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the quality of my experience will have me coming back here again

Overview: Excellent range, Excellent Staff and an Overall Fantastic experience. Even if prices are slightly better elsewhere, the quality of my experience will have me coming back here again hopefully soon.  BRET was an AWESOME instructor. Our day: From walking through the door with my friend, we were greeted by the front desk for our 1st time registration cards.  After we filled out the necessary paperwork.  We went to the back to pay for our 1st rentals, Glock-19 / AR-15, ammo, safety gear (ear phones and glasses) and a 1-hour session in the 25-yard Range.  We walked into the range area with our firearms and were greeted by a Range Safety Officer (RSO), then assigned a lane.  Another RSO, Brett, was the one who gave my friend and myself our safety brief and instruction.  Brett was the thing that made our trip from NYC worth it and separated Guns for hire from other gun ranges.  After we finished our 1-hour session we got advice from Brett to go to the 50-yard range and asked if he can come with us after lunch and he did!!! After going to a place next door to eat. We came back to rent a precision rifle, a Remington .308.  It was Awesome!!!! Brett really stuck with us and gave us great pointers to get our accuracy to another level.  We are both so excited after our time at the GFH that my friend and I started to fill out a rifle and shotgun license application when we got home and started to plan our return trip. Bottom Line: For 1st timers and people who have shot before, this is the range I would recommend going too.

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He advises us on what to rent, guns, ammo, etc.

Super easy to sign up as first timer. Weekdays BOGO! Short lines. Instructor Frank was great! He advises us on what to rent, guns, ammo, etc. Instructor John is the man! Funny, energetic, knows how to make things awesome! Only reason why we missed the targets was because we were laughing the whole time! Definitely coming back!

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Great place for first timers…

Great place for first timers to learn how to shoot and learn about guns in a safe environment. Very knowledgeable staff and helpful/friendly instructors (Laura and Frank helped us) made for a great experience. Overall everyone was helpful and friendly and the staff were able to guide us towards the right guns to use for our first time. Have seen reviews mentioning price being a bit high, but the service and quality you are getting feels very much worth it to me!

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Went there with my girlfriend…

Went there with my girlfriend. It was our first time ever shooting a gun. Thought it was important to have a little bit of knowledge on guns. We started off with a revolver, then to a Glock 19 and then to an AK-47. It was a smooth transition and our instructors Mike and John made it very simple and comfortable for us. It was a great experience and I'll definitely be back with my friends to try some other pieces.

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I had so much fun at Gun for Hire!

I had so much fun at Gun for Hire! This was definitely a great date idea. I bought the Groupon for about 70 something bucks. Depending on what time of the day you go it may be busy. We went around 3/4pm and it was busy but wasn't too bad. Our instructor's name was Henry and he was very nice. It is very loud in there so keep that in mind. I honestly left with a headache from yelling BUT that does not change the fact that I had a great time. I will definitely be back to try a different gun. The groupon that I used was a pistol which isn't that big but it was powerful. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

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Day Date at Gun For Hire!

i bought the package for two to surprise my husband with a fun date night. neither of us had shot in a couple years - because... well because we have two very young babies and those suckers are demanding! we finally visited the range today and had an awesome time! the range was MUCH bigger than we expected and to my surprise ridiculously clean and bright. the woman at the front desk welcomed us and answered a couple of questions we had about safety and how long the range was in business. our package included an intro lesson which we decided to take as a refresher even though we have both shot many times. our instructor was clear and patient and actually very funny. he set the tone for a great experience! the range was very busy. The staff kept things moving like a well oiled machine but we never felt rushed! My husband and I counted 9 range safety officers which let us know safety is a top priority at Gun For Hire. Our 45 minutes of port time went by fast but we are very excited to get another date at the range on our calendars! The t-shirts and tattoos were a fun takeaway to remember our experience.

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My wife recently got her FID…

Good seeing you today.   As always, no better experience.     My wife recently got her FID and some P2Ps so she can get something of her own for protection and to take on her own to the range to practice.   I brought a number of my handguns, but she was struggling with grip and deciding what was good.   I called John over, and his help was invaluable.    After trying my guns, he took her to the rental counter to feel some others.    Between John and Bianca’s advice and help, she narrowed it down to the H&K VP9 and Glock 19.    I rented both, and with John’s help we found what she really liked.    I never would have been able to help her, and she walked away saying it was her best experience shooting at the range ever.      Your staff is wonderful - thanks.

