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Chez les pro-armes du New Jersey Patron de Gun for Hire, Anthony Colandro est un infatigable défenseur du deuxième amendement, qui s’insurge contre la «diabolisation» des détenteurs d’armes à feu. A la veille des «midterms», il attaque les démocrates… et Donald Trump. Anthony Colandro ne tient pas en place. Dans son royaume de Gun for Hire, «le seul stand de tir familial au monde», clame son site internet, ce colosse à l’œil qui frise salue des clients, taquine ses employés et s’assure trois fois que son interlocutrice a bien compris qu’elle pouvait se servir dans le frigo de sa «VIP Room». Il a un bagout d’enfer. Nous sommes dans le New Jersey, à Woodland Park, en plein Trumpland. Pas bien loin de Paterson, ville qui se distingue par la multiplication de crimes sordides. Ici, des garages et des fast-foods jouxtent le stand de tir. Un logo fait pour choquer Les armes, c’est son univers. Anthony Colandro est membre de la NRA, le puissant lobby pro-armes. Il siège au sein de trois de ses comités. Il a voté pour Trump en 2016, défend bec et ongles le deuxième amendement de la Constitution qui stipule que tout Américain a le droit de posséder une arme, et anime sa propre petite radio, «la voix des 1 million de propriétaires d’armes dans le New Jersey». Sur son biceps gauche, il a tatoué le nom de son entreprise. Provocateur, il est ravi que son logo, avec le «i» qui s’écroule dans une flaque de sang, puisse choquer: «Au moins, tout le monde s’en rappelle!» Supprimer les armes ne changera rien: la Prohibition n’a pas empêché la vente et la consommation d’alcool. Anthony Colandro, patron de Gun for Hire Ici, chez Gun for Hire, le client [...]

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This is what us gun people really do.

This is what us gun people really do. We work with mental health professionals to try and fix the violence problems. We do not fixate on the innate object and watch as nothing gets done! I am proud to have helped with this book and maybe we can start to address the REAL issues with violence! This is why Gun For Hire is the tip of the Spear of the 2A fight in NJ! Purchase on Amazon.  

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Shooting range seeks to make guns ‘mainstream’

Click to watch video. As the gun control debate continues after the shooting in Las Vegas, Anthony Colandro at Gun for Hire in Woodland Park is looking for new customers. Yana Kolubelova had a choice to make. She had a day off from her nurse’s job at a New York hospital. So did three fellow nurses — two women and a man. What to do? Kolubelova, 23, of Brooklyn, considered driving with her friends to a winery on Long Island. But then, she embraced another destination: a single-story brick building just off Route 46 in Woodland Park, flanked by a car wash and an auto body shop, and across McBride Avenue from a gas station and a bank. A shooting range. Kolubelova and her friends spent several hours on a recent afternoon trying their hand — and trigger fingers — at firing a variety of guns, including an AR-15, the military-style rifle used by numerous mass shooters, among them Stephen Paddock, who killed nearly 60 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last Sunday. “Today, it was either a vineyard or this,” Kolubelova said. “We picked this.” As the nation grapples with the thorny question of how, or whether, to effectively control the spread of firearms in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, proponents of gun rights have been pressing forward with a subtle but meticulous campaign to make guns as much a part of everyday life as cars and cellphones. This campaign is plainly visible in state legislatures, where advocates are pushing for laws to allow private citizens to carry guns in malls and day care centers, on college campuses and in churches. But it is also [...]

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We are supporting Keith Kazmark

Click Here to RSVP and to Contribute I am proud and extremly excited to host this breakfast fundraiser at Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range! We must support those who support us! If you have not heard what Mayor Keith Kazmark has to say, now is your chance. He has been a proud supporter of ours, has visited Woodland Park Range several times over the years, and has been a guest on Gun For Hire Radio. This is the time, Keith is the one! Come for breakfast, donate, and make a difference. -Anthony P. Colandro Please Join Us! for a breakfast fundraiser in support of:  Keith Kazmark's Congressional Exploratory Committee for New Jersey's 11th Congressional District Monday September 18, 2017 9:00 a.m. 1267 McBride Ave. Woodland Park, NJ 07424 RSVP by September 14, 2017 If you can not send a payment online please make checks payable to Keith Kazmark for Congress Exploratory Committee PO Box 2200 Woodland Park, NJ 07424   Click Here to RSVP and to Contribute

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Rachel Maddow, storyteller and gun lover

Rachel Maddow, storyteller and gun lover There's rarely any doubt where Rachel Maddow stands on an issue. She's a cable news headliner, and Rita Braver has been watching her in action ... both on the air, and off: "This is a beautiful gun." So maybe you wouldn't expect the woman wielding the Colt .45 pistol or the AR-15 rifle to be unabashedly left-leaning Rachel Maddow. "Like, I'm a real liberal, even on, like, gun safety and gun control issues," said Maddow. "That said, I think that shooting is fun, and I think that shooting ranges are an excellent place to both learn about guns and to freak your friends out!" Rachel Maddow with correspondent Rita Braver. Indeed, as the host of her own MSNBC show, Maddow delights in doing the unexpected. For example, she's credited as one of the first national journalists to spotlight the lead in drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan -- a story about which she said "it is starting to become inconceivable that no one has been jailed or impeached or recalled from office." Spooling out the story, as she usually does, in a long, impassioned monologue... "The kids of Flint, Mich., have been poisoned by a policy decision." Her goal: To make you REALLY listen. "Storytelling is fun for me," she explained. "But I also think when you're telling a good story, it sinks in more. That's a more influential way to communicate information rather than just reading the news." "So those jeans ... what you're wearing underneath [the desk]?" "It's like a mullet: it's business upstairs, party downstairs." And of course, there's the fact that in 2008 she became the first openly-gay American to host a national news [...]

