• icon-1 Starter Courses
    Interested in shooting but not sure where to start? Looking to purchase your first pistol, rifle or shotgun? We have a series of great courses geared for you. You will leave with the knowledge and comfort needed for purchasing, owning, cleaning and shooting your firearm.
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  • icon-2 Novice Courses
    Take your training to the next level with courses like night fire or our intense urban defense courses. These courses among others were created by New Jersey's lead SWAT officers. They are extremely challenging and catered to both the novice and the high level advanced marksman.

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  • icon-3 Advanced Courses
    Advanced Courses are for those who have already taken any of our Novice classes and continue to shoot on their own regularly. The Advanced Courses are not a refresher course but are designed for someone that is very comfortable with a firearm and shoots regularly.
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