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Simply spectacular

The experience was fantastic. We will be back for at least two days next year. One day is a great start but two would have been better. We had such an extraordinary instructor MATTHEW “Matt” ask him to guide you it will truly be memorable And the cherry on top of what was exceptional is the 50 cal BMG is a must at the end of your day We often speak about it and can’t wait to return See their videos and photos!

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Very nice from start to finish

On or last day on the east coast of our holiday trip (we, 4 people from Germany) decided to go shooting and we picked this location. We arrived with a bus near the location. After we arrived at the shooting range, we were really surprised by the friendly and helpful personal. Everyone was really nice and helped us with our "paperwork" (i guess they need it for legal reasons). I have to mention that we already booked something so that 2 persons can shoot with a handgun and an (i guess) ak47. We extended it by one person which was an option so that we can shoot altogether (the fourth person was not that much into shooting 😀 ). From the reception to the counter, where we got our weapons and stuff, to the instructor, everyone was nice to us and we felt very comfortable asking questions. The shooting was awesome! We never did this before and for me personally, it was one of the best experiences here. While we only booked one hour the instructor was so kind to let us shoot all the ammo we had (which was somewhere between enough and a lot) and we enjoyed it! After we shooting, everyone smiling, we also got 2 souvenirs for free (you can also buy cool stuff there) and then we asked at the reception for a guy who welcomed us and which whom we had a really nice talk and he offered us to take us to a nearby from where we can drive back to our hotel in Manhatten with the bus. It turned out that he was one of the managers (i guess) of the shooting range. TLDR: we had a very nice and friendly experience from start to finish with all our wishes fulfilled and all our expectations exceeded 🙂

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Dreams do come true… Hit the 1,000 yard target

Jimmy, I just wanted to drop you , and your staff, a little note for all of your help during the Urban Long Range shooting class.  Before taking your class my only experience shooting a rifle was with an old 22 Remington bot action that i shot to probably no more than 200 yards. I took the class with a little apprehension . 1000 yards?  Was it even possible? But after taking the class , paying attention to what was being taught and putting it into practice at the range.  I was able to reach that lofty 1000yards. Hitting that target that day was one of the greatest feelings you could imagine. But was it pure luck? Shortly after the class i decided that i just had to try it again. I searched all over the internet for a range that had a 1000 yard field. The closest range was in the middle of the state , I live in PA, 3 hours away.  so a 6 hour drive back and forth just to try and repeat what I had thought to be just pure luck shot. To me it seems like it was worth it. So a friend and i joined the Mifflin County Sportsmens Association in Lewistown Pa. Finally we were able to set a weekend to drive out to the range over the Labor Day holiday. Once we got to the range we had to hurry and set up the targets. Little did we know that actual shooting started started at 1:00 on Sunday because of church and we got there at 12:30. We had  to to hurry up and drive out to the 1000 yard burm, and set up our target, our 500 and 200 targets also. A couple of the other shooters had targets at all the in between yardages. [...]

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Great shooting range

My wife and I have been coming to this gun range for about 3 years now. It was always a great experience especially the guys inside the shooting area. Today I took my grandson with me and while he was shooting the .22 Ruger rifle jammed and stopped working. Gabe was very helpful and even took the rifle to the on-premises gunsmith. 15 minutes later they fixed it for free. Gabe really made our day. It is always great when people go that extra mile help you. And it was a great lesson for my grandson - do your job well and it is rewarding for all involved

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I’ve been taking Gun For Hire classes

I’ve been taking Gun For Hire classes before they even had their own range. I feel like I’ve watched Anthony’s empire grow from an infant to a teenager and soon an amazingly successful adult (after the opening of Mt Gunmore!). Anthony has been beyond gracious to SAW (second Amendment women)! The comfort level at Gun For Hire surpasses any other range that I have been to. I’ve dropped in with my family just to say “Hi”. In my first Gun For Hire class over 8 years ago, I heard Anthony say “Welcome to the family” for the first time. He’s not kidding; it’s a family, and you will certainly feel welcome! Thank you for the services that you provide the community, state and even nation (with your podcast). You have truly made a difference in my life. There is nothing more important than knowing how to keep your family safe and having a great place to prepare and train for such circumstances. If there were an option to add additional stars, I would!

