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Since 1992 we have established an impressive list of satisfied students. We have worked very hard to develop the reputation that we enjoy. We will not and do not compromise our ethics or integrity for business. We will work hard to earn the privilege of adding your name to our list of satisfied students.

Welcome to the family.

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Anthony P Colandro
CEO Gun For Hire LLC

Exclusive training and courses that can only be offered by Gun For Hire

There isn’t a range rating standard anywhere near sufficient to evaluate the incomparable facilities at Gun For Hire’s Woodland Park Range. That’s because at Gun For Hire, we don’t limit ourselves to the standards created by others – we break those standards and hold ourselves to an even higher benchmark. No one sets higher expectations than we do. One visit to our facility and you’ll understand why. The current range rating points system of NSSF® awards the highest rating of 5 stars for only 500 points (which most ranges do not even come close to). Our Woodland Park Range facility currently warrants an unprecedented 625 points under that standard, yet we do not rest on our achievements and continue the relentless pursuit of excellence every single day. Gun For Hire is proud to say we shatter the 5-star standard and would qualify for an unprecedented 6-Star Rating – if one existed! Well it does now, and we define it. No one else comes close. Come visit our facility, take our courses and see the difference 6 stars make!

If this is your First Time visiting the Woodland Park Range, here are a few facts that may be helpful along with some recommended courses we think you would enjoy.

First Time Shooting at the Range? Allow us to answer some questions for you:
Are you a Members Only range? No. We are open to the public 363 days out of the year. We are closed only Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

What do I need to shoot?
Each person MUST come with a Valid Government issued I.D. (examples: Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
Any Male coming to the Range alone to rent a firearm MUST have either a Firearms Identification Card (F.I.D.) or come in with a companion. Any Female coming to the Range to rent a firearm can come alone, without a Firearms Identification Card or a companion if they choose to. We have everything you need to enjoy your time at our range.

What do I need to do when I get there?
Please STOP at our Concierge Desk. We have some paperwork every NEW Person to the Range MUST fill out before you can continue. We will then take your photo and confirm your Government issued I.D. (This step is for EVERY First Time individual visiting the Range. You only have to do this for the First Visit). Each individual must have identification with them.

How does it work?
Once signed in with our Concierge, please make your way to the Retail area. The Retail area has two lines: Members Only (“Rapid Fire” line) and Non-Members (which is our “First Shots” line at the right side of the Retail area). One of our Professionals will guide you through your options of Training, Port Time, Eye and Ear Protection, Targets, and Firearm Rental choices if necessary. We will ask to hold an I.D. while our rental guns are in use. I.D.’s will be returned upon the return of our rentals.

If I am New to shooting, have never properly shot a firearm before or it has been a while since my last experience and I could use some proper instruction, will you teach me? Yes. Here at Gun For Hire we are all about firearm safety and proper handling of firearms. Please let us know at the register if you are a New Shooter or Inexperienced. You MUST take our 15 Minute Intro course. (Video games, Shooting in to the Woods and the Boardwalk doesn’t count!)

How many people are allowed in a Port?
The maximum number is 3 people in a port at a time. More than 3 people will need an additional port (Even in our spacious Big Man approved Ports). *Some exceptions may apply.

How much will it cost me?
The price will vary depending on the numerous options you may choose. An average visit for First Time shooters is: One Port (One Hour of Time in the 25yd Range = 1 Person), One guest (Same port), a 15 minute Intro Class, Set of Eye and Ear protection for each person, Targets (3), One Firearm Rental (Handgun), and One box of Ammo (50 rounds) will cost approximately $130 ($65 per person).

Can I choose more than one gun?
Yes. We allow only One Rental Firearm in a Port at a time. If you choose two firearm rentals, one will stay at the Retail area until you finish with your first firearm. When finished, one of our Professionals will clear and lock the firearm in the case for you to return to the Retail area for your second firearm.

Can I take Pictures/Video?
Yes you can. We ask you keep your photos to within your port. Please try to not get other shooters in your photos/videos. Most importantly, if posing with the firearm, keep the Muzzle Pointed Down Range and your Finger Indexed Off the Trigger.

Can I reserve my ports before I arrive to the Range?
No. We do not reserve ports for our guests or Members. It is first come, first serve. *Some of our Range Memberships do allow priority positioning on the queue system. Please see a Gun For Hire Professional for more information about our Memberships.

I would like to come down with a group for a party/outing, do we need to call in advance and schedule our visit?
No you do not. If you are coming to the Range with less than 15 people, you can come in and purchase what you need to have fun with your party. If you plan on coming with more than 15 people we recommend you contact to work out any details needed. We can also offer training, food, and other accommodations for your group outing.

What are the age limits to shoot?
8 years of age and older to shoot at the Range. (No children under 8 years old will be allowed inside the Shooting Range).
13 years of age and older can shoot one of our rented handguns with an adult over 21.
18-20 years of age and older unaccompanied by an individual over 21 can rent long guns only.

Do I need to bring anything to shoot with me?
We have all of the supplies you need to shoot including over 120 firearms to rent, ammunition, targets, ear and eye protection and more!

What should I wear?
Shooters should wear closed-toed footwear and shirts that aren’t low cut to avoid getting burned by spent shell casings.


Gun For Hire’s Woodland Park Range Rules


Who Can Shoot?
Anyone with a state issued (FID) firearms ID card can rent alone anytime.

Adult Male Shooters:
If you come with a friend you and your friend do NOT need a firearms ID card just a valid drivers license or passport. If you come alone you need to bring a state issued firearms ID card.

Adult Female Shooters:
You can rent firearms alone and do not need a firearms ID card. Just a drivers license or valid photo ID.

  • No Firearms are permitted in the retail area without being in a locked container.
  • All handguns, rifles and shotguns are subject to approval.
  • Wearing or drawing from a holster is only permitted for law enforcement, military , Gun For Hire, LLC and Woodland Park Range, LLC approved civilians who have passed a holster draw class and an efficiency test with a Gun For Hire, LLC or Woodland Park Range, LLC Range Safety Officer (RSO).
  • Wear appropriate eye and hearing protection.
  • UNCASE ALL firearms INSIDE the port only.
  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
  • Keep your muzzle pointed down range at all times while on the firing line.
  • Do not handle your gun when you are not on the firing line.
  • In the case of a firearm or equipment malfunction that cannot be resolved, notify a Range Safety Officer.
  • Alcohol and drug use is not tolerated before or during shooting.
  • In the case of a CEASE FIRE command, shooting stops immediately. Guns are made safe (remove round from chamber, remove magazine and put safety on) and place on the shooting bench in your port.
  • Advise a Range Safety Officer (RSO) immediately of ANY injury that occurs during shooting.
  • Comply with all instructions from the range staff.
  • All ammunition is subject to inspection and approval.
  • Shotguns: slug and buckshot only (#4 buckshot and lower only).
  • No Fast or rapid firing allowed.
  • Any brass being removed from the range must be pre marked before going into the range. Please notify the cashier during check in.
  • Only ammunition purchased at Woodland Park Range LLC will be allowed for rental firearms.
  • Range rules subject to change at any time.
  • With regard to any of your minor children (or minor children of whom you are legal guardian) and/or guests who are minor children (“Minors”), you hereby consent to the Minors’ presence at any of our facilities, presence on the range, use of the range, participation in firearms training, and participation in any other activities that occur at any of our facilities.
  • Each time you participate in any of the activities that occur at any of our facilities, your participation shall constitute your agreement to (and ratification and affirmation of) the most current version of our Voluntary Release, Waiver, Indemnification, Hold Harmless, Consent, and Assumption of Risk Agreement.