We felt looked after from the first email enquiry…

We visited Gun For Hire to experience something different as part of our trip to New York, as both me and my fiancé had never been to a shooting range before. We felt looked after from the first email enquiry to the moment we left! Gun For Hire is like a family and you feel in totally safe hands from the second you enter the building. We were given advice on which guns to select and given full tuition on how to use our selected guns too! Marvin was our main point of contact and he is an amazing man, made us feel welcome and he could not do enough for us! Thank you Marvin for making our day such a great one! We can’t recommend this place enough and if you want an experience to remember forever then check our Gun For Hire. We have videos, photos, memorabilia and memories to treasure and will certainly be returning upon future visits to New York.

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No matter your view on guns, they accept everyone here…

Wow, just wow! No matter your view on guns, they accept everyone here.  They make the whole process so easy, and safe. I was always for 2A, I just never wanted to own or fire a gun.  That changed at a bachelor party a few years ago.  The range officer gave us a quick safety spiel, and made sure that we followed it.  This changed my mind on guns. Fast forward to today, I am a proud member of this gun range!  I go once ish a month. They take safety very seriously!  From locking up the gun case to double doors into the range, and at least 1+ range officer onsite at all times. Last Feb, I did my multi state CCW here, and im finally certified in 6 states! I am also a member of several national gun organizations, and look forward to doing some training and certification here soon. All in all a fantastic place!

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everyone was so nice and encouraging!…

This was my first time shooting - everyone was so nice and encouraging! Our instructor John was really patient and took the time to show us how to shoot and safely load the gun. Everyone suggested the AR as it had a scope and interestingly was much easier to aim than the 9 mm. Obviously much louder and a little bit of recoil but I did quite a bit of damage to my targets torso and groin! The guys behind the rental counter were so nice and encouraged me to try the AR. It can get crowded quickly so I would recommend going early. I went on a Saturday around 10:15 and every stall was in use. When I left around 11:30 it was packed! They have a lot of different options and will walk you through each option.

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flew out to New York for the New Years celebrations….

Amazing experience My husband and I along with 4 friends flew out to New York for the New Years celebrations. We hired a car and drove down to Gun For Hire on New Year’s Day. WOW! The staff are amazing and so welcoming. The girls at the concierge are so polite and the guys at the gun store & range are super helpful. I had been in contact via email with Marvin before we arrived in the states about our plans to visit and when we arrived we were greeted by Matt who was expecting our arrival and was right on hand to assist us. Once we completed the paperwork we went though and selected our guns, targets and were provided with safety equipment before going on to the range for some training on how to load, shoot and safely put down the guns. They guys really knew their stuff and were very patient with us all. I really liked how safe the process was, it was nice that the guns were put in locked cases to transport them to and from the range. After our time on the range which was awesome we handed the guns & equipment back in the desk and they very kindly gave us ALL a tee-shirt to take home with us as a souvenir of our visit. We were then advised to go and wash our hands using the de-leading soap as some of the party were heading the airport that afternoon. A photo on the Vespa is a must!

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As we have flown over from the U.K. we weren’t sure what to expect…

Today my husband and I along with some friends went to Gun For Hire to try shooting for the 1st time. As we have flown over from the U.K. we weren’t sure what to expect. I had been in contact with Marvin via email prior to our trip and he was incredibly helpful. When we arrived Marvin wasn’t in but Matt was on hand and new about our arrival! We were greeted with a lovely and friendly welcome and made to feel at home. The girls behind the desk at the entrance were also lovely & welcoming. Once we had completed the paperwork we went around and picked our guns, targets and ammo with the advice of the staff as we were totally clueless. Marvin had arranged for us to be given souvenir t-shirts to take home with us which was an extra lovely gesture. Before we left we had to have a picture on the Vespa ( thanks Matt for taking this). We all had a lovely time so thank you all very much!! Hopefully we’ll be back in the states in the future and will pop in.

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This place is GREAT!! Great for families and…

This place is GREAT!! Great for families and beginners. The customer service was outstanding. The entire staff was friendly and did everything to make sure we were welcomed and felt safe and comfortable every step of the way. A big thanks to Matt (one of the owners) and our instructor, Jim. Also to staff at the rental counter. My wife and took our three sons to GFH today and we all left with smiles. A GREAT experience. We will definitely be back.

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