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Range FAQ’s2017-05-19T12:09:24-04:00
First Responders Membership?2019-01-16T14:38:58-05:00

Yes we have a great Membership for you called Gun For Hires Red, White and Blue Membership! Click here to read all about it! At this time we would like to thank you for everything you do! In honor of your work we donate a proceed of your Membership to K9 for warriors. TO date we have donated over $6,000!

Can I bring my own gun?2019-01-16T14:35:14-05:00
Absolutely. Bring whatever you’d like! Our 50 yard Range can handle up to a 50 cal BMG. We only ask that you keep your firearm cased until you enter the port. We will not inspect or review your firearm. It is up to you to ensure the firearm and or equipment is operational and compliant. If you would like our gun smiths to review an issue or clean your gun we have an amazing team at your assistance.
FFL Fees2019-01-16T14:34:35-05:00

We Don’t hide fees from Family. We proudly offer FFL transfers to our Members for $0 dollars. You just pay the state mandated $15 NICS fee.


With family visiting from all over the world we understand you and your group may enjoy a cigar or cigarette. For those people wishing to smoke we have a designated area outside with proper cigar or cigarette disposal to keep your area clean.

Rental Pricing2018-05-01T07:00:30-04:00

Walk-ins: $25 per rental (does not include the cost of ammo) Walk-in’s can also obtain at the front desk from concierge a Rental BOGO, This is a little plastic tag that allows you to get a free rental with the purchase of a rental. This BOGO is typically good Monday – Friday.

Members: $15 per rental (does not includes ammo) Members also receive Free rental cards when they join. The amount of cards they receive depends on their Membership level. These can be used by the Member or they can give to a friend. Members also receive unlimited rentals Monday – Friday from 2pm – 5pm.

Interested in learning more about our member perks? Click here!

Observers / Spectators2019-01-16T14:33:12-05:00
Yes we do! We would never separate family! If you are not interested in shooting but would like to experience the sounds and thrill with your friends, you’re welcome to join them inside the Range.
FID Card Rules2018-03-09T14:53:02-05:00

Anyone with a valid New Jersey State issued (FID) firearms ID card must have a matching State or Government issued photo ID (i.e.: same name, same address, etc.) Even with a valid FID card and corresponding ID, you can’t rent firearms from us unless you also have your own firearm(s) in your possession, or if you have a friend with you.

Holster Draw2018-02-18T10:23:22-05:00

Only Active Law Enforcement or students that have attended the prerequisites (Gun For Hire Holster Draw or Urban Pistol 2) are allowed to draw and fire from the holster. Retired Law enforcement and armed security personal are allowed to have a Firearm holstered but will not be able to conduct “firing from the holster, drawing in and out to fire”

Meeting the above prerequisite does not exempt anyone from following all range rules.. i.e. All firearms must be aimed, No firing from hip (weapon retention) minimum distances etc.

If a Range Safety Officer notices any one not following rules you may forfeit the right to draw and fire from a holster at Woodland Park Range.

Range Time Gift Cards2017-05-17T11:50:09-04:00

The one hour range time gift cards that come with your Membership have a value of $15.

If I am a Non Member can I use your FFL services?2018-11-23T10:14:22-05:00

No. GUN FOR HIRE CHARGES ZERO $0 for FFL transfers Members just cover the $15 NICS fee! Please click here to see Membership Options.

Regarding Children2017-07-16T17:07:32-04:00

With regard to any of your minor children (or minor children of whom you are legal guardian) and/or guests who are minor children (“Minors”), you hereby consent to the Minors’ presence at any of our facilities, presence on the range, use of the range, participation in firearms training, and participation in any other activities that occur at any of our facilities.

Each time you participate in any of the activities that occur at any of our facilities, your participation shall constitute your agreement to (and ratification and affirmation of) the most current version of our Voluntary Release, Waiver, Indemnification, Hold Harmless, Consent, and Assumption of Risk Agreement.

