but I remember all I learned….

Just wanted to say thanks…had an incident on my property last week with car thieves but I remember all I learned from my pistol 101 course especially the portion about home defense. I was prepared to protect my home through your course and the many visits to your range but thankfully they did not breach inside my home. Car wasn’t stolen just rummaged through. Signing up my wife for more courses & she just put in her paper work for her FFL& handgun permit…. Again Thank you!

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as a person with disabilities I can honestly say…

Sean Needham You guys are the best as a person with disabilities I can honestly say that the 2a community and GUN FOR HIRE has been one of the best things that happened to me I grew up in an anti gun family I didn’t even have water guns as a kid so I had certain ideas in my head about the kinds of people I’d meet and I Could not have been more WRONG I’ve been treated with nothing but respect and full support the people of GUN FOR HIRE are truly the best in the business and the country and I’m proud to call Anthony and the rest of the crew friends I can’t wait until Thursday when I come and get my new gun thanks for the support advice and friendly atmosphere!

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Top notch quality training

I’m a 24 year law enforcement officer (NYS Courts) and live in Monmouth county, NJ. I wanted to take the NRA’s Basic Pistol course as a refresher and the required prerequisite for advanced classes and instructor training. I decided to take it on 8/1 at Gun For Hire as I enjoy listening to owner Anthony Colandro’s weekly podcast and wanted to see it for myself. I could not have been more pleased with the experience. I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and professional atmosphere upon entering the facility. The reception staff were friendly and courteous as advertised during the check in process. It felt more like an upscale medical practice than what you would encounter at a typical range. The class itself was conducted in a very thorough and professional manner. The instructors, Wayne and Tom were friendly, engaging, and supplemented the curriculum with their vast professional and real life experiences. They made the class both safe and enjoyable whether you were experienced with a pistol or just getting started. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience and would recommend Gun For Hire not only for its fabulous range facility but for the quality training courses it offers. I’m looking forward to taking more in the near future.

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My favorite thing about this place was the atmosphere…

My friends and I came here for her bachelorette weekend. It was an absolute amazing experience. We were greeted as soon as we arrived. Guns For Hire was extremely accommodating. They gave us two boxes of ammo, three free targets, and free t-shirts which was very generous of them. My favorite thing about this place was the atmosphere. All the workers there had a great personality and it made our experience more enjoyable. Personally, I was terrified because I had never shot a gun before and I am extremely afraid of loud noises but the instructors that stayed with us were so nice and helpful. The instructors were very patient, and made sure we were comfortable with the guns before having us shoot. I also loved how they were so considerate. We had been waiting in one of the classrooms for about ten minutes when an employee came in and decided to move us to a more secluded range so that we could get started because they took into consideration that it was her bachelorette weekend and they knew we had a lot more planned. I don't think that five stars does this place justice! I am highly recommending this place to all my friends and I will most likely be back :)  

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very professional and very knowledgeable…

I came here this past Friday early in the morning to try out my new rifle and to zero my red dot. I chose the 50 yards booth. Since it was my first time here, I had to register in the front desk, which was fairly quick process filling out some forms. I found the staff here very professional and very knowledgeable, and they take pride in what they do. Especially with the RSO, Arthur, and the two gun smith, one of which was Kevin O. Arthur helped me load my magazine to save some time, gave me some pointers in my shooting, and when I started having issues with my rifle (gas tube came loose), he immediately called the gun smith (Kevin O.) to come. They fixed my rifle very quickly, pro bono and brought it back ready to go. My overall experience was pleasant, and I did enjoy my time shooting. I will definitely come back very soon. Despite living 45 minutes from here, I would choose to come here rather the shooting range closer to me, and I will certainly recommend this to other people.  

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Worth the trip!

My 9 year old son wanted to try try shooting a gun. Staff was great and very helpful. Will be back, just wish they were closer hour and half ride for us. Funny thing is I still have not shot a gun and it was the first time for my son.

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Loved it!

Loved it. This was our very first time shooting and all the member was very friendly and helpful till I left the place. I wish I cud gave then more than 5 star. Cant wait to visit them again.

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French Tourist!

