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Chez les pro-armes du New Jersey

https://www.letemps.ch/monde/chez-proarmes-new-jersey Patron de Gun for Hire, Anthony Colandro est un infatigable défenseur du deuxième amendement, qui s’insurge contre la «diabolisation» des détenteurs d’armes à feu. A la veille des «midterms», il attaque les démocrates… et Donald Trump. Anthony Colandro ne tient pas en place. Dans son royaume de Gun for Hire, «le seul stand de tir familial au monde», clame son site internet, ce colosse à l’œil qui frise salue des clients, taquine ses employés et s’assure trois fois que son interlocutrice a bien compris qu’elle pouvait se servir dans le frigo de sa «VIP Room». Il a un bagout d’enfer. Nous sommes dans le New Jersey, à Woodland Park, en plein Trumpland. Pas bien loin de Paterson, ville qui se distingue par la multiplication de crimes sordides. Ici, des garages et des fast-foods jouxtent le stand de tir. Un logo fait pour choquer Les armes, c’est son univers. Anthony Colandro est membre de la NRA, le puissant lobby pro-armes. Il siège au sein de trois de ses comités. Il a voté pour Trump en 2016, défend bec et ongles le deuxième amendement de la Constitution qui stipule que tout Américain a le droit de posséder une arme, et anime sa propre petite radio, «la voix des 1 million de propriétaires d’armes dans le New Jersey». Sur son biceps gauche, il a tatoué le nom de son entreprise. Provocateur, il est ravi que son logo, avec le «i» qui s’écroule dans une flaque de sang, puisse choquer: «Au moins, tout le monde s’en rappelle!» Supprimer les armes ne changera rien: la Prohibition n’a pas empêché la vente et la consommation d’alcool. Anthony Colandro, patron de Gun for Hire Ici, chez Gun for Hire, le client [...]

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ALJ Business Services

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This is what us gun people really do.

This is what us gun people really do. We work with mental health professionals to try and fix the violence problems. We do not fixate on the innate object and watch as nothing gets done! I am proud to have helped with this book and maybe we can start to address the REAL issues with violence! This is why Gun For Hire is the tip of the Spear of the 2A fight in NJ! Purchase on Amazon.  

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but I remember all I learned….

Just wanted to say thanks…had an incident on my property last week with car thieves but I remember all I learned from my pistol 101 course especially the portion about home defense. I was prepared to protect my home through your course and the many visits to your range but thankfully they did not breach inside my home. Car wasn’t stolen just rummaged through. Signing up my wife for more courses & she just put in her paper work for her FFL& handgun permit…. Again Thank you!

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Mayor Keith Kazmark lauded the prevention…

Another Major Award! Pay it forward!Mayor Keith Kazmark lauded the prevention, awareness and education efforts of the Woodland Park Stigma Free Task Force, the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and Anthony Colandro - Gun For Hire, LLC/Woodland Park Range.   WOODLAND PARK, NJ - At the Sept. 19 meeting, Mayor Keith Kazmark and the Borough Council issued two proclamations relating to addiction/suicide prevention and mental illness awareness. Following two suicides in 2016 in town, the Woodland Park Stigma Free Task Force was formed and since, its members have worked to educate, raise awareness on addiction, mental health stigmas, bullying and other topics. The Task Force works in tandem with the Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse as well as the Woodland Park Police Department. Mayor Kazmark commended these three entities in honor of Addiction and Suicide Prevention and Mental Illness Awareness Month for their efforts within the Borough. “I am honored and privileged to be a part of a task force that is going such important work,” said Linda Hoffmann, Alfred Baumann Library Director and a founder of the WP Stigma Free Task Force. “Mental health awareness is so important. Statistics say one in four (people suffer from a mental health issue)? I think everyone in this room can speak to this issue.” Hoffman noted that the task force works to inform and educate all sectors of the community but it is especially working to reach children early. Mayor Kazmark noted that every citizen and community organization can make a difference in helping end the silence and stigma that discourages people from getting help. He personally requests that all Borough residents and businesses support the efforts of the Municipal Alliance, [...]

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September 11, 2018

Seventeen years ago today our Nation was attacked. Let everyone listen to this powerful 23 minute clip so that we never forget! As we move forward please join us in supporting our own brave firefighters. http://gunforhire.com/blog/2018/09/11/september-11-2018/

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The Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast: Episode 378

This week on Gun For Hire Radio... John Jillard of the self funded “Cheeseman-Jillard” RTC case joins us to share his discriminatory treatment in NJ. Please help funs this important case https://www.gofundme.com/restore-carry-nj  We also discuss the madness that is Murphy, and some excellent home protection tips.

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