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Day Date at Gun For Hire!

i bought the package for two to surprise my husband with a fun date night. neither of us had shot in a couple years - because... well because we have two very young babies and those suckers are demanding! we finally visited the range today and had an awesome time! the range was MUCH bigger than we expected and to my surprise ridiculously clean and bright. the woman at the front desk welcomed us and answered a couple of questions we had about safety and how long the range was in business. our package included an intro lesson which we decided to take as a refresher even though we have both shot many times. our instructor was clear and patient and actually very funny. he set the tone for a great experience! the range was very busy. The staff kept things moving like a well oiled machine but we never felt rushed! My husband and I counted 9 range safety officers which let us know safety is a top priority at Gun For Hire. Our 45 minutes of port time went by fast but we are very excited to get another date at the range on our calendars! The t-shirts and tattoos were a fun takeaway to remember our experience.

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My wife recently got her FID…

Good seeing you today.   As always, no better experience.     My wife recently got her FID and some P2Ps so she can get something of her own for protection and to take on her own to the range to practice.   I brought a number of my handguns, but she was struggling with grip and deciding what was good.   I called John over, and his help was invaluable.    After trying my guns, he took her to the rental counter to feel some others.    Between John and Bianca’s advice and help, she narrowed it down to the H&K VP9 and Glock 19.    I rented both, and with John’s help we found what she really liked.    I never would have been able to help her, and she walked away saying it was her best experience shooting at the range ever.      Your staff is wonderful - thanks.

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Simply spectacular

The experience was fantastic. We will be back for at least two days next year. One day is a great start but two would have been better. We had such an extraordinary instructor MATTHEW “Matt” ask him to guide you it will truly be memorable And the cherry on top of what was exceptional is the 50 cal BMG is a must at the end of your day We often speak about it and can’t wait to return See their videos and photos!

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Elegant Baththub Reglazing

WELCOME TO Elegant Bathtub Reglazing Don't Replace..REGLAZE!!! If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Elegant Bathtub Re-glazing we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We use state of the art material,equipment, and process derived from years of refinishing experience.   Elegant Bathtub is fully licensed and insured. We are open 7 days a week  from 8 am to 8 pm.  We are located in Little Ferry. Serving New Jersey. Commercial and Residential accounts. We can re-glaze tubs, tiles, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, claw foot tubs, Jacuzzi, shower stalls, shower pans, fiberglass tubs / stalls. Let us put our experience to work for you. About Elegant Baththub Reglazing Elegant Bathtub strives for excellence. We provide provide outstanding service for refinishing for all of your needs for bathtub,tile, sink, ,tub & surrond, Fiberglass, shower pans, re-grouting, clawfoot tubs,chips & cracks...etc. We use the highest quailty of product and services provided in the industry today.   Elegant Bathtub Reglazing is family-owned and operated in Little Ferry, NJ. We treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.  Thank you for considering Elegant Bathtub Reglazing Julio and Linda Mendoza 201-491-2798 www.elegantbathtub.com  

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Very nice from start to finish

On or last day on the east coast of our holiday trip (we, 4 people from Germany) decided to go shooting and we picked this location. We arrived with a bus near the location. After we arrived at the shooting range, we were really surprised by the friendly and helpful personal. Everyone was really nice and helped us with our "paperwork" (i guess they need it for legal reasons). I have to mention that we already booked something so that 2 persons can shoot with a handgun and an (i guess) ak47. We extended it by one person which was an option so that we can shoot altogether (the fourth person was not that much into shooting :D ). From the reception to the counter, where we got our weapons and stuff, to the instructor, everyone was nice to us and we felt very comfortable asking questions. The shooting was awesome! We never did this before and for me personally, it was one of the best experiences here. While we only booked one hour the instructor was so kind to let us shoot all the ammo we had (which was somewhere between enough and a lot) and we enjoyed it! After we shooting, everyone smiling, we also got 2 souvenirs for free (you can also buy cool stuff there) and then we asked at the reception for a guy who welcomed us and which whom we had a really nice talk and he offered us to take us to a nearby from where we can drive back to our hotel in Manhatten with the bus. It turned out that he was one of the managers (i guess) of the shooting range. TLDR: we had a [...]

