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Print this out and take it to your Town Meeting. Several towns in New Jersey are quickly becoming sanctuary cities

Come to Gun For Hire and sign the petition to remove Gov Phil Murphy from office!

Make a Choice! Get Active! What’s Your Excuse!

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Anthony is a great friend of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and has been fighting to save the second amendment behind enemy lines in NJ all his life. Anthony would be a great addition to the NRA BOD were we know he will always have NJ’s back. NJ needs all the support it can get to fight back against the plague of Democrat lead gun control efforts in the state.” ~ Fredy Riehl, AmmoLand Editor-in-Chief.

Fredy Riehl, Editor in Chief - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News INC
Evan Nappen - 2A supporters
Anthony Colandro is in the trenches of New Jersey on the front lines of the war for our gun rights. He is dedicated, heart and soul, to defeating the enemy. I proudly endorse Anthony Colandro for NRA BOD.
Evan Nappen, Attorney at Law
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I whole heartedly endorse Anthony Colandro for Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association. I first became aware of Anthony via his podcast Gun for Hire Radio and have listened to every episode. He is a generous 2nd Amendment supporter with his time, money and resources. He is a long time NRA training counselor and has trained countless firearms instructors in many disciplines. He has not only testified many times in front of the New Jersey House and Senate, but has organized several rallies at the NJ Statehouse protesting proposed anti-2A rights legislation. He is also the Vice President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs ( the NJ NRA State affiliate).  He deserves a chance to represent  us on the NRA Board of Directors.
John Edeen, MD, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
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Anthony Colandro is determined, charismatic, and a true leader in the gun rights community. Commencing in 1992, Anthony built his gun range as a place for women, children and minority groups. This was his first step in encouraging all Americans to love the Second Amendment and everything it stands for. Today, Anthony has the largest gun range in New Jersey, providing quality training to hundreds of Americans each day. I 100% endorse and support Anthony Colandro for NRA board.

Raquel Okyay, Host of Crosshairs show
Diversity Shoot - 2A supporters

I first heard of Anthony Colandro from a friend of mine that had taken SORA training at Gun For Hire. He had nothing but good things to say about the training he took. Later when my friend went back to GFH for his NRA Instructor certifications he told me more about Anthony, his range and Anthony’s stance on the 2nd Amendment rights. I later became a certified NRA instructor myself through GFH and learned first hand about Anthony and his 2nd Amendment advocacy work. In 2015 I decided to start a 2nd Amendment workshop, The 2nd is For Everyone: Diversity Shoot, dedicated to growing the firearms community by welcoming people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or background into the firearms community. I needed a range to launch this endeavor from and the first place that came to mind was Gun For Hire range in Woodland Park NJ. Anthony immediately opened his range to me for this event, allowed me to be a guest on his hugely popular podcast and donated many swag,  gear, training and range passes for us to give away during our events. I have become more active in 2nd Amendment politics in New Jersey, whenever I wanted to make a difference all I had to do was look for wherever Anthony Colandro was at to find the epicenter of New Jersey’s 2nd Amendment advocacy. Anthony Colandro is a great 2nd Amendment civil rights leader, an amazing instructor, a unapologetic capitalist, a good friend and my recommendation for the NRA Board of Directors.

Tony Simon, Diversity Shoot
Mark - 2A supporters

Anthony is a great friend of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and has been fighting to save the second amendment behind enemy lines in NJ all his life. Anthony would be a great addition to the NRA BOD were we know he will always have NJ’s back. NJ needs all the support it can get to fight back against the plague of Democrat lead gun control efforts in the state.” ~ Fredy Riehl, AmmoLand Editor-in-Chief.

Mark Cheeseman , Founder of New Jersey Firearms Owner Syndicate
Phil Bartoszewicz - 2A supporters

Anthony Colandro is a perfect fit for the NRA board. He is determined, charismatic, and a true leader in the gun rights community, both through his pro 2A podcast and his immensely popular and welcoming gun range in New Jersey. Anthony supported me when I was starting my gun business, giving me unlimited access to his range to help me develop my products. I believe him to be a true asset to the pro 2A community, and a firm supporter of the NRA and it’s mission. I think he would be a great asset to the NRA board and I fully endorse him for this position.

Phil Bartoszewicz, Owner/President of Scalarworks
Leo Manalo - 2A supporters

It has been our pleasure to know and work with Anthony Colandro for over a decade. Since our first meeting with him at his Belleville location so long ago, Anthony has been a friend to all those in the self-protection and gun rights community. His determination to provide a safe,friendly, and knowledgable place for those interested in learning and training about firearms is shown in the quality of his organization and staff. Anthony has been a leader in support & defense of our Second Amendment rights and would be a great asset to the NRA Board.