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Article From It seemed like such a great idea at the time. A nationally respected engineering university in downtown Newark set out to design a safer gun with high-tech electronic locks to prevent it from being fired by a thief or a child who found it accidentally. In Trenton, the governor even signed a law ordering New Jersey’s firearms dealers to sell only so-called smart guns once the first one hit the market. But that was 2002. Much has changed since then — some say, for the worse. The New Jersey mandate, known as the Childproof Handgun Law, is now considered a well-meaning but misguided failure that sparked a vigorous campaign by gun-rights proponents to block the sale of “smart” firearms with safety locks. The law’s Democratic supporters announced this month they want to revamp it. Meanwhile, smart guns are not available in New Jersey — or anywhere else in America — even though consumer studies suggest that as many as two-thirds of gun owners would opt for high-tech locking systems on their firearms if they were reliable. And in Newark, an ambitious, decade-long research project at the New Jersey Institute of Technology to develop just such a reliable electronic safety lock for firearms has been shut down. “The project is dead,” said Donald H. Sebastian, the NJIT administrator who emerged as one of America’s most vocal proponents of smart-gun research — and, as a result, a target of gun-rights advocates who argued NJIT was part of a conspiracy to promote more control over firearms. How did this happen? How could a project that did not aim to limit guns so much as to make them safer fall so flat with gun owners? There are many [...]

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I loved every word I read.

I just read an article on your range by a Bethany Mandel and I loved every word I read. I owe my wife a trip to her hometown of Philadelphia PA sometime and if I can work it in I would love to visit your range and do a little shooting. That being said if you ever make it out to my neck of the woods, Roscoe Texas you are absolutely welcome to come shoot with me. Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the fire. Robert U.S. Army Retired

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HOW ONE JERSEY GUY BREAKS STEREOTYPES ON GUNS IN A DEEP BLUE STATE Recently, I wrote for the New York Post about an experience at a local gun range in my home state of New Jersey. In the piece, I noted the diverse participants learning with me in a class on basic pistol safety and classes. I am a stay-at-home mother, and in the class alongside me were three men interested in becoming law enforcement officers and an optometrist. Walking into the range, I noticed men, women, teens and even children walking around ready to shoot. This is not your average shooting range, which, I learned, is due to the fact that its owner is anything but average. Anthony Colandro is a 6-foot-2-inch, 230-pound Italian-American. So far, he fits the profile for a gun enthusiast, but his physical attributes are where it ends. Colandro doesn’t consider himself a Republican or a Democrat, but a political free agent. He’s a self-described health nut, dedicated to maintaining good nutrition and rigorous exercise. Colandro’s determination in the gym and in the kitchen has helped him lose over 160 pounds while also working through a painful divorce. That same determination helped him open a gun range in Northern New Jersey, one of the bluest parts of the country. Colandro started his own business as a firearms trainer in 1992 after receiving certification from the National Rifle Association. He would travel around the tri-state area, training people in the safe use of guns from as far south as Philadelphia to as far north as Westchester. In that time, he became familiar with every single gun range in the area, its positive attributes and, in his mind, many of the negatives. [...]

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NRA Official Website

A Brief History of the NRA Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to "promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis," according to a magazine editorial written by Church. After being granted a charter by the state of New York on November 17, 1871, the NRA was founded. Civil War Gen. Ambrose Burnside, who was also the former governor of Rhode Island and a U.S. senator, became the fledgling NRA's first president. An important facet of the NRA's creation was the development of a practice ground. In 1872, with financial help from New York State, a site on Long Island, the Creed Farm, was purchased for the purpose of building a rifle range. Named Creedmoor, the range opened a year later, and it was there that the first annual matches were held. Political opposition to the promotion of marksmanship in New York forced the NRA to find a new home for its range. In 1892, Creedmoor was deeded back to the state and NRA's matches moved to Sea Girt, New Jersey. The NRA's interest in promoting the shooting sports among America's youth began in 1903 when NRA Secretary Albert S. Jones urged the establishment of rifle clubs at all major colleges, universities and military academies. By 1906, NRA's youth program was in full swing with more than 200 boys competing in matches at Sea Girt that summer. Today, youth programs are still a cornerstone of the NRA, with more than one million youth participating in NRA shooting sports events and affiliated programs with groups such [...]

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Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey’s first Pro-­‐2nd Amendment talk show is now “The Voice of 1 MillionNew Jersey Gun Owners.” Master Firearms Trainer and Urban Defense Expert, Anthony P. Colandro and International Bestselling Author and broadcast veteran, Alexander “Sandy” Berardi share the “how to’s” and “what for’s” of legal, responsible gun ownership, and protecting your most valuable assets… yourself and your family, especially in the dangerous and crowded Urban and suburban environments we live and work in. They, and their guest experts, answer questions and give advice. They talk about the news, current events, and legislation that are important to New Jersey Gun Owners. They’ll keep you abreast of fast-­‐paced changing laws, pending legislation and anti-­‐ gun wackiness that can impact your right to protect and safeguard the life and safety of you and your family. They expose the veiled propaganda and “under the radar” midnight attacks against your second amendment rights from Washington, Trenton, Hollywood, the mainstream media and the powerful Anti-­‐Gun Industry. And they do it all from behind the “Second Amendment Iron. Website:

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