Gun Rentals - Why Rent Guns?

In Our Library, You Don’t Need To Keep The Noise Down. 

Why Rent A Firearm?
The Dilemma.  How many times have you wanted to purchase a new firearm?  How many times have you hesitated because you had no way of knowing if that dream firearm was really right for you? Or if the investment you would make to purchase a firearm would be money well spent?

The Answer
Wouldn’t it be great to shoot that dream gun at a range?  To see if the sight picture was to your liking?  To feel the mechanism working?  To experience the recoil? To have a chance to shoot something you had never really considered before?

Face it:
There’s no substitute for spending “quality time” with that handgun, rifle, or shotgun. You’d be more confident as you made your final choice, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would!  Renting a firearm makes that possible.

And There’s More!
OK, that’s the serious side of rental. Just don’t forget the fun side! Squeeze off a number of rounds just for the sensation of shooting something different. Increase your knowledge of a variety of firearms in the most practical way possible – by shooting them!  Impress your friends and business associates every time you say “Now let me show you something w-a-a-y cool!”

Why Rent From Gun For Hire?
That’s easy.  Woodland Park Range offers a stunning selection of the firearms you most want to shoot.  Our rental-only Gun Library covers it all from basic revolvers and semi-automatic pistols to high power rifles and tactical shotguns.  And you’ll find them all in an exciting environment that will change your perceptions of a “shooting range” forever.

Why Is Gun For Hire’s Range So Different?
That’s simple.  Our brand new facility was designed by shooters under the direction of an internationally-recognized Master Training Counselor with years of shooting and instructional experience.  It’s the result of study and collaboration with the finest architects involved in creating safe, attractive, and practical shooting environments.  Yes, you can bring your ultra-picky Aunt Thelma here.  Gun For Hire’s Range will pass even her white-glove test!

We are the shooting professionals’ choice.  Our ranges bring out the best in any shooter.  There are no distractions, no ‘incidentals” to get in your way.  Our Range Safety Officers are the best in the business.  You’ll find them unobtrusive when you need to concentrate and extraordinarily helpful if you have a problem.  It’s run by professionals.  And it adheres to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and accessibility.

We’ll Show You Everything You Need to Know!
Woodland Park Range is home to people of all skill levels.  The common element?  They all want to learn what shooting – good shooting – is all about!  That’s why we offer a wide variety of classes led by certified instructors and we have firearms in our fabulous Gun Library.  From a four-hour First Steps Pistol class to a four-day Executive Protection program, you’ll find it all at Gun For Hire’s Range.  So come to learn.  Come to rent.  Come to shoot.  And leave totally satisfied that you’ve experienced the best!

Renting and new to shooting?  You must take our “On Target” One-on One Course!  It is 15 minutes packed with all the information and techniques you will need to confidently walk into Gun For Hire, shoot some lead down range and hit the target.

The One-on-One Target Course is Just $25 (for up to 3 shooters).

All firearm rentals

– Member  $15
– Non Member $25

The Fine Print:
Firearms in our Gun Library may change occasionally.  What won’t change is the fact that we offer the largest selection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns in various calibers for rent in the Tri-State area.  Non-members pay $20/hour for any standard firearm. Silver and Gold Members pay $10/hour. Rentals are available for all shooters so virtually anyone can rent “to try, before you buy!”  Your first time here?  Just fill out some simple paperwork, give us your driver’s license, and the firearm is yours to shoot.  Want a change of pace from your own firearms?  Trying to decide which gun should be your first, our rental program will give you an opportunity to try a variety of options.  So come to Gun For Hire’s Range in Woodland Park to see the latest.  Or have a long lunch.  Impress a client.  Entertain a friend.  Introduce someone to the shooting sports.  Or just have fun “putting some lead down-range.”

Note: No holster drawing while using our firearm rentals.

There’s no excuse for not dropping by.  We’re conveniently located at the intersection of Route 46 and McBride Avenue.  Don’t forget that travelling with firearms in New Jersey is challenging at best.  Don’t get caught committing that unintentional felony.  Leave your firearms home and rent from us!  All Gun Library rentals are for one gun at a time.  You must purchase ammunition for your rental from Woodland Park Range.  (Our insurance company insists and there are no exceptions!)

Renting a firearm and shooting with a friend or relative (2 person minimum)

Everyone in your group will need to bring ALL the following items:
1) State or Government issued photo ID (Drivers license or Passport)
2) Great attitude!
Get ready to choose from our amazing selection of over 200 firearms! Rent as many as you’d like!
Note: Children 8 years old and up can shoot with adult supervision.

Renting a firearm and shooting alone: 

You will need to bring ALL of the following items:
1) A valid NJ FID card
2) A valid State or Government issued Photo ID. (must match FID card, ie have the same address, DOB etc.)
3) Your firearm and ammo for that firearm. We can sell you more ammo if needed, however you must have some ammo for your firearm upon arrival.
4) Great attitude!
Choose from our amazing selection of over 200 firearms! Rent as many as you’d like!

Shooting alone with your own firearm:

You will need to bring ALL of the following items:
1) Your State or Government issued Photo ID
2) Your firearm and ammo for that firearm.
3) Great attitude!

Can I bring a minor to the range?

Yes children 8 and older can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.
Children 13 and older are welcome to shoot pistols and take pistol, rife or shotgun courses. They must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. Children cannot be left unattended at any time.

Group Pricing:

Have a group of 16 or more? We can plan it all for you!
– Party Room set up
– Design invitations
– Catered food and cakes
– Custom packages built for you and your group
– Please contact for your custom quote