Large image - Historic Firearms 1898 and Before

Historic Firearms 1898 and Before

Length of Course: 4.5 hours
Location: Woodland Park Range. Mobile training for this class is also available.
Course Level: Novice (What’s this?)
Who teaches this course? Tom O’Beirne, the great nephew of American Civil War Medal of Honor Winner General James Rowan O’Beirne.

Course Description:Thomas O’Beirne provides an informational class on the development of firearms from the American Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War featuring era specific pistols, muskets and carbines from his own voluminous collection. This is a chance to see the rarest and most unique weapons used by American Armies in North America, including the 1777 French Cavalry Pistol, the 1816 to 1858 Harpers Ferry Musket, the Springfield and Enfield Muskets, the Jefferson Davis designed 1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine and the Colt Revolving Carbine and Rifle. From some of the worst designs, like the Jenks Mule Ear Carbine, The Green Carbine and the Savage Navy Revolver to those credited with helping win the war; The Sharps, Spencer and Maynard Carbines, and the 1851 and 1860 Colt Army and Navy Revolvers. Understand the Northern States advantage in industrial proficiency when you compare the manufacturing quality of a Massachusetts Arms Army Revolver to that of a Confederate Griswold or Spiller and Burr. Handle a revolver carried by a Trooper from the 7th Michigan Cavalry as he rode behind General George Armstrong Custer charging Jeb Stuarts southern cavalry on the third day of Gettysburg. Close your eyes and imagine if these firearms, which have all twice outlived their makers and owners, could talk about what they have seen and done……….

  • Covering historic pistols, carbines and muskets.
  • Note taking materials and camera
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