Anthony Colandro - Meet The Team
Anthony P. ColandroGun For Hire CEO & Founder
An armed society is a free society – Thomas Jefferson.

Gun For Hire, Firearm Training Center and NJSO were started to promote the positive aspects of safe and responsible firearms ownership. Thirty years ago I became involved in the shooting sports, since then my passion has grown to where it is today as the owner of the largest firearms instruction school in New Jersey. I believe if you are going to make the commitment to own a firearm, it is your duty to learn the safe and responsible handling that goes with its ownership. Since 1992 Gun For Hire has been the gold standard in firearms training in the Northeast. It is no accident that we are the best of the best in NJ, it is because of hard work and relationships with our students that have enabled us to become number one. “Firearms in self-defense are not a cure all but in trained hands they are the ultimate equalizer.” Shooting firearms well is a perishable skill and to stay on your game you must practice.

First Shots - Meet The Team
Thomas J. O’BeirneVisionary & Builder
The Vision – Thomas J. O’Beirne

Thomas J. O’Beirne is the owner of the buildings and property located at 1265 – 1267 McBride Ave Woodland Park NJ and the Developer of the new Woodland Park Range. His objective in this project was to create an indoor facility that would serve and accommodate everyone from Military and Law Enforcement Professionals to responsible civilians who want to learn the sport for fun, hobby or protection.

Born in East Orange, NJ, Tom grew up in West Caldwell and graduated in 1979 from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After college, he worked for Academy Contractors Inc. on Henry Street in Orange, NJ as a commercial and industrial construction estimator. During that time, he also began purchasing investment real estate.

In 1983, he left his position at Academy to start his own company, Thomas J. O’Beirne & Co., Inc. The office and shop was in the basement of his parent’s house in West Caldwell, and he parked his trucks in their driveway. His business plan was simple, build the finest product for the lowest responsible cost, make every customer understand that nothing is more important than their project, and never purchase anything unless you can afford to have it sit in your yard. Thanks to a valued and generous customer base, talented and dedicated employees, and much good fortune, the company prospered and grew from one truck and the basement office to a 10 acre facility in Roseland, NJ, a fleet of trucks and equipment, and a 27,000 square foot office building. Tom is also the owner of Picciuto Paving, a commercial Asphalt Paving Company, and a Licensed New Jersey Master Plumber.

In addition to active business interests, Tom’s real estate holding in Northern and Central NJ include a Rail Facility in Sparta NJ., a number of Banks, Retail Centers, Industrial Parks, Office and Manufacturing Buildings and a large Telecommunications Center in Roseland. Tom is also instructing a historic firearms course.


Tom O’Beirne, the great nephew of American Civil War Medal of Honor Winner General James Rowan O’Beirne, provides an informational class on the development of firearms from the American Revolutionary war to the Spanish American War featuring pistols, muskets and carbines from his own voluminous collection. This is a chance to see some the most rare weapons used by American Armies in North America, including the 1777 French Cavalry Pistol, the 1816 to 1858 Harpers Ferry Musket, the Springfield and Enfield Muskets, the Jefferson Davis designed 1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine and Colt Revolving Carbine and Rifle.

The Vision
My father was not a gun guy, but nevertheless I grew up around guns. Besides being my Dad, he was Lieutenant Thomas Steven O’Beirne of the Newark Police Department, who, along with my uncle, Rudy Cicchino, a General Contractor, was one of the great influences on my life and career. My father taught me discipline, common sense, compassion and logic, and Rudy taught me the trade and business. His favorite saying was that only hard work will get you the better things in life. They were both the heroes of my youth, the men that I looked up to. Whenever family or friend had a problem, they were there, my Dad in role for which he was trained, and Rudy for everything else. I was really proud of my Dad, but it was Rudy who I wanted to be, and for that reason, I chose Construction for my career. They have both since passed and I think of them continually and miss them dearly.

As a child growing up, I was afraid of the monsters that I saw on TV. These monsters did not bother us while we were out all day away from our Parents playing; they only troubled us when we were alone in bed at night. To defend myself from them, I slept with my Boy Scout Knife, but deep down I knew I would not need it if one of them came for me; Dad was in the next room, had his gun and would always protect me. Today, the monsters that I fear have taken a more human form, and as a parent, I find them to be a lot more frightening and no longer nocturnal. Over time my home protection advanced from my Scout knife, to a baseball bat, a nightstick and then my first real gun, a Smith & Wesson .32 Caliber Long Revolver, which was my Dad’s off duty firearm. One day, I told my good friend and Vice President, Anthony Cilibrasi that I wanted to get a larger caliber semiautomatic pistol. On a Saturday afternoon, we went to a Sports Shop in Bergen County, and that was the start of it. What began as a decision to be better prepared to protect my family turned into a passion, and over time I acquired a collection of firearms from Civil War black powder and cartridge revolvers to Custom Shop Pistols that can’t help but hit the target. Although I was lucky enough to be accepted as a member in a private Pistol Club, I did visit Public Ranges and was appalled by the conditions and the employee attitudes. I felt that what we needed in Northern New Jersey was a quality facility that catered to one and all. It had to be in an upright town with easy access, plenty of parking and a wealth of nearby supportive businesses. I quickly came to the realization that I had all that and more in a building on a site that I already owned in Woodland Park.