(Translated by Google) We went to stay in New York, we wanted at all costs to experience shooting, we went to gun for hire by bus from the bus station in New York, the experience was great we reccomandons especially Gabriel who has knew how to put us at ease and explained us very well! Really a great and unforgettable experience !! Good job guys !! 👍👍 (Original) Nous sommes allés en séjour à New York, nous voulions à tout prix faire l'expérience du tir , nous sommes allés à gun for hire en autobus depuis la gare routière de New York , l'expérience a été formidable nous reccomandons surtout Gabriel qui a su nous mettre à l'aise et nous a très bien expliqué ! Vraiment une expérience formidable et inoubliable !! Good job guys !! 👍👍

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The staff was very friendly…

If I can give them more then 5 starz I definitely would. GUN FOR HIRE is the best gun range I can ever go to. The staff was very friendly, welcoming. I had a amazing experience. Everyone was so helpful, respectful. I would definitely recommend this place to the highest. I had a great time and I will be back again again again and again. 😊 Thank you so much for the amazing experience. P.S I will come back to do the membership and fun courses.

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probably the only one in the area!

The facility is very clean and well organized. They offer 25 lanes as well as 50 yards. The later is probably the only one in the area. The rental selection is extensive and comprehensive so you will find what you are looking for unless you are the Terminator. The place could be crowded but that comes with the above. Aside from the range they offer a plethora of courses, trainning and guidance. The staff is knowledable, very friendly and have a great disposition to serve the public. They have excellent gunsmiths at hand and as of late the Ottomanelli's gun shop is within the premises. It is a one-stop shop very conveniently located.

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the people working there are respectful, polite and ready to help…

The range is awesome, the people working there are respectful, polite and ready to help. Marvin , the manager is the man when it comes to help with a Glock and helping new shooters have a great time. Alex D, a goofy range safety personnel taught trigger /breathing/ grip techniques to my buddies. Anthony the owner is a great guy who is about 2nd amendment. Great place , keep up the good work guys!

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Will definitely come back…

Had a great time with my partner, niece and niece's cousin. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff but should they notice that you know what you are doing, they'll just stand behind you and are always ready if you need any assistance. Their ammunitions are of good quality --  they won't leave any mark on yourself and your clothes. Their place is big and clean too. They offer courses and they seem pretty nice and decent. The niece and the cousin says the starter course was really good. Their service is pretty quick -- from concierge to filling up forms to rentals and purchases to firing instructions. We also saw a few people who went in with their own guns. Will definitely come back if we are around New Jersey.

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He is super patient (especially with beginners)…

Had a great time at Gun for Hire this past weekend. Ran into Gun Range instructor Kenny. Great to see him - can't wait for him to come back. He is super patient (especially with beginners). He reminds you on the little things such as stance, aim, breathing techniques - just awesome. He helped me out when I came last year and good to see Range instructors sharing/passing on gun safety knowledge. Place is always super clean and forget those styrofoam ear plugs - be sure to wear the over the ear protection because it is LOUD! Great time - looking forward to going again next month.  

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my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Been here numerous times. Whether it be with my father, younger brother, wife, friends, or myself, my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal! Freddy and Krystal were great! The range, the parking, the staff, the plethora of weapons are great. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient, alert, and friendly. The owner, Anthony Colandro, is a good dude. While viewing their website i noticed they didnt have a flag that represented where my family comes from and all that, and on the website it stated "if you don't see your flag, let us know". Being a muslim Palestinian american i was hesitant but didnt think much of it (in this day and age) and i emailed them. Anthony himself emailed me back took care of it on the spot. Ended up going to the range an hour later with a military friend and Anthony greeted us. That man is the epitome of what the town and country needs. Laid back, professional, humurous, and straight up. Cant say enough about him or his business, thank you!

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Not only is the facility extremely welcoming and family oriented…

Gun For Hire is the BEST fire shooting range in New Jersey. The excellent management team and staff are extremely welcoming, which provides a phenomenal family friendly atmosphere. The entire staff does a great job accommodating the visitors and explain everything in great depth. Not only is the facility extremely welcoming and family oriented, but it is also very sanitary, clean, and organized. They do a great job in running their facility, and providing outstanding customer service. Thank you to Anthony, Matthewand the entire staff for our first gun shooting range experience and providing us with the best customer service we have ever experienced. We will be back very soon!!!

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