Woodland Park Range - Friends in Our Neighborhood

Our 6 Star Neighbors!

Perfect Shine - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Perfect Shine and Lube
Located directly next to our range, Perfect Shine and Lube is New Jersey’s BEST car wash and detailer. When you come to our 5 star range leave your keys with us. We call next door and your vehicle is washed and vacuumed while you’re shooting. Nothings better then shooting some lead down range, enjoying a hot paninni sandwich and having your vehicle detailed all at the same time, all at the same location.
Bentley - Friends in Our Neighborhood
BentlyPrincipal / Business Manager / CFO
Our very good friend and member Alan Sheynin may be a little bit out of our neighborhood but he is well worth the drive. If you are interested in a fine automobile please take the time to introduce yourself to Alan.
Rolls-Royce and Bentley Greenwich
Miller Motorcars
275 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Direct: 845.821.3513
Panini - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Rifle Camp CafePrincipal / Graphic Design / Marketing
Rifle Camp Cafe is the newest gourmet cafe in Woodland Park. Located inside our 5 star range this is the perfect place to fill your tummies while you empty your magazine down range. Their selection is delicious and they also look forward to custom requests. They have a huge selection of cold beverages as well as hot cappuccinos. You can also place your order before you shoot. WHen your done shooting your order will be ready to eat.
Wilsons - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Wilsons Auto Body has done a few repairs on our Gun For Hire vehicles. Their service and family pride in their business is refreshing. Make sure if you have any body work needed you contact them first.
1265 McBride Ave
Woodland Park, NJ 07424
(973) 256-6873
Ralphs - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Ralph’s Auto Repair is located a few feet from our range on the same block. Their service, honesty and reliability is unmatched. This is the perfect place to have your oil or tires changed, car tuned or any other service you may need for your vehicle. Range members have the option of leaving their keys with us. Ralph will personally come get your vehicle and take care of it while your shooting.
1255 McBride Ave
West Paterson, NJ 07424
(973) 256-9800
turnout - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Turn-Out Uniforms, Inc. is a New Jersey based supplier for uniforms, protective clothing and accessories for Police, Fire, EMS and Security Personnel. With our highly skilled staff, online-store alterations, large collections of superior in-stock products and hundreds of quality suppliers combined, we provide products and services that our customers want.
195 Paterson Avenue, Woodland Park, NJ 07424
Holiday Inn - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Holiday InnStaff
Located right across the river from our 5 star range the Holiday Inn is a nice place to stay while your visiting the range. They even have a great view of the river and the range.
Totowa Wayne
1 Rte 46, Totowa, NJ ‎
(973) 785-9000
Eden Nails - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Eden NailsRange Patrol
Eden Nails is another great business we would like to recommend when spending a day at the range. Ladies, what’s better then shooting a few high caliber rounds down range then getting your nails pampered! Men, if you would like to slowly get your wives into shooting, try getting them to Eden Nails while you shoot then have them meet you at the Rifle Camp Cafe for a hot paninni sandwich. This will at least get them in the range 😉 Eden Nails is located at 1244 Mcbride Ave Woodland Park, NJ 07424-2567 (973) 256-6888
Club Barks - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Club Barks
Club Barks is the perfect get-away for dogs. We offer world-class dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training. Groovy people caring for groovy dogs since 2005. Why leave your best friend at home when you shoot? Now you can bring your pup with you to the range. Drop off Fluffy at Club Barks for a play date and meet your buddies at the range. Club Barks Daycare is the perfect environment for much-needed socialization, exercise and companionship. 86 Lackawanna Ave – Suite 305 Woodland Park, NJ 07424 / 973-812-2757
gmc - Friends in Our Neighborhood
Cadillac of Mahwah and Buick-GMC of Mahwah support all Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms. We want to help you fight back against the assault upon the second amendment therefore, Cadillac of Mahwah and Buick-GMC of Mahwah are offering the members of the Woodland Park Range employee pricing. Just printout this flyer (click here) or show your membership ID.
PNC Bank - Friends in Our Neighborhood
PNC BankRange Patrol
GPNC Bank is another Gun For Hire Financial Partner. (Because you can’t put all your eggs in one basket 😉 They greeted us with open arms and were extremely supportive of the new 5 Star Range.