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Jan Gilhooly at Gun For Hire - After the Badge

After the Badge

Length of Course: 3 hours
Location: Woodland Park Range.
Course Level: Starter (What’s this?)
Who teaches this course? Jan Gilhooly is a twenty-nine year veteran of the United States Secret Service. Prior to that he served with the Department of Justice. During his career with the Secret Service he has held various assignments as a special agent and at the supervisory and Executive level. His assignments include: the New York Field Office; Presidential Protective Division; Inspection Division; and most recently, service as the Special Agent in Charge of the Newark, N.J. Field Office, where he directed the diverse mission of the Secret Service.

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Mr. Gilhooly has also served as: Inspector in Charge of U.N. 50, which accommodated 143 heads of state during its celebration; Inspector assigned to the “White House Security Review” mandated by the Secretary of the Treasury to comprehensively review security procedures used for Presidential Protection in the U.S. and abroad; and Law Enforcement Executive in Charge of OPSAIL 2000, which united 34 federal, state, municipal agencies into a single law enforcement operation. In 2002, he was called upon to supervise protective activities at Superbowl XXXVI and at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, events which were designated National Special Security Events.

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Mr. Gilhooly has worked in 58 countries and received 20 awards for performance and special acts. As Special Agent in Charge, Mr. Gilhooly supervised “Operation Firewall” an 18-month, international, undercover, organized crime cyber-investigation, the first of its kind.

More recently, as the DHS Protective Security Advisor for the State of New Jersey, Mr. Gilhooly served as the direct liaison to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. and those State of New Jersey entities responsible for securing the State’s critical infrastructure.

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Currently, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Archangel RTR, LLC, a consulting firm which provides risk/threat reduction services to clients that include Fortune 100 companies and foreign governments, Mr. Gilhooly specializes in such areas as infrastructure protection and all aspects of high-risk security consulting. As a private contractor, Mr. Gilhooly has led intelligence survey teams in the Middle East, for U.S. Intelligence Agencies, specializing in infrastructure and harbor facilities. In 2008 and 2012 Mr. Gilhooly served as a security consultant to the Republican National Committee (RNC). In 2009 Mr. Gilhooly served as a consultant to FIFA (World Cup) for games held on the African Continent. In 2009-2010, Mr. Gilhooly served as a member of Gov. Elect Christie’s (NJ) transition team, as the lead chair in homeland security. On February 24, 2011, the New Jersey Senate confirmed Mr. Gilhooly as the Commissioner of the New York/ New Jersey Waterfront, with responsibility for 200B dollars in commerce and keeping the waterfront free of Organized Crime influence. He served in that capacity until July of 2014. Mr. Gilhooly is a State Dept. recognized subject matter expert (sme) in anti- terrorism and has worked in foreign nations in that designation.

Mr. Gilhooly has guest lectured at numerous police academies and academic institutions on such topics as Stalking Behavior, Prediction of Dangerousness, Protective Security Measures, and Building Law Enforcement Partnerships. Mr. Gilhooly is a recognized expert in the areas of risk and threat assessment, major event security, risk management and interpretation of intelligence information. Mr. Gilhooly currently serves as President of the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service. He has served on the Adjunct Faculty of Seton Hall University. Mr. Gilhooly developed the “After the Badge” course for Law Enforcement executives to ease the transition to private industry.

Course Description:  “After the Badge” is based on his own experiences while planning for retirement from one position and transitioning to another and that of the numerous law enforcement executives, Federal, State, County, and Municipal, with whom he has worked over the last forty four years. The course has been taught to numerous County Chiefs Associations, The NJ State Chiefs Association, and U.S. Marshal’s, to name a few. Course attendees benefit greatly from this structured look at what it takes to gain success, along with happiness (your own and your families) “After the Badge”. Upon completion of this course, attendees will have the knowledge needed to begin planning their life in a new career, as well as understanding their strengths and weaknesses as they begin the new challenges associated with starting a new career. You can be a five, ten, or twenty five year employee, looking to move on and you will benefit greatly from spending time learning from those whose experiences have set the tone for this course.


  • Why’s and When’s of Retirement or Job Change
  • The Big Plan (time frames, decision making)
  • Options (where to go and how to get there)
  • Financial Obligations
  • What do you really know
  • 21st Century skills “What don’t I know”
  • Resume writing
  • Job interviews/Interview techniques
  • Review of common mistakes made
  • Fitness and health, financial planning, family composition, relocation, enjoyment factor
  • Pencil and paper for note taking
  • You will leave with a few printouts including the top 10 ways to sink a job interview
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