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Exciting first time shooting

Tried shooting for the first time. 3 teenagers and mom. We got a nice and warm welcoming by the staff. They made us feel safe, took good time to inform us about how to load and aim the gun and rifle. Safe weapons. The teenagers was euphoric about the experience!

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Exciting first time shooting

Tried shooting for the first time. 3 teenagers and mom. We got a nice and warm welcoming by the staff. They made us feel safe, took good time to inform us about how to load and aim the gun and rifle. Safe weapons. The teenagers was euphoric about the experience!

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The Best Gun Range Bar None

While I can admit I haven’t visit every range in the U.S. I have been at Gun For Hire Range and I can tell you that the facility is excellent and the staff is great and have a lever of customer service that you wouldn’t expect to receive at a “gun range”. The inventory has something from everyone and their Range Safety Officers are extremely knowledgeable and they have enough to assist everyone at the range. I’ve also done the require training at Gun For Hire Accademy to meet the requirements for NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Permit and CCW class that allowed me obtain conceal carry permit from several states. Whether you are new to firearms or not I recommend you to visit GFH and it then a try, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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First time shooters from the UK…

Awesome day today here, first time shooters from the UK, all the staff made us really welcome and comfortable, ended up spending loads of time and money there, Johnny, Andrew, Marvin and Lee all really helped us out. A++ experience, make sure you get here on your NY / NJ trip.

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First Time Shooting

This was my husband's first time, ever, shooting a gun! He's hooked! Gun For Hire is a great place for novices, like us, to learn! Our instructor, Stephan T. was great! He was extremely patient and knowledgable, making sure we where ready to handle the firearm safely & with confidence! We WILL be back! Thank you,Gun For Hire & especially Stephan, for making this the best xmas present, so far! Patti B

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A full day of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fun

Of the words I could use to describe our experience at Gunforhire, such as, fantastic, superb, tremendous, phenomenal, or monumental, I’d have to choose supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Damien our instructor gave easily understandable instructions across the weapons we used. And some little hints on how we could improve our accuracy. The AK47 (7.62) was my favourite. Heavier than the AR15 (5.56) but just felt more secure with its added weight. The accuracy was a little better as well with the scope, and no doubt the extra oomph using a bigger calibration. The Glock 17 (handgun) was hard to use. Remember to Grip, flip, clip, rack the Glock if you go. Much harder than you see on the TV/Movies. And the longer I aimed it, the more I shook. Even trying to “get the drop in the bucket” when the drop was wobbling. We chose the target sheets with the traditional round targets to shoot, so we could have a little competition to see who had the best shot. Which varied with the weapons. So I’d say it was a draw.....with the exception of the Barrett 50 cal. It’s $20 a bullet, which are the as long as an adult hand. My son was eager to have a go, so I figured we may never have the opportunity to repeat the experience, let’s have three each. Well I shot one round and he had five. It’s like firing a canon. Double set of ear defenders required. In ear and over ear. It doesn’t have as big of a recoil as one may expect, but the noise and gas expulsion, wow. In terms of accuracy, frightening. As a novice shooter, over 50 yards I clipped the centre of the target. Amazing. Regardless of your views on guns, a visit to Gunforhire will be an education and make your previous [...]

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Best range in NJ

I am new to trip advisor but I have been going to Gun for Hire for a long time. I've been to a lot of ranges in and outside of New Jersey and they are the best. Clean, safe and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Top notch instructors I have already taken basic pistol, next step pistol, holster draw, defensive pen and I can't wait to sign up for urban pistol. Anthony is a patriot and if you haven't checked out the podcast you should,I listen to it every Monday on my way to work. So don't hesitate grab a friend or five and go have a great time.

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Membership at GFH has been a life changing…

My last full day in NYC and I want to thank you again, for welcoming me into the GFH family last September. Membership at GFH has been a life changing and enriching experience--not only learning pistol shooting from Tom, who is wonderful,, but especially meeting and  getting to know you and  your  team and becoming  part of the great freedom-loving Americans who shoot, own guns, stand ready to defend the sheep and continue to fight for our constitutional freedoms. My best wishes for your success in the expanded GFH,, for your tireless fight for 2A and  for a sweet summer. Stay strong, as you say, and I look forward to returning to GFH when I'm next in NY. Or perhaps travelling to Italy with you when you're between Asian beauties I luv you man, Allen

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