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Effective June 13, 2018, New Jersey law no longer permits us to sell or transfer magazines that accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.  That includes magazines that are shipped with any firearms being transferred. We can modify most magazines for you so they are permanently blocked from accepting more than 10 rounds of ammunition for a fee of $15, or we can arrange for alternative disposition of magazines in compliance with New Jersey law.  You also have the option of requiring that the dealer transferring a firearm to us exclude magazines that are not New Jersey compliant.  However, you must provide us with instruction on disposition of non-compliant magazines prior to the time you take possession of the accompanying firearm.  If you take possession of the firearm without providing us with instruction as to disposition of any magazines, you will be deemed to have abandoned the magazines and we may dispose of them in our discretion.  Using our transfer services indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Only $20 per Firearm / Receiver! Members Only FFL Transfers!

Please review every line of information. If you miss anything it will delay your firearm from being delivered.

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Here are a few steps for you to save BIG!

1) Make sure that the FFL that you are buying the firearm from will ship your gun.

2) If yes, go ahead and buy that gun.

3) After you buy the gun fill out the form below.

4) When it is ready we will call you to schedule a time to pick up your firearm.  Pick up is by appointment only.

Note: To take advantage of our $20 transfers and save BIG you MUST be a Member of the range. All information will be confirmed below.

“Please do not call or come in to pick up your firearm.
We will contact you to schedule a pick up.”

“When picking up an FFL transfer, the Member MUST pick up the firearm which has been on site the longest period of time. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

“The form below is for One firearm / receiver only. If you have multiple firearms / receivers coming to our facility you must fill out the form and pay the $20 FFL transfer for EACH firearm.”

The FFL is to be issued by Gun For Hire / Woodland Park Range personnel only. Use of our facility by unauthorized persons and non-members to receive firearms without permission will result in the firearms being returned to sender at the customer’s cost.