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Shooting range seeks to make guns ‘mainstream’

Click to watch video. As the gun control debate continues after the shooting in Las Vegas, Anthony Colandro at Gun for Hire in Woodland Park is looking for new customers. Yana Kolubelova had a choice to make. She had a day off from her nurse’s job at a New York hospital. So did three fellow nurses — two women and a man. What to do? Kolubelova, 23, of Brooklyn, considered driving with her friends to a winery on Long Island. But then, she embraced another destination: a single-story brick building just off Route 46 in Woodland Park, flanked by a car wash and an auto body shop, and across McBride Avenue from a gas station and a bank. A shooting range. Kolubelova and her friends spent several hours on a recent afternoon trying their hand — and trigger fingers — at firing a variety of guns, including an AR-15, the military-style rifle used by numerous mass shooters, among them Stephen Paddock, who killed nearly 60 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last Sunday. “Today, it was either a vineyard or this,” Kolubelova said. “We picked this.” As the nation grapples with the thorny question of how, or whether, to effectively control the spread of firearms in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, proponents of gun rights have been pressing forward with a subtle but meticulous campaign to make guns as much a part of everyday life as cars and cellphones. This campaign is plainly visible in state legislatures, where advocates are pushing for laws to allow private citizens to carry guns in malls and day care centers, on college campuses and in churches. But it is also [...]

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It was a very rewarding class and I’m glad I took it!

Anthony, I just wanted to let you know how pleased my father and I were with yesterday's reloading class.  Charlie and Kevin were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, willing to help and answer any and all questions.  It was a very rewarding class and I'm glad I took it.  It really took the mystery of reloading away and showed us the basic steps to begin a new hobby.  I look forward to getting setup and making my own rounds.  And I really must commend Charlie on his willingness to help.  Throughout the day he repeatedly told the class to reach out to him at any point in the future if we had questions regarding reloading, and that he would be happy to help, and depending on location he even offered to come to us to help with setup or other issues.  You could tell that he was sincere in this offer because he is so passionate about his reloading. Also, this was my first trip back to Gun For Hire since you started construction on the expansion, HOLY SHIT!!!  The addition is humongous!  As I turned off Rt 46 I remembered that the range is quite close to the exit and I wanted to make sure I didn't pass it as I drove by....well there is no longer a chance of that happening!  I saw the huge curved roof and said, Well that's gotta be it! Congrats on the expansion, I look forward to the completion and seeing the new range! Oh, and one minor complaint...I've attached a picture of a sign in the men's room...I think you'll need to discuss with Nappen because as you must know, slingshots are illegal in NJ...  LOL! Take care and [...]

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The Columbian Foundation Honors Anthony P. Colandro.

I am very humbled to be honored by the Columbian Foundation for my work and contributions over the years. Throughout my life I have enjoyed contributing within our community to many different organizations, of which many of you are a part of. Together we have accomplished so much. Now I am asking for you to join me, and support a Foundation that is very dear to me. Place an Ad to show your support: 1) Review the ad card below 2) Email your ad or just a few words of support for Anthony P. Colandro. 3)  Click the red button to be directed to the Columbian Foundations website to pay for the ad than choose which size ad you would like to order from the dropdown. Place an Ad in Our Journal Reserve a seat or table to show your support: 1) Review the reservation card below 2)  Click the red button to be directed to the Columbian Foundations website. 3) Choose how many seats you would like to reserve. 4) Email the names of your party. Reserve a Seat or Table

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Aaron Traas a month ago- I've been shooting here since they first opened. I shot the first gun I owned here for the first time shortly after the range's grand opening. It's always a great place to shoot and take classes, but where they really shine is new shooters. I took my 8-year-old daughter to your range for the first time. We got to the 25-yard range, and my daughter was overwhelmed. The RSO's were super helpful and did everything they could, but it was just a loud environment, and it was too much for her, and she asked to go. So I obliged. Then Jimmy saw us leaving the range, gave us a couple new targets, sent us to the 50-yard range which was empty. He told the RSO to give my daughter special instruction with her new 22 bolt-action rifle. And after 2 or 3 shots where she had a hard time getting a good sight picture, we had her shooting a 5-shot, 1.5" group. She was manipulating the bolt and the safety confidently, and had a great time. GFH's excellent staff turned a scared little girl to a confident shot that's already asking to go back. The only downside to this range is the wait times on weekends can get insane. Hopefully the expansion gets finished soon!

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We are supporting Keith Kazmark

Click Here to RSVP and to Contribute I am proud and extremly excited to host this breakfast fundraiser at Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range! We must support those who support us! If you have not heard what Mayor Keith Kazmark has to say, now is your chance. He has been a proud supporter of ours, has visited Woodland Park Range several times over the years, and has been a guest on Gun For Hire Radio. This is the time, Keith is the one! Come for breakfast, donate, and make a difference. -Anthony P. Colandro Please Join Us! for a breakfast fundraiser in support of:  Keith Kazmark's Congressional Exploratory Committee for New Jersey's 11th Congressional District Monday September 18, 2017 9:00 a.m. 1267 McBride Ave. Woodland Park, NJ 07424 RSVP by September 14, 2017 If you can not send a payment online please make checks payable to Keith Kazmark for Congress Exploratory Committee PO Box 2200 Woodland Park, NJ 07424   Click Here to RSVP and to Contribute

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General Observations from a New Shooter

Mrs. Peel said: As I'm exploring firearms this summer, I'm also having fun checking out ranges. I enjoyed my first visit to the Woodland Park Range this week - treating myself to a rare day of hooky from work! First of all, a big "thank you" to @Gunsrlegal - a super-nice lady and Woodland Park range member who graciously invited me to try out her full-size M&P (not the Shield, which I tried at TTC). She did that to make a point - that people with small hands don't need to limit themselves to small guns. Her hands are very small (even a squeak smaller than mine) and yet, with a small back strap, she has found that gun to be VERY comfortable despite the double-stack... and thought I would too. I was surprised! Yeah, it was easy to shoot, very comfortable. (Eegads... why are my choices expanding rather than narrowing as I had hoped? LOL) Anyway, while there, I also saw @Sandywho runs the Second Amendment Women (SAW) group out of that range. Only met her once before... so that was a pleasant surprise too! General Observations: Facilities - clean, contemporary design and bold black-white-red color scheme throughout the facility - a sharp-looking interior IMO! The range we were on was nice, too. The air felt good - not smoky at all. They have a tall counter behind the ports with lots of well-sized cubbies underneath to stash range bags (sheesh, why doesn't every range have that? I've been to some where you're just stashing them on the dirty floor or balancing them on too-narrow benches, etc.)... so, good interior design. The ladies' room was nice and clean. And YIKES, the size of that [...]

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