Welcome To Gun For Hire

Here are some questions you may wish to ask or get answers to, prior to booking a training class:

  • Is your training source a legitimate, structured company doing business in the state of New Jersey?
  • Is training the primary focus of the business?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Is there a real person on staff to answer phone calls and emails?
  • What are the credentials of the instructors?
  • Are they qualified and have verifiable references from other students?
  • Is the school operating out of a garage, house, or a borrowed location?
  • How many qualified trainers are on staff and are they full time?
  • Is the school willing and able to tailor programs to meet specific needs?
  • Are the school and instructors fully insured?
  • Is the business clean, well lit, and in a safe location?
  • Are the bathrooms and other facilities kept clean?
  • Will there be “hidden” fees or a hard sell during a class with high-pressure sales tactics?

At Gun For Hire LLC, we welcome and encourage questions such as these and any others that you may have. We are confident that when you, the customer, take the time to research your training source, you will select us as your training source of choice.

Why we are your first choice in indoor shooting!

Location – The range at Woodland Park is literally 15 minutes from everywhere in Northern New Jersey and only 12 miles from NYC.

Safety – Both of our ranges are staffed with trained Range Safety Officers at all times.

Convenience – We have a lounge area, free wifi, café on site, and plenty of parking. Before you visit another facility be sure you stop by Gun For Hire and experience first hand why we are incomparable.

Health – We have the newest, safest range air purifying system available. This is often the most overlooked aspect when someone is choosing a facility. We spared no expense with our system because you are worth it.

Environment – There is no other range like ours anywhere. The level of quality and amenities make us second to none, see for yourself. Our facility is modern, clean, and well lit.

Training – If you know Gun For Hire then you know the level of quality training we offer. With over 27 years in the firearms training business, we have earned the right to say we are the best.

Professionalism – We are a full time range and a full time training organization. This is not a hobby for us like others and it shows.

Since 1992 we have established an impressive list of satisfied students. We have worked very hard to develop the reputation that we enjoy. We will not and do not compromise our ethics or integrity for business. We will work hard to earn the privilege of adding your name to our list of satisfied students.

Welcome to the Gun For Hire Family.


Who Is Gun For Hire? The Tri-State’s Only 6 Star Range

To continually advance our incomparable courses, family environment and service.
With the proper safety and training anybody can truly enjoy the sport of firearms.
Once you arrive to our Range and become one of the family you will feel right at home.
When you take one of our courses, we guarantee you will feel comfortable in the range and will hit the target every time you shoot. Guaranteed.

Our Crazy Skills

State-of-the-art facility 100
Incomparable Family Environment 100
Selection of the Best Firearm Rentals 100
Anthony P. Colandro 100