Believe the hype….

I have known Anthony Colandro casually for several years… Not only though his podcast, but from him providing valuable personal advise and counsel.

I don’t get to the range very often and live about an hour away, and while I have stopped in before to drop off toys for tots or sign a petition, I had never had the opportunity to shoot in his range.

Recently, I needed some “mail bonding time” with my 14 year old son, who I felt was getting desensitized to the repsonsibility of handling a gun… thanks to video games, particularly Fortnite… and I thought was ready for his first firearms experience.

Despite an hour drive, and likely wait because if the holiday vacations, I knew there was nowhere else that I would want him to have his first live fire experience.

I started my shooting years ago at Ray’s Sport Shop, which is long out of business, and was the traditional, “old buys club” experience… Not particularly welcoming to newcomers or kids, and dark, dingy and dirty.

Gun for Hire at Woodland Park Range could not have been more different from Ray’s… Family range, incredibly diverse crowd, friendly and helpful staff, clean facility, 6-star worthy… I could go on and on.

Most impressive was that Anthony took time from his busy schedule to greet my son and even give him a “Challenge Chip” to learn firearms safety.

I think my son even convinced my reluctant wife to give it a try next time.

If you are within driving distance, make the trip, you won’t regret it!