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There isn’t a range rating standard anywhere sufficient to evaluate the incomparable facilities at Gun For Hire’s Woodland Park Range. That’s because at Gun For Hire, we don’t limit ourselves to the standards created by others – we break those standards and hold ourselves to an even higher benchmark. No one sets higher expectations than we do. One visit to our facility and you’ll understand why. The current range rating points system of NSSF® awards the highest rating of 5 stars for only 500 points (which most ranges do not even come close to). Our Woodland Park Range facility currently warrants an unprecedented 625 points under that standard, yet we do not rest on our achievements and continue the relentless pursuit of excellence every single day.  Gun For Hire is proud to say we shatter the 5-star standard and would qualify for an unprecedented 6-Star Rating – if one existed!  Well it does now, and we define it.  No one else comes close.  Come visit our facility, take our courses and see the difference 6 stars make!

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