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Three Gun Course

Length of Course: 4 hours
Location: Easton Fish and Game. Students will meet at: 480 Industrial Drive, Easton PA. It is the Exxon Station / Pop’s Snack Stand. Mobile training for this class is also available.
Course Level: Intermediate (What’s this?)
Who teaches this course?All of our high-level courses are taught by experienced professionals with the credentials to prove it. They are all trained and certified by the N.J. Police Training Commission, N.J. Department of Criminal Justice, and possess Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications. They are experts in N.J. Use of Force Policies, and are always updating the course material with the latest use of force guidelines and case law. At GFH this is not a “hobby” but a full time, legitimate vocation. Any “instructor” can teach you anything, but only a select few can teach you the “why” or the “root of law” to justify your actions. If you were to use your newly acquired skills and you were required to justify your actions, at GFH all of our instructors are ready, willing, and able to testify in your defense as long as you had followed the training and procedures we provided. It does you and your loved ones no good if you survive the fight, and then spend the next thirty years in prison because of the wrong advice you were given by a part time amateur “instructor”.

Course Description:Gun For Hire is proud to present the first Three Gun Course with TACTICAL EDGE. Students will be running, gunning and enhancing their tactical skills with three shooting platforms. This course will cover distance shooting, intermediate skills and CQB Techniques for not only the solo operator, but also for those occasions when you have access to that tactical team.

  • Students must have completed Urban Pistol 3 and Urban Carbine 3 to be eligible
  • Running and firing
  • Exclusive tactical skills
  • Distance shooting
  • CQB techniques
  • Carbine platform rifle with a sling
  • Shotgun with sling
  • Semi-Automatic Handgun Platform with a holster
  • 200 rounds factory carbine ammo
  • 200 rounds factory handgun ammo
  • 100 rounds shotgun ammo (40 rounds of slug and 60 rounds of buckshot)
  • 3 Magazines and magazine holders
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Knee pads
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and dress appropriately for cold or foul weather.
Once you have taken this course here are a few other courses we recommend. If you’re not sure you’re ready just ask the instructor for a free personal consultation.
  • Protective Pen
  • Urban Shotgun 1

More Testimonials

Dear Anthony, I found the First Steps course to be a very lively and spirited one.It is refreshing to be among a group of people who cherish the right to own firearms. Our instructor, Robert Howe, knows guns like the back of his hand and was quite helpful. It was a pleasure meeting you, Anthony, and I’m glad you made that cameo appearance in the classroom. Hopefully, one day the State of New Jersey will come to its senses and adopt rational firearms legislation. And when it does, we can all thank the outspoken proponents of Second Amendment rights like yourself. My Florida CCW application went out in the mail yesterday. I look forward to my next course at Guns For Hire.
John Morlino, Member



Anthony, Thanks for a great experience for my son and I. We attended you “First steps pistol” course with Sandy yesterday and it was great! My son has had an interest in competitive shooting for several years and finally got the opportunity to learn from the pros at your facility. Everyone we came in contact with was very supportive and my son and I learned alot. We are looking forward to visiting often. Thanks again to everyone there for a GREAT experience!!!
Kevin S., Member



Hi Anthony, Thanks for your email. Yes – I enjoyed the class yesterday; it was very informative and a good introduction to shooting safely. I now feel confident enough to go to the range and practice independently. However, I know that this is only an introduction and want to come back for further classes. I just wish you were closer than the 2 hour drive! But it was well worth it and will be seeing you again in 4-6 weeks hopefully. Many thanks.
Peter, Member



 Anthony and staff, I truly enjoyed and was extremely impressed with the extensive wealth of knowledge and your dead on approach to teaching firearms, First Steps to me. You covered an enormous amount of information in a short period of time and your teaching techniques and interaction with the students was remarkable, honest, and sincere. Absolutely can not say enough about the no B.S. way you people do your instruction and run the whole Gun For Hire Teaching / Training facility . Totally professional, yet very friendly, and by far the best firearms instruction I have ever seen. I am looking forward to continuing my training in other classes you offer in the near future. Thanks again!
Scott H., Member