the area gets wind of how great this place is?

We were immediately greeted at the concierge desk and directed to one of the new and spotless classrooms to fill out the necessary paperwork. From there, we went to the retail center for targets and payment. I’d say the entire process took less than 10 minutes.

Upon entering the range, the RSO came right over to us, placed us in Port 4 (on the 25 yd. range) and gave us a quick, but thorough rundown of the standard range rules. From there, it was a solid hour of shooting .45 ACP (new FNX!), with a little bit of 380 and 00 buck here and there. At some point, the RSOs changed. The second one looked like he could be your worst nightmare… but, no. Super polite, friendly and helpful. In fact, to borrow from Homer Simpson, this was the first time someone called me “sir” without adding “…you’re making a scene.”

During our hour there, we didn’t see one gangster or radical warmonger that the media keeps telling the public about. To the contrary, we saw families, young couples, and solo middle aged men and women.. all having fun. Halfway through, a friend from high school who I hadn’t seen for almost fifteen years saw us through the glass and stopped in to say “hi.” (He was shooting in the 50-yard range with his father.) Also, on our way out, I thought I spotted James Kaleda in the Rifle Camp Cafe… but this guy was most certainly in order. I guess it wasn’t him.

Finally, when we got out to my car, we realized that it was unlocked for the whole hour. Nobody messed with it during that time, though. I can’t imagine why not.

In all, I would say the experience was fantastic. Congratulations on the range. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

PS As a testament to the quality of our experience, my friend was back today; this time with his wife.


Hi Big Tony,
Had a great time at the Range with my Grandsons on Father’s Day. Will try to get back soon. Have a great 4th
of July Holiday weekend. Best wishes for health and prosperity always, and the Lord’s Blessings , for you and your family.
Stephen Golub, ( David and Jacob)

Anthony, That is one top-shelf range you have there in Woodland Park! This is only the second time my wife Kim came target shooting with me and she was infinitely more comfortable at the new range than when she went with me to the last range . Your range officer at the 50-yard range on Saturday early afternoon was extremely professional and helpful which allowed Kim to relax a bit and enjoy the time there. Your staff at the front desk and purchasing counter were equally as inviting and are a compliment to the new facility. If you wanted a place that was safe and professional where people can feel comfortable and even enjoy firearms in NJ (and NYC for those brave enough to pursue a permit), you’ve got it. Thank you for being a vocal supporter of the second amendment and for giving the public a safe and fun location to enjoy our rights to self defense. I may be moving back to my home state of Pa shortly, but if i don’t get the job offer and we end up staying in the city you will definitely see us again.My best wishes to you and your staff!

You are surrounded by very knowledgeable AND friendly staff. One big family. Sandra Muldoon

Close to home, Clean, Spacious, Friendly Staff, and the cafe. Well a few other things as well.  Screen Shot 2013 06 09 at 6.56.47 PM - Testimonials Dave Henninger

The friendly staff. They make you feel like long time friends. Screen Shot 2013 06 09 at 6.56.47 PM - Testimonials Ada Perez

I was most impressed by the ventilation system. I could not smell gunpowder when shooting, and I came out of the range feeling clean (not covered in lead dust).  Screen Shot 2013 06 09 at 6.56.47 PM - Testimonials Rev. Deborah Kalinowski

The fact that when I shoot there I feel comfortable, like it was my own. I also like the abundance of room, all the space. I enjoy the feeling of being part of a club. Screen Shot 2013 06 09 at 6.56.47 PM - Testimonials Bill Waldron

I was always going to the other spot in Belleville . I now will become a member of your new place. Screen Shot 2013 06 09 at 6.56.47 PM - Testimonials Dundas John Dave

Anthony, Just wanted to say thanks for running a great instructor course yesterday. Congrats on the new range, it’s fantastic, certainly the best indoor facility I’ve ever seen. I look forward to telling my shooting friends about it and hope to come down and do some shooting.

Member – Tom W.

I have taken both First Steps Pistol and Shotgun at GFH with my cousin and am so impressed with your staff’s professionalism and attention to detail. I have applied for my pistol permit in NYS (I live in Rockland) and I am eager to shoot more. Additionally, I have to let you know how much I truly appreciate your organization. This past weekend my cousin and I took a Women on Target workshop and it really drove home how prepared and professional you all are at GFH. I have never had a problem with any of the guns available through you or felt that I was in an unsafe position. I hope you plan to offer more Women’s events either through Well-Armed Woman or NRA’s Women on Target programs. I realize now that you and your staff have spoiled me with your style of training and preparedness. Thank you for introducing us “the right way”. I feel lucky that my initial information and safety habits came from your staff – it made it really easy to keep myself safe in a different environment.

Thank you! – Lori

– No Attitude and Air conditioning PLUS big man approved ports. This is my man cave!
– Member Steve E 

I was there yesterday and it looks great. The first range where you could bring your wife and daughter and feel comfortable. And they have a cafe where you could have coffee and something to eat without leaving the range. Its about time someone did it right !!!!!!!!!
– Member Louis.