Leo Manalo, Full Instructor Atienza Kali
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G96 is a leading manufacturer of lubricants within the gun industry for over 50 years. I have had the pleasure as serving as Vice President of Sales and Manufacturing for over 10 years. Within this capacity I have had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of Anthony Colandro. (Owner of Gun For Hire) Anthony is as hard working and community driven as they come. For years most ranges catered o the adult, white male clientele; not Anthony. When he opened his range in 1992, he built his business model around an all-inclusive philosophy in which ALL Americans share the second amendment right to bear arms; welcomng women, children and minority groups into his facility. His range is the largest gun range in New Jersey; providing quality training to hundreds of Americans each day. Many ranges have followed in his footsteps; providing “Ladies Nights” and other events that encourage all to frequent their facilities. Anthony is charismatic and well spoken; a true leader within the gun rights community. I truly believe that Anthony Colandro would be an asset to the NRA board. As such, I endorse his candidacy and he has 100% of my support with this endeavor.
Andrew Goldman, G96 products
Joshua Prince Esq. - 2A supporters

As an NRA Benefactor and Charlton Heston Member, I understand the need for NRA Board Members that are tireless and zealous fighters, who remain steadfast in their devotion, defense and commitment to the inalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Given Anthony Colandro’s resilience and never ending fight against New Jersey’s draconian gun laws, I wholeheartedly endorse him for the NRA Board of Directors. With him installed at the helm, we can all be assured that our inviolate rights are never encroached upon.

Joshua Prince Esq, Joshua Prince Esq
COlandro For Nra Henry - 2A supporters

I endorse Anthony Colandro

Anthony Imperato

Anthony Imperato, President Henry Repeating Arms
Sheri - 2A supporters
On behalf of the membership of the Second Amendment Women’s Shooting Club -SAW I offer our strong endorsement for Anthony Colandro for NRA Board of Directors. Anthony has been a friend and supporter of our women’s shooting club since it’s inception and hosted our inaugural event, as well as many others since then. He is also a personal friend for over ten years so I can vouch for his dedication to the 2A community, particularly providing a safe, friendly and professional environment for women and their families to participate in the shooting sports.

Anthony has always given his full support for women’s access to educational opportunities in firearms training. We are proud to call his range our home base.

Shari Spivack, President and Co Founder Second Amendment Women’s Shooting Club


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for hosting last weekend’s NRA CCW Instructor Course. It was a pleasure to finally meet you after seeing you for so many years. You and I have spoken at the same legislative events several times, but I never had an opportunity to meet you.

I wanted to let you know that your entire team were some of the best ambassadors for the shooting sports I have ever met in over 40 years of shooting. Your facility is truly SIX STAR, made so in no small part by the friendly and professional attitude of your entire staff.

Everyone I met while on break was genuine. Even standing outside during breaks I had the pleasure to meet some of your RSO’s and they were extremely friendly and polite. I’m not surprised to see you commanding the market and I even noticed many NY License plates driving up to shoot!

The number of women shooting was also heartening to see. As you may be aware, in my own NRA Basic courses we are training at least 50% women in each class! Your entire operation is family-friendly, extremely clean, and the benchmark for safety. You have truly left no detail unattended, from the expert branding (including uniforms) of your business plan to maintaining a porter to clean up after everyone! Anthony, well done! Piping in GFH Podcasts into the men’s room is BRILLIANT!

Lastly, your commitment to the National Rifle Association is inspiring. Your attendance and interaction each day (especially at the Essex County academy range) served to boost the ‘esprit de corps’ of all the Training Counselor participants. Everyone I met, especially Jimmy and Bob, made me proud to be from New Jersey.

Again, thank you for your hospitality and commitment. Please feel free to call me at any time if I can be of service to you.


Thomas Manna Jr., NRA Appointed Training Counselor
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TLBTV In the Crosshairs with Anthony Colandro

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Anthony Colandro: Award for Gun Rights Warrior

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Trenton Gun Rights Rally

NJ Safecon Anthony - 2A supporters

2018 NJSafe Conference

Anthony Colandro Trenton Rally - 2A supporters

Trenton Gun Rights Rally

Anthony Colandro NRA - 2A supporters

Trenton 2A Gun Rights Rally

Anthony Colandro for the NRA - 2A supporters

CAM & CO Interviews Anthony Colandro

Anthony Colandro fights for your rights - 2A supporters

Anthony Colandro Pulls No Punches

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Anthony Colandro I will not comply!

Anthony Colandro - 2A supporters

Columbian Foundation 76th Presidential Dinner

Leadership and Credentials

• NRA Master Training Counselor – All Disciplines
• NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Handgun
• NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Shotgun
• NRA Benefactor Life Member
• NRA Ring of Freedom Member
• NRA Heritage Society Member
• NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator – Congressional District Eight N.J.

• NRA Education and Training Committee Member
• Executive Vice President – Assn. of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs
• Regional Training Counselor – NRA Refuse to be a Victim Program
• PPCI Certified Handcuff, Baton, OC Instructor
• N.J. Division of Criminal Justice Certified Firearms Instructor
• Graduate – Lethal Force Institute and M.A.G. Group
• Life Member – Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
• Life Member – Assn. of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs

• Life Member – Gun Owners of America
• NRA Whittington Center Trailblazer # 353
• Member – National Shooting Sports Foundation
• Member – Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
• Member – KnifeRights.org
• Member – Second Amendment Foundation Defenders Club

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