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Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf

About Us: Joseph Maurice, Partner at Cohn Lifland and President-Elect of the Bergen County Bar Association, is certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey’s Board on Trial Attorney Certification.  He practices primarily in the areas of commercial and criminal litigation. Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf, with 25 attorneys is one of the oldest and most highly respected law firms in Northern New Jersey. Our firm was founded 95 years ago by David Cohn, whose goal was to provide excellent legal services for everyday people and small businesses. Our goal remains the same today. We handle a full range of legal matters for individuals and businesses, including: -          Matrimonial law -          Domestic violence -          Gun forfeiture matters -          Restraining orders -          Criminal defense -          Criminal expungements -          Personal injury -          Employment law -          Business transactions -          Commercial litigation Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP Park 80 Plaza West-One 250 Pehle Ave., Suite 401 Saddle Brook, NJ  07663 201-845-9600

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The Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast: Episode 433

This week on Gun For Hire Radio... Regional NRA Training Counselor Jimmy G joins us to discuss the full slate of training classes at GFH and we also look at the left's animosity towards law enforcement (until THEY need them).

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Dreams do come true… Hit the 1,000 yard target

Jimmy, I just wanted to drop you , and your staff, a little note for all of your help during the Urban Long Range shooting class.  Before taking your class my only experience shooting a rifle was with an old 22 Remington bot action that i shot to probably no more than 200 yards. I took the class with a little apprehension . 1000 yards?  Was it even possible? But after taking the class , paying attention to what was being taught and putting it into practice at the range.  I was able to reach that lofty 1000yards. Hitting that target that day was one of the greatest feelings you could imagine. But was it pure luck? Shortly after the class i decided that i just had to try it again. I searched all over the internet for a range that had a 1000 yard field. The closest range was in the middle of the state , I live in PA, 3 hours away.  so a 6 hour drive back and forth just to try and repeat what I had thought to be just pure luck shot. To me it seems like it was worth it. So a friend and i joined the Mifflin County Sportsmens Association in Lewistown Pa. Finally we were able to set a weekend to drive out to the range over the Labor Day holiday. Once we got to the range we had to hurry and set up the targets. Little did we know that actual shooting started started at 1:00 on Sunday because of church and we got there at 12:30. We had  to to hurry up and drive out to the 1000 yard burm, and set up our target, [...]

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This is what a Red Flag law looks like!

These are the two laws in NJ that are leading the other States and the Federal Government. This is what a Red Flag law looks like! NO due process and a direct violation of the 5th and 14th Amendment!  "The Constitution states only one command twice. The Fifth Amendment says to the federal government that no one shall be "deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, uses the same eleven words, called the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states. These words have as their central promise an assurance that all levels of American government must operate within the law ("legality") and provide fair procedures. Most of this essay concerns that promise. We should briefly note, however, three other uses that these words have had in American constitutional law". If someone is offended by you or a social media post, you can be Red Flagged! George Orwell’s book 1984, now available in non fiction! Here is the outline of the laws. Please beware! A1181, which allows mental health practitioners and law enforcement officials to keep firearms away from mental health and therapy patients who seek to harm themselves or others. The bill amends current law to require that licensed mental health practitioners exercise their duty to warn and protect by alerting law enforcement if a patient has threatened to and intends to commit imminent, serious physical violence against themselves or others.  If law enforcement determines that the patient is incapable under statute of possessing a firearm, then any firearm ID card or purchasing or carrying permit is voided and subject to revocation by the Superior Court. Sponsors include Assembly members Patricia Egan Jones, Gabriela M. [...]

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Sue and I were Anthony Colandro’s guests yesterday

kniferights Sue and I were Anthony Colandro's guests yesterday on @gunforhire radio. We talked about Knife Rights' founding, our 9-year battle and victory in NY, a bunch of other interesting topics and had a great time! Then we spent some time in Anthony's incredible Gun For Hire range shooting a variety of cool guns including the .50 AE Desert Eagle and Barrett .50 BMG! We literally had a BLAST! Incredible range, incredibly good people and one of the nation's staunchest 2A and Knife Rights supporters behind enemy lines in NJ. If you are ever in the NYC metro area, it's well worth a visit. Check out the link in @gunforhire BIO.

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Great shooting range

My wife and I have been coming to this gun range for about 3 years now. It was always a great experience especially the guys inside the shooting area. Today I took my grandson with me and while he was shooting the .22 Ruger rifle jammed and stopped working. Gabe was very helpful and even took the rifle to the on-premises gunsmith. 15 minutes later they fixed it for free. Gabe really made our day. It is always great when people go that extra mile help you. And it was a great lesson for my grandson - do your job well and it is rewarding for all involved

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