The first plans called for the renovation of an existing 12,000 square foot warehouse, but on good advice from Riverdale Range President Ted Guis, I decided to go beyond the normal 12 ports and increase some of the target distance to 50 yards, which led me to demolish the building and construct a new one designed specifically for its intended purpose. Aided by staff of experts and professionals, we were able to propose and assemble a structure that was functional, safe and appealing to the Community. The result was the new Range, which contains six (6) 50 yard ports, ten (10) 25 yard ports and three (3) 25 yard training ports. It also houses classrooms, a store, lounges, elegant washrooms and a café. There is onsite parking for over 100 vehicles in a paved, lighted lot. This six star Range has also given me the ability to teach a historical firearms course and share my 200 piece collection of military and historical firearms.

A project of this magnitude would not be possible without the help, service and support of many dedicated and talented people. In closing, I would like to recognize a few:

My Design Team

• Attorney: Richard Brigliadoro Esq.
• Architects: Paul Silverberg, AIA and David Rutberg
• Site Engineer: Joseph Jaworski P.E.
• Range Expert: Ted Guis P.E.
• Firearms Expert: Corporal Russell Hatzel
• Range Engineer: Paul Darmofalski P.E.
• Traffic Engineers: Joseph Staigar P.E. and Craig Peregoy P.E.
• Planner: Arthur Bernard P.P.
• Members of my Staff:
• Accounting: Mary T. Dino
• Range Construction: Anthony Cilibrasi
• Planning and Procurement: Alfonso DiGangi
• Law Enforcement Guidance Trooper Patrick Freeland
• Range Concept: Joseph Luciano
• Store Concept: Michael Ottomanelli
• Gun for Hire: Anthony Colandro
• Action Target: Michael Stilwell, Olin Johnson

Woodland Park Municipal Officials: Woodland Park Mayor and Council, Former Mayor and Freeholder Pat LePore, Councilman Gary Holloway, Police Chief Anthony Galietti, Police Sergeant John Uzzalino, Members of the Woodland Park Board of Adjustment, and of course my beautiful children Tara, Melanie and Tommy.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your patronage and support of our facility. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time there, become a member and make it a part of your regular routine.
Tom O’Beirne

Gun For Hire LLC

Anthony Colandro - Meet The Team

Anthony Colandro Founder, CEO, OG:

Host of hit radio show “Gun For Hire Radio” – over one million listeners nationwide. Executive VP and endorsed by NJ State Association. Member, NRA Education & Training Committee. NRA Master Training Counselor (one of only 60 in U.S.). Aggressive, outspoken defender of Second Amendment rights for over 30 years in battleground state of NJ, making numerous TV and radio appearances. Helped defeat NJ legislative attacks in 2013. Strong advocate for Right to Carry. NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator. Supports NRA competitive activities, Women on Target, Eddie Eagle, NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. 25+ year NRA Certified Instructor. NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. NRA Ring of Freedom and Heritage Society Member. Whittington Center Trailblazer #353. Hosted record-breaking FNRA dinners in NJ three consecutive years. Founder of Gun For Hire, NJ’s leading firearms training facility and indoor range.

Rich o - Meet The Team
Rich O'LenickPrincipal / Business Manager / CFO
Rich is our bean counter. If you have any questions regarding payables or receivables please contact Rich via email.
Matt Dancsecs1 - Meet The Team
Matt DancsecsPrincipal / Graphic Design / Marketing
Since inception Matt handles all the marketing and graphics for the brand. Including website, emails, posters, merchandise and print advertising. If you have any questions regarding the website, marketing materials or advertising please contact Matt via email.
Gary M. - Meet The Team
Gary MastrangeloManager
Contact Gary via email.
Silvin - Meet The Team
Sivin R.Manager
Contact Sivin via email.
John Uzzalino - Meet The Team
John UzzalinoLead Instructor
John has been a Police Officer with the Woodland Park Police Dept. for over 20 years and is currently a Detective Lieutenant. He is a PTC Certified Firearms Instructor and has attended several firearms tactical courses as well as Active Shooter preparation courses. He has been trained as a SWAT operator and holds several armorer certifications. John handles the Advanced Firearms training for his department is a Gun for Hire Instructor in all of our exclusive courses. 
Wayne M - Meet The Team
Wayne MonicoInstructor
Retired at the rank of sergeant in 2010 after serving 25 years with the Fort Lee police department in New Jersey
Winston - Meet The Team
Thomas O’BeirneGun For Hire's historic firearms instructor
Thomas O’Beirne provides an informational class on the development of firearms from the American Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War featuring era specific pistols, muskets and carbines from his own voluminous collection.
Winston - Meet The Team
WinstonRange Patrol
Gun For Hire’s official mascot who is trained in several courses like breakfast, lunch and dinner.