Hi Anthony I thought you might like to know My son Jules was in a situation last night at his school in Michigan The school instead of sending a pending weather warning mistakenly sent a shooter on campus warning. Anyway while there was a “little panic”among the class since they were the only ones there at night But he went on that it was his training during symunitions that enabled him to keep a cool head as he was able to maneuver through the chaos and seek good shelter during the episode .He commented that even if he was carrying in that situation he didn’t see any benefit to it in that situation BUT he went on that it was his experience from that class that really helped him work his way through any way thanks for running such a good school
– Member Howard

Anthony, This is long overdue. I just wanted to jot down a few things about your range, I brought my wife there that night and I was on pins and needles just praying everything would go well. It is the second time I have been successful in ever getting her to go to a gun range, so in my mind, a lot was riding on it. I was hyper sensitive to everything…and my guess is that there are a lot of boyfriends and husbands that probably feel at least a little the same way I did when they bring their significant others there with them. They want them to enjoy it and fantasize that they’ll have such a good time that they will want to go there again and again. While I may not have achieved my complete spousal fantasy (I don’t think she’ll be joining IDPA anytime soon…), your range AND your staff didn’t let me down!

The bottom line is this: as everyone in NJ knows, it’s absolutely amazing. Instead of just blowing smoke about every detail, I will focus on a couple of things that stood out, beyond the amazing facility:

1) Your Range Safety Officers are friendly. First, it’s just nice to see that your range has REAL range officers, not a designated member of the club that, after occasionally looking down the line while shooting his/her own gun is also supposedly making sure everyone on the line is operating in a safe fashion. If there is one thing that makes me nervous about a range, it is no longer me, but the people that I don’t know to the left and right of me. Knowing that there is a range officer behind all of us, exclusively focused on watching us, is comforting. And, while it is not range officer related, I need to add I like the idea that the walls between each port are bullet proof. Back on track, if there is anything I hate more than a range that has a negligent RSO, it’s a range that has an overzealous a$$hole that wants to be an RSO to exercise his god complex. Some of them are such a$$holes, going out of their way to belittle people who didn’t do something exactly the way it should have been done. It’s not that I want shooters doing stupid things, but when you humiliate someone who is likely already scared shitless shooting his/her gun anyway, it’s pretty much a guarantee you will never see them at that range – or any other range – again. I know it’s a fine line: as an RSO, you’ve got to keep everyone safe, but the best way to achieve that is not by singling people out, then having everyone on the line stop what they’re doing and then turn and look at the RSO dressing someone down. Your RSOs actually smile, are genuine and genuinely friendly, and in addition to keeping all of us safe, they are providing the framework for all of us to have a positive experience. Friendly “suggestions” from a smiling RSO are the exception.

2) My wife had a positive experience there. It was so positive it made me realize that I think maybe she doesn’t hate guns as much as I originally thought – she hates ranges that smell like rotting dead animals that are locked inside a building that looks like it should be condemned. The cafe is really something else. We both loved it, but I was really surprised just how much she talked about it. Guns and ranges have been such a source of contention between us, but not that night. You really nailed it on the “total experience” concept by adding that cafe.

3) While this technically has nothing to do with the range, thank you for charming my wife. You’re an impossible character not to like. I was nervous taking her there, and you put her at ease right away. I think your influence and presence really shapes the behavior of your entire staff and, ultimately, all of our experiences there as shooters. I spend a lot of my workday evaluating the effectiveness of management teams. If there is one thing I am certain of, it ALL starts from the top.

4) General friendliness: EVERYONE was nice. Honestly, even for someone like my wife, the only thing she is really going to remember after having been to a gun range is how friendly or unfriendly everyone was and how nice or gross the facility was. Over time, she will forget about nearly everything else. You obviously already know this, but a gun range is an extremely intimidating place to be for the uninitiated. Guns are intimidating and people holding them and shooting them next to you is, too. But when every member of the staff has a friendly disposition, I think the human mind kind often has this “ah hah!!” moment – the person sees all these black guns booming and they then have trouble reconciling all the negative associations they have always had about guns with all of the friendly, safe, and helpful people they find themselves surrounded by. I think a lot of people have the epiphany right there, suddenly realizing maybe guns and gun owners are not what they are ubiquitously portrayed by the media to be. I just can’t encourage you enough to continue to encourage such an incredibly friendly atmosphere. Not only was I happy, I was outright grateful. I really wanted my wife to be happy there, or at least feel a little better about guns than before she walked through the front door.

Ok, so that’s my range report. I can’t thank you enough for such a positive experience OR for having “the stones” to build a range there (as in ANYWHERE in NJ…) in the first place! Best, Sam

p.s. my buddy Ben has his wife in your First Steps pistol class with Jimmy today.

Anthony, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you something you probably already know! Jimmy is a fantastic instructor! I did a 1 on 1 with Jimmy today to work on my pistol shooting. He immediately picked up on, and corrected, 2 of my bad habits, and had me shooting 2 – 3 inch groups at 10 – 16 yards within 30 minutes! He is absolutely awesome to work with. Completely unintimidating and easy to talk to, obviously very knowledgeable, and a great teacher. My shooting improved more in 90 minutes than it has over the past 2 years. I walked away with plenty to work on to continue to improve and become more consistent. Jimmy is an asset to the Gun For Hire organization! I will be sharing my experience with all of the folks I shoot with.

On a separate note, I just thought I’d throw in what a fantastic facility you have built! Clean, well-organized, friendly, and safe, it is a real pleasure to shoot there. The fact that it about 15 minutes from my house is just icing on the cake! Truth be told, it’s the nicest facility I’ve ever shot at. Thanks and keep up the tremendous job you and your staff are doing.
– Chris