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The experience was fantastic….

The experience was fantastic. We will be back for at least two days next year. One day is a great start but two would have been better. We had such an extraordinary instructor MATHEW “Matt” ask him to guide you it will truly be memorable And the cherry on top of what was exceptional is the 50 cal BMG is a must at the end [...]

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So. Much. Fun.

So. Much. Fun. I had to give this guy my number three times because I forgot to bring my membership card. Not complaining, he was really cute and I was secretly hoping that he'd have memorized my number by then so he can call me to hang out sometime. I hope he has good memory! Lol We rented a 40 caliber gloc and a 45 [...]

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the best facility I have ever been to…

This Gun Range is without question the best facility I have ever been to. The cleanliness, the environment, the staff you just can not compare this to any other gun range. It's more like a family entertainment place like Disney or Great Adventure.. But with guns! lol Whatever agency does their marketing and website is spot on. All info is easy to follow, graphics are [...]

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Best shooting range I have ever been too…

Best shooting range I have ever been too...hands down. Range captains were great and took time to teach my son how to handle the gun, load it, and shoot it. Owner (Anthony) took time to come out and talk with us. Great first experience at a state of the art facility. Can't wait to go again!

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