Membership has its Privileges!

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Gold and Platinum Members Enjoy Priority Queues

If a Gold or Platinum Member arrives and there is a wait to enter the ports, they will be automatically entered into the top of the queue system. On a weekend this could save you a few hours! This is one of the reasons the Gold Membership is most popular!

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Members Receive Free Gun Rentals

If your a Member of Woodland Park Range you receive free rentals, Monday through Friday 2pm – 5pm! On other days you also receive discounted rental pricing of $15 per rental.

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Member to Member Business Port

Our family here at Gun For Hire is 6 Stars. Why not keep the business within the family? With thousands of Members you’re sure to find the business you are looking for. Keep in mind we have just started building this business page. If you would like to submit your business please click the link below. Note this business page is password protected for you, as we understand some businesses do not want to publicly announce their 2A support. Please call us for the password or review the recent Member e-mail. View the B2B here!

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Platinum Events

Each year we will be holding some great Platinum Only Events. This is your portal where you can view the latest upcoming events for Platinum Members Only! Platinum Portal

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Gold Events

Each year we will be holding some great Gold Only Events. This is your portal where you can view the latest upcoming events for Gold Members Only! Gold Portal

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Members Only FFL Transfers

If you enjoy purchasing a few guns throughout the year, then you already know the amount of money you will save on a FFL transfer will cover your Membership. If you’re a Member click here to begin the process.

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Members Discount Gun Cleaning While You Wait

Members save on professional gun cleaning done by our experts here at Gun For Hire. We’ll get the job done while you wait.

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Members Referral Program

We get and understand the rush of excitement you feel when you are here. We know you’ll want to bring your friends and family here to experience the same rush that you feel. If they join we want to show you our appreciation for expanding the family. For every friend or family member you help join, you will receive $50.00 in your Gun For Hire Member account.

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Members ID Card

This is the only card you’ll want to keep! It’s the closest exemption to a NJ carry permit allowed by law! This is free to all Members. As a Member you will also have access to Evan Nappen.

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Member Pricing on Targets

Members receive preferred pricing on all targets.

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Member Pricing on Ammo

Members receive preferred pricing on all calibers of Ammo.

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Members Receive FREE Ammo

This perk is on hold currently until AMMO restrictions are lifted! BUT it will be coming back soon! Members receive a Free Box of ammo when they purchase three boxes of the same ammo. This perk is good only for 9mm and 45ACP.

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Members Receive Discounts on Gun For Hire Courses!

Become a Member and save on exclusive Gun For hire Courses! This is an awesome perk that will save you hundreds of dollars. Once your here you will be hooked on our courses. Imagine the savings!