Can I bring a minor to the range?
Children 8 and older can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children 13 and older are welcome to shoot pistols and take pistol, rife or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Note: We recommend children start with a .22LR firearm, however we have had younger children shoot larger calibers that have demonstrated a higher maturity level and physical capability.
Children can not be left unattended at any time.

Am I able to take a course if I have a physical limitation or disability?2017-05-19T12:09:46-04:00

Some students will not be able to assume certain shooting positions (such as standing, kneeling or squatting shooting positions) because of physical limitations or disabilities. The presence of a physical limitation or disability does not by itself affect a student’s eligibility to attend the course or receive a certificate of completion. Most exercises may be adapted to work within each student’s range of motion/function. Regardless of the disability, all students must demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding of the laws of the State pertaining to firearms use to receive a certificate of completion. Also, safety will not be compromised in any modified technique. It is important to notify the Instructor, prior to enrolling in a course, if you have any concerns which may need to be addressed. This may include (but is not limited to) sore or bad knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, hips, artificial joints, deformities, or anything which may hinder or alter your abilities to perform certain shooting tasks or safety demonstrations. This course is offered to persons in accordance and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but due to the nature of the overall safety of all surrounding students and instructors, as well as the general public, and compliance of the courses, each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

What kind of participation is involved in a typical shooting course?2014-01-26T17:31:31-05:00

Students must demonstrate safe gun handling skills with training pistols, prior to participating in live-fire exercises.

Can pregnant women or nursing mothers attend a course?2018-11-01T10:18:35-04:00

If anyone is pregnant or nursing an infant, they can not enter the firing range due to the loud sounds and lead particulates.

Can I bring my own firearm to the course?2020-02-17T14:47:19-05:00

Yes. All students are encouraged to bring their own firearms to the course as well as factory ammo to shoot during the live fire portion. Be sure to transport your firearm in accordance to NJ State law. For a full set of NJ Transportation Laws click here. Email or call with any questions.

How do I enroll in a course?2014-01-26T17:29:51-05:00

Simply choose the course you would like and use the register form on the webpage or you can visit the Range and sign up for any course.

What is the minimum age requirement?2017-07-16T17:17:52-04:00

For the First Step and Basic Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle courses, there is no minimum age requirement, provided that the student is mature and responsible, has the required positive attitude when handling firearms, and is able to follow along with the lessons and course materials. The student must successfully demonstrate the knowledge which they have gained with safe gun handling skills, before moving on to the next stages of lessons. For courses which do not contain “live-fire” shooting exercises, there is no minimum age requirement. CCW courses require that the applicant be 21 years of age.

Can I bring a minor to the range?
Children 8 and older can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children 13 and older are welcome to shoot pistols and take pistol, rife or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Note: We recommend children start with a .22LR firearm, however we have had younger children shoot larger calibers that have demonstrated a higher maturity level and physical capability.
Children can not be left unattended at any time.

Are private lessons available?2014-01-26T17:28:52-05:00

Private lessons are available. If you wish to schedule a private lesson please send us an email.

Are there breaks and lunch breaks?2018-04-24T14:21:05-04:00

During the classroom instruction, there is a 5-10 minute break every hour.

Do I need to bring anything with me for a First Steps or Basic course?2017-05-19T12:09:46-04:00

No, it is not necessary to bring anything with you, as all materials, selection of firearms, ammunition, targets, hearing and eye protection, are included in the cost of the course. However, be sure to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. Bring a ball cap if you like. Avoid wearing shorts, open toed shoes, or low cut shirts.

Will I receive a certificate after the course?2014-01-26T17:26:54-05:00

Yes, all courses are certified.

Where can I find course pricing?2014-01-26T17:26:35-05:00

The course pricing is listed on every page at the bottom of the pre-registration box.

How large are the group Courses?2017-05-19T12:09:46-04:00

The Instructors prefer smaller sized classes, to guarantee each student the opportunity of personal one-on-one instruction during live-fire exercises. In the classroom lessons, our Instructors routinely alternate teaching the different stages of gun safety lessons.

Can I pre-register without paying a deposit?2014-01-26T17:25:41-05:00

When you register online or at the Range you will be required to pay in full.

Do you offer Gun Cleaning Services?2014-01-26T17:24:17-05:00

Yes. We now offer while you wait gun cleaning for pistol only, as well as long gun cleaning by appointment only. Pricing varies based on Member or Non-Member, please contact us for any further information.

Do you transfer firearms from other dealers?2014-01-26T17:23:37-05:00

Yes. This is an exclusive benefit for our members.

Do you offer gunsmith services?2014-06-25T20:32:07-04:00

Yes. We offer very limited on site gunsmithing services, Please inquire within.

What type of clothing is required to use at the range? Do you have a dress code?2014-01-26T17:20:47-05:00

Shooters need to wear closed-toed footwear and shirts that aren’t low cut to avoid getting burned by spent shell casings. Pants must be worn around waist.

Do you have a ladies night?2014-01-26T17:19:10-05:00

We do teach woman-only courses at the range. Please see our calendar!

Can I shoot rifles and shotguns at your range? What kind of ammunition is allowed?2017-10-17T16:56:20-04:00

Yes. We allow rifles under .50 calibers. We do not allow ammunition that is steel core, armor piercing, tracer, incendiary, or bi-metal jacketed. Shotguns are allowed, with the exception of “shotguns without stocks” or “stockless shotguns”. This ensures that all shotguns are shoulder-fired in the range. However the shotgun rounds must be at least buckshot or slugs. No birdshot / target loads. We ask that you inform our range staff that you intend on shooting a rifle or shotgun prior to entering the range so that they may verify your ammunition is appropriate for use on our range. Note: We do not allow pistol grip shotguns in our range. All long guns must be fired from the shoulder.

Do you sell firearms at the range?2014-01-26T17:16:47-05:00

No, we do not sell we only rent firearms.

I have never shot before. Do I need to take a class?2014-01-26T17:16:17-05:00

You do not need prior instruction in order to shoot at our range. We do require that you watch a safety video and fill out a waiver before using our facilities. We also offer private instruction and a wide variety of classes for everyone from first time to veteran shooters.  Unless pre-approved, all first time visitors / members will need to watch a 15 minute safety video and pass a short shooting course.

Am I allowed to shoot my own firearm?2014-01-26T17:15:54-05:00

Yes, you may bring your own firearms to shoot. We require all firearms to be in a secure case or range bag.

I am from a different state/country. Can I still shoot at your range?2017-07-16T17:17:19-04:00

If you come with a friend, a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or Government issued photo identification card.
If you come alone, you need prove you are Active or Retired LEO plus bring your own firearms.
Have your own guns with you and want to try a few of our rentals? You are welcome to do so.

Please Note:
Shooters who rent firearms must be in a group of 2 or more. No single, out of state shooters will be allowed to rent firearms unless they are Active or Retired LEO with their own firearms in their possession.

Can my guest and I have two ports?2014-01-26T17:14:43-05:00

No, you must share a port.

Can I transfer my standard membership to someone else?2014-01-26T17:14:14-05:00

No, memberships are non-transferable.

Can one of my guests use the range if I am not present?2014-01-26T17:13:46-05:00

No, you must be present in order for your guest to check in and use your guests pass.

Can I teach at your range?2014-01-26T17:13:15-05:00

There is NO outside instruction allowed at the range.  All instruction will be given by Gun For Hire staff.

Who can Rent Firearms?2020-03-17T15:00:12-04:00

Renting a firearm and shooting with a friend or relative (2 person minimum)
Everyone in your group will need to bring ALL the following items:
1) State or Government issued photo ID (Drivers license or Passport)
2) Great attitude!
Get ready to choose from our amazing selection of over 250 firearms! Rent as many as you’d like!
Note: Children 8 years old and up can shoot with adult supervision.

Shooting alone with your own firearm:
1) A valid State or Government issued Photo ID.
2) Your firearm in a case or bag
3) Your ammo in a case or bag
4) Great attitude!
Note: When you bring your own gun and ammo, you can also rent any of our firearms.
If you are traveling alone, want to rent and do not have a firearm:
1) If you are a solo traveler without a firearm you will be limited to rent the 50 BMG and the awesome Gatling gun
1) A valid State or Government issued Photo ID.
2) Great attitude!
3) You may also be able to rent additional firearms. Please ask to speak to management when arriving.

Can I bring a minor to the range?

Yes children 8 and older can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children 13 and older are welcome to shoot pistols and take pistol, rife or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. Children cannot be left unattended at any time.

Group Pricing:
Have a group of 16 or more? We can plan it all for you!
• Party Room set up
• Design invitations
• Catered food and cakes
• Custom packages built for you and your group
• Please contact Jimmy@gunforhire.com for your custom quote

Can I bring a minor to the range?2015-11-12T16:27:26-05:00

Children 8 and up can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children 13 and up are welcome to shoot pistols, and take pistol, rifle and shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children can not be left unattended at any time.

Do you offer any range discounts to Military?2014-01-26T17:09:29-05:00

Yes. 10% off for active military. Military ID required.

What is the address of the Woodland Park Range?2014-01-26T17:08:54-05:00

1267 McBride Avenue, Woodland Park NJ 07424 (formally West Paterson)

What are the hours of your Woodland Park Range?2020-03-17T14:57:12-04:00

We are open:
Monday 12pm-8pm
Tuesday 12pm-8pm
Wednesday 12pm-8pm
Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 8am-8pm
Sunday 8am-8pm

Can I take photos or video while I am shooting in the range?2014-01-26T17:08:08-05:00

No photos, video or audio is allowed on premises without management approval.

Is your Woodland Park Range open to the public?2014-01-26T17:07:44-05:00

Yes! We have walk-in rates as well as memberships. They are limited. Please call to verify availability.

If I am shooting in a port and need ammo what do I do?2014-01-26T17:07:10-05:00

If you’re by yourself, inform the RSO (Range Safety Officer) and proceed to our Reloaders check out line for FAST purchases so you do not waste your time waiting in line.

If I am a member where do I go on my second visit?2014-01-26T17:06:34-05:00

Walk in and wave to the front desk then keep on walking to the back of the range. Since you are a member you can use the Quick Draw check out line if you have a pre-loaded account or the Rapid Fire check out line if you do not have a pre-loaded account.

GFH Cancellation Policy2018-05-18T15:25:30-04:00

Courses being taught by a guest instructor will have no full refunds allotted, only range credit.

Cancellations: In order to cancel a course, you must contact us at least 24 hours before the start of a group course and at least seven days before the start of a specialty course that required a full payment reservation.

Special events: We offer a full refund (same method as purchased) for events as long as the cancellation request is received seven days before the event. For any cancellations after the seven days they will be subject to deduction of pre purchased or scheduled items. Then the balance will be given as Gun For Hire store credit or gift card.

Gun For Hire reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any course due to circumstances beyond our control. If payment or a deposit has been made for a course, the deposit will be returned, or credited, or reapplied to another course.

Some of our courses are held at outdoor facilities and the weather is beyond our control.  Every effort will be made by us to accommodate all situations as they arise.  Our founder and CEO would say, “If it ain’t raining, you ain’t training.”

Gun For Hire has the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse training for any individual that we deem a liability issue.

Safety issues – Gun For Hire has a zero tolerance safety policy. If at any time someone display’s an unsafe act with a firearm, first time or not, they will be asked to leave the range and or course. That means no refund no exceptions.

By registering for any of our courses, you are agreeing to the following:

“I agree to abide by any and all safety procedures required by Gun For Hire LLC and its hosts, and agree to sign a statement releasing their employees, agents, and instructors from any responsibility for any injury sustained by me during the training program.
“In signing this application I certify that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age or will be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

If I am not a member where do I go?2014-01-26T17:05:59-05:00

Walk in and stop at the front desk to fill out a little paperwork. Once you’re finished with the paperwork you will walk to the back of the range and use the “First Shots” check out line.