Woodland Park to collect water bottles to aid in Louisiana flood relief WOODLAND PARK - Help will be on the way from Woodland Park to those in Louisiana who were recently struck by major flooding. Borough Mayor Keith Kazmark and the Woodland Park Council have teamed up with Anthony Colandro, owner of North Jersey Gun for Hire, and Fernando Rodrigues from TMX Logistics to deliver cases of water to the flood victims in Baton Rouge. The water bottle collection drive will take place Tuesday Sept. 6 through Friday, Sept. 9, from 4 to 8 p.m., at the West Paterson Boys & Girls Club, 8 Memorial Drive, Woodland Park. TMX Logistics will then transport the water to Louisiana once the drive has concluded. "We wanted to step up and do what we can for other people," said Borough Councilman Vincent DeCesare. DeCesare thought of the idea along with Borough Councilwoman Tracy Kallert. He called an American Red Cross in Louisiana and coordinated the event. "It's just a case of water, but in Louisiana it means so much to them right now," said Kallert. The water bottle collection drive is one of many initiatives being done throughout the United States to help those who were negatively-impacted by floodwaters that ravaged through southern Louisiana during mid-August. USA Today reported that the flooding killed 13 people and has damaged tens of thousands of homes and businesses. As a result, thousands of individuals need temporary housing. The Red Cross reported on its website,, that as of Aug. 29 more than 2,900 Americans are volunteering to help with the Red Cross's disaster response effort in Louisiana, including volunteers from all 50 states. "Without volunteers there is no Red Cross," said Brad Kieserman, Red Cross vice president of disaster operations and logistics, [...]

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New York Post Article.

Guns ‘n’ Moses: Why more Jews are packing heat A Jewish suburban mom, a doctor and a cop walk into a shooting range. That’s no setup to a punch line; it’s who you might find at the kind of New Jersey gun range where I took a basic pistol class last Sunday morning. As our instructor looked around at the class and commented on the strange mix of individuals, he noted that just one character was missing from his typical crew of students: a rabbi. He didn’t have to explain why; you only need to watch the news to know that synagogues, kosher supermarkets and Jewish community centers are a renewed target for violence right here in the New York area, not to mention Paris and Jerusalem. That’s not the (only) reason I was there. I’m no longer the card-carrying liberal I was in my teens and early 20s, but even then my relationship with guns was more complicated. As a child, I was saved by the presence of a gun in my home. A man tried to climb in my bedroom window one night. My single mother heard the noise, grabbed her gun and explained (though no explanation was really necessary) that it would be in the man’s best interest to return from whence he came. I’ve always appreciated my mom’s gun possession ever since. But now, as a mother myself, I understand it, too. Recently Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson came under fire (sorry, couldn’t resist) for saying the Holocaust might not have unfolded the way it had if Jews in Europe had been armed. Many Jewish groups and individuals were up in arms (last one, I promise) over those comments, and understandably so